Gold Medal Original: 1966 Suzuki S32-2 Olympian

061016 Barn Finds - 1966 Suzuki S32 2 - 2

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This small bike is in the Big-D: Dallas, Texas. It’s a 1966 Suzuki S32-2 Olympian and it’s listed on eBay with a bid price of just over $1,000 and almost three days left on the auction. The seller says that this one is “a 100% original 50 year old 1966 Suzuki with only 2,874 original miles on it.” The seat cover has been replaced with “an original one”, but I guess technically, it’s still 100% original. They say that it “has been well cared for, no leaks of any kind, and everything works fine: lights (both high and low beam) speedometer, horn, brake light, and the electric starter. Even has the Suzuki oil measurement bottle.”

061016 Barn Finds - 1966 Suzuki S32 2 - 1

The Suzuki S32-2 was Suzuki’s 150 twin-cylinder, two-stroke bike. It was in-between the 250 T20 X6 Hustler and the B120, Suzuki’s 120 single-cylinder. This 150 bike has 16 hp and being a twin-cylinder I think it would be a great in-town bike. You’re not likely to take one this small on a road trip, but you could if you wanted to, and if you planned on stopping every hour or so to get the blood back into your appendages.. Here’s an S32-2 on YouTube so you can hear what it sounds like. I love that sound! This is a super nice motorcycle, even the back tire looks new. This bike is right up my alley: a vintage Japanese, small-cc, two-stroke, two-cylinder in fantastic original condition and this one is cheap! Is this nice little 150 Suzuki a bike that any of you would ride or do you like several times the power of this one?


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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Pretty sharp, and I”ll tell you why. The only motorcycle I have left, out of a dozen bikes through out the years, is a 1966 Suzuki K 11, 80 cc’s. It has the exact styling of this bike.When I was 10 years old, my old man got me and my brother a Honda step thru 50. We trashed it for 3 years, and the replacement was the Suzuki 80. This was a REAL bike. Gas tank up front, real clutch, big time. We could now go 45 mph ( as opposed to the 41 mph on the Honda) Like the Honda, we trashed that bike, and it always took the abuse. It still runs to this day, although seldom used. Suzuki made great bikes. Very cool find. Thx, Scotty (btw, never heard of the 150)

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  2. Leroy

    I bought one of these new when I was 14. It’s black. I still have it stuffed in the back of the garage. It ran when I parked it there a few years ago. I traded in my Honda 50 for it. The S32 sold new for $540.

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  3. geomechs geomechsMember

    My brother had the identical twin to this. Blue and all. But something went wrong inside the transmission. Dad took it in to get fixed and when he came home there was an X-6 Hustler in back of the truck. I guess he deemed the 150 too costly to fix versus replacement. Myself, I had a Honda 55 Sport which I ran into the ground. After that I drug a ’59 BSA B-33 Sportsman out from between a guy’s shop and barn and I was satisfied.

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  4. Kevin

    I’d absolutely ride it. My first bike was a used 1965 Suzuki K10 80cc street bike. I took meticulous care of it. My little brothers destroyed it while I was serving in the US Navy.

    The K10 began my love for motorcycles. I own 3 150 twins, two S32-2’s and one S32. None run but all are restorable. Although I own a motorcycle salvage, I can’t bring myself to part out my old 1960’s Suzuki’s. M12, M15, K10, K11, K15, B100, B105P, T200, TC250, T500, etc.

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    • Sean

      Kevin, whats the difference with a s32-2 and s32?

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      • Kevin Mcnamara

        I wish I could go out to the bikes and look for differences but, they’re gone along with nearly my entire collection of early Suzuki’s and 250 other vintage bikes, tools and tons of good parts. My uninsured barn burned in June, 2017. It’s hard to see those pictures.

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      • geomechs geomechsMember

        So sorry about your loss. Fire is so final…

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      • Kevin Mcnamara

        After a friend with an excavator business carefully removed most of the structure I one by one loaded the bikes into scrap roll off’s. I kept a few dozen for what few parts might still be usable. Estimated loss $240,000 including the 1895 barn my homesteading Irish immigrant cousin built. I miss it the most, I think. No power to my shop for 24 days as the power wire ran thru the barn. Buried the new wire and doubled the box to 200 amps. I still get panic attacks at the slightest whiff of smoke, seeing the VA shrink for that.

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  5. Bob S

    Love the new Michelins.

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  6. Jerry Alan Meeuwse

    This was my very first motorcycle. I was 13 and couldn’t legally drive it on the roads. We had miles of trails around us so I put a knobby on the rear and had a blast. I can’t remember what happened to it. I dis assembled it over long Michigan winter and repainted it original and put a brand new set of rings in it. My next bike was a Honda cb 350

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