1967 Corvette In My Neighbor’s Basement!


UPDATE: This Corvette has been sold!

From George P – For your consideration is this 1967 Corvette owned by my neighbor since the mid ’70s and sitting in his basement garage since ’79. He claims that the paint and interior are original. He no longer has the original motor or 4-speed transmission, but does offer what he believes are correct motor and transmission with the car. The original hood is included. He’s anxious to sell however it seems to me he has somewhat lofty expectations of what it’s worth. I believe he expects to sell for about $50k, but I thought some online comments might help adjust these expectations or perhaps confirm them. I’m certainly no expert. Anyone seriously interested in buying the car is welcome to email me for his contact information. The car is located in Bayonne New Jersey.





  1. Mike R

    Despite not having the original drivetrain, ’67’s definitely bring the bucks.

  2. Frankie Paige

    Your friend should seek professional help, not for his lofty expectations about how much for the corvette, but for keeping it there since the 70’s.

  3. Mark

    Like the snow tires! LOL!

  4. randy

    I bet he’s not far off of the mark. If I were selling it, I’d jump onto a corvette forum and do about a months worth of reading and learning. Let’s be nice on this one, as we want more good exposure.

  5. JW454

    What size engine? Could be a 427 or even a 327 – single carb., triple carb. perhaps? Knowing that would help determine the value.

  6. Pat L

    Okay, I know it’s not really that relevant but I have a funny story. Zoria Duntoff (the father of the Corvette as most know) he and his wife were good friends of my Mom an Dad’s and I met him a few times. One day they were walking to the a local place for dinner and he saw an old Corvette in the parking lot. So, he being who he is/was looked it all over. At the same time a kid (20+) came out and said “Get away from my car old man”. Zoria just shrugged and simply walked away… if only this kid knew who he was! This is an absolutely true story and happened on the West coast of Canada.

    • Toast54

      Maybe there was a brunette in his vette that turned him on.

    • gunningbar

      That kid was such a jack ass I hope it caught on fire when he parked it that night.

    • Kurt

      Hi Pat,
      I feel sorry for that kid. Seems like many young men have no respect for us “old men”. If it weren’t for us “old veterans” the nice life he has would not have been.
      Love the Corvette. You were lucky to have known;”the father of the Corvette”.

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  7. randy

    Maybe that kid reads here and will see your comment, and think oh *^&%!

    • Dolphin Member

      That would be justice deserved.

  8. Dolphin Member

    I don’t know much about Corvette valuations but I believe a lot of the valuation is in the details—-the engine, as JW454 said, and also the options. The first and last years seem to be more prized, and this is a last year C2, so that’s good. So is the original paint and interior, which might just cancel out any disadvantage of the replacement (but correct) engine and transmission.

    The NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) have 16,000 members and there’s probably someone more or less local who knows the answers about originality and valuation who would be glad to help. Everything I hear about them says they are a terrific resource (http:www.ncrs.org). Could possibly help with suggestions about selling the car too.

    Leaving aside the L88, which is on a different plane from the other models, 1967 C2 coupes in #2 condition range from a low of $45K to a high of $186K depending on condition, originality, and all the car’s details. That’s for a car that’s good enough to be a local show winner. Source: current Sports Car Market Price Guide.

    • ROBERT

      car was never hit ,i did sit and ride in this vette is awesome 1967
      wish i had the cash to buy it ,i would jump on it ,car has a 327 hi performonce motor who ever buys this is getting one nice corvette .

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  9. dave

    Have a friend here inJamestown CA with numbers matching 427-390 4 speed never hit. He bought from original owner. 75.000

  10. JoeW

    The paint code is certainly correct for Marina Blue. The interior looks to be original and aside from the wear on the driver’s door panel would best left alone. There also appears to be a big block in the background of that 1st shot. I would bet 50k is a good starting point assuming a no rust frame and bird cage and all of the engine pieces are accounted for. I hope we get an update with the final outcome.

  11. 427vette

    This appears to be a small block 327 car according to the A- designator in the body code on the trim tag. All big block cars with the exception of the first 500 or so were built at the St Louis factory. AO Smith had a contract with GM to supply half of the Corvette bodies for the year, and since they had trouble with the silk screening process for the hood stripe on BB’s, they only manufactured SB cars. Awesome looking car though, it is a small block twin to my car

  12. Joseph A.F.

    Dolphin is right but those numbers I believe are for a vehicle already in one piece not apart, the car has to be at least running, doesn’t have to go far, running, why doesn’t this person invest a little money and put an M-21 box behind some motor and being it does not have the original motor put something High Performance in it and some tires and wheels on her, make her look good, get some real money out of her, invest $5,000.00 AND GET ANOTHER $30,000 OVER HIS $50,000 HE WANTS i WOULD RATHER SHOOT FOR $80 10 N$100,000.00 BEFORE LETTING IT GO AT A RIDICULOUS NUMBER, HE ALREADY HAS THE MEANS SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OLD GIRL! Some people know what they have to do and some have to be told what to do and some people are just procrastinators. Someone tell this gye to get a partner for the motor work if he cannot afford it he has a Gem and wants to pass it off, some people need special help like Frankie Paige said.

    I Bet none of you gyes would let a gem like this sit for more then a month. I would have put an L-88 in this with try power which the 88’s came with with an M-21 or 22 crash Box in her with some Micky Thom-son wheels and good tires making this street worthy in 3 weeks looking like the King wanting a different Queen each night.

    The real question here does this person want to really sell it or is he a tire kicker? People love to talk!

    Good Luck to you all!
    God Bless and Be safe out there!

    • randy

      Hey Joseph, I can relate. As I am one of those guys. My wife used to be my rudder until she left us. I have a lot of projects around that need a kick start.
      Point me the way I need to go, and I’ll go that way until I run out of road, or
      someone adjusts the rudder.

      Are the dates correct here? I just got this post from Joseph as an update today.

      • Joseph Sadowski

        Hi Randy

        I see others stating what an L-88 comes with, in 1970 I ordered straight from the factory 1 L-88 built year 1967, it came in a crate, the manifold and everything was attached just to put in the car, I bought it for my 66 SS Chevelle, it had three 2 barrel carburetors on top, she came in at 12.5 to 12.7 Compression, I raced my car in English town and I was in the Low 10’s out f the crate after I changed the pistons to 13.5 I did go into the High 9’s, after all said and done. But Stock L-88 is a screamer, You will turn some heads it is stronger then the new garbage they have today, 4 bolt mains and you can rev’ that motor up like there is no tomorrow, People never believed what My Tack Lock looked like when I raced. And Don’t tell anyone you have an L-88 unless your selling it!

        The reason I ordered that Motor was simple, the average torque Horse Power was 550 to 570 at peak which was between 6,200 to 6,400 RPM’s but I got more out of her at top end cranking the throttle to 7.8.

        Now you asked what I would do and how, First I would locate an L-88, used, Buy it make sure it is between 1967 and 1969, no other will do, and rebuild it, Get yourself the 13.0 or the 13.5 pistons, this is not that expensive, I believe today they are only, for a set, $350.00, I would change the cam to a 3/4 race as the one in the motor will be used, the original one was a 392-4 lift and the 3/4 race is just about the same 390. you don’t want that to change or you will blow out the top of the Pistons at high revers. The reason for the 3/4 is you can drive it on the street. if you go to Full race your going to be hot in traffic or it will be stalling all the time at your lights. and you cannot OVER REV. if it does not have the try-power on it, buy the manifold and put it together, after that do Your body work as I see there is not Much, Paint as You choose if you are making a Hot-rod, then Do it right get someone who does pictures do the doors and back, Just maybe you will find someone who does Lace work Do it on the trunk and Hood that is Outrageous, only when the paint is done do you do the Inside, I personally got a seamstress a person that can sew,

        I choose a black 12 way crushed velvet from Ireland it cost me back then just to make up the Door panels and covers for the seats which slipped right over the seats only $350.00 remember that was in 1970. I have done a few since which cost if I did it all except the sewing part $575.00 remember these fabric places do a wonderful job in making slip covers and when your done they last well.

        I did the same thing to a Cr in 1972 Manhattan coliseum the care was a 1979 chevell, care came in second because the doors were locked and the gye that beat us was only 12 points ahead f us and we lost 20 points for having the doors locked at night. the car took Best paint and the most popular car of the show the owner was Anthony Erario, check it out. Franky Palmer did the paint in Brooklyn

        Then go out and find the Rims you want stay with the real older ones Like the SS or the Micky tom-son the SS last longer and are stronger coming out of the hole, Believe me what I did to my SS you will not have to do to your Vet, if you got the real L-88 and just bring it back to normal HP you will be close to me, Low 10’s Just maybe break the 9’s you want minimum of 8 inch wide on the front and 10 to 12 inch wide on the back.

        You will get some snappy answers from some around here but i am the real Deal, I was taught by Jack Merkel, himself who moved to California in the 60’s and Bill in SK in Lindenhurst on 109 NY Long Island, they were the best machinist of the time and still today no one has surpassed them even to this day, I am then as I am today called Crazy Joey,

        Lastly; if you do as I have shown you please take a small bottle of Acid with you with an Eye dropper, when you check the Numbers take a piece of emery cloth and just score the tab on the block, the put the acid on it if they re-punched the numbers after grinding it down you will see a partial set of numbers coming up ,, If this happens,, DO NOT BUY SOME PIECE OF CRAP there is only 1 L-88 it has try-power on it……….!

        If you do this project I will be around if you need some support. You have the Best car to do this to and You should take advantage of it, I Knew someone that Sold a Hot Rod Vet was from Massachusetts 1967, he got at English Town where he proved a Bet $129,000.00 for his Toy that was the original sale price for the Love of his Life if he got into the 10’s he not only blew into the 10’s he hit 10.1 which almost broke into the 9’s

        Remember there are 427’s and then there is the 427-L-88 Stock out of the factory 570 Horse Power…. With Try-Power………….

        I will look up the link latter and send you the factory information, so none of these guys will debate the issue,

        Good Luck
        God Bless
        Let me how you are doing on it!
        Joseph A.F. Sadowski

      • Joseph Sadowski

        Randy I Looked up the specks for you here they are


        If you find a 427 with 4 bolt main, remember it is not a L-88 as you will find many with the 4 barrow on it, You have to change the rods with the pistons, they are stronger bigger and Heavy duty, there was a limited number sold of the L-88 and the dealers were told to shy away from selling this motor as it was built for the Indianapolis 500 in 1967 for that race particularly maybe just 1% of all Chevy men know this! it was and is the most powerful motor of its time which includes today, pound for pound of HP.

        It was a Freak.

        God Bless

      • dave

        The 67 to 69 L88 did not come with Tri Power. My dad worked at the GM tech center in Warren MI in the hi-performance div. He would bring home all kinds of muscle cars from all different makes and models. He would go street racing on Woodward Ave, Telegraph and I96 from Redford to the Milford Proving Grounds. We tool the 68 L88 to Detriot Drags and the car only turn i n the 13s-no traction with a 3.73 rear. Mine would do 11s wirn headers and slicks. Big difference. Then he brought home a 69 Camero with the ZL1. That car was stronger than the L88. Then he brought home a LS6 Cheville. That was the badest car out of all the big blocks.
        In 75, I put a LT1 with a turbo 400 and 4.56 gears in a 67 Vette coupe. Had a friend with a L88 Vette and I would blow his doors off on the street. On the strip with him running slicks, he would blow my doors off. Its all in prep. All was fun and cheap money back then. Then you got your Hellcat that would blow the doors off on all the cars above mentioned.:(

      • Joseph A.F. Sadowski

        I don’t follow the dates or make the dates, if they say I responded on the third and you did on the 17th they are the work of the website, as far as school that too is not a bad thing, we all learn from each other and when you have a debate with the teacher, being corrected then the teacher sometimes have to show the reasons for the correction, which is the excitement of the debate, some never learn and some make it to the top because of understanding and continued installation of the Knowledge! in Cars it is called a person is a Parts changer or a Mechanic, (Builder of Pride) Life is good to share knowledge except when that Knowledge is questioned sometimes it is worth making sure those of importance has it correct so they will pass it on, it is like History, if someone does not like history they try to change it, then you have total confusion from that point foward, We could go deeper into that using examples, except it is not necessary! You know just what I am talking about! Nothing is more important then History and those that made it.

        You have a wonderful Day,

        God Bless

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    • dave

      L88 only came with a 850 single holly. I have had 2

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      • dave

        They had a special air cleaner.

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      • Joseph A.F. Sadowski


        Wonderful your Papa did just fine,

        The L-88 delivered to my Door came out of the crate with Try Power on it an it was complete Motor to bolt into my Car. Personally What you or your papa were able to play with and what was sold to paying customers could be a very different story,

        What Your Papa did in those days was fun, I too had a Lot of fun, I Built cars for Motor heads, Cars you needed trailers and trucks to hall them around, You only get what you pay for in this world, You remember that The Difference between you and me is 40 years and I was a Builder not a pedestrian, or a wisher, who wanted someone else to build or you built with little cash buying from a bone yard! .

        There is nothing free with High Performance, there are also many different 427 with your 4 barrel, I grant you that, and there are many people who grind the numbers down and punch in new ones to make it appear that you have the real toy, If you look at my writing you will see I already said that to Randy to bring a Small bottle of Acid with an eye dropper and put it on the Tab, the reason for that is back in them days the Bone Yards would do Just that grind them down and punch in the L-88 numbers to get another Few Bucks out f them, this is their ways, and you have to be a Builder to know this,

        Personally I am just trying to teach Randy here not fight with anyone, and sometimes people are just head strong and want only what they want to know out no matter how wrong they are, and nothing else will do, in their minds, the real L-88 HP Comes straight out of the crate with try Power. Pushing 570 Horse Power and you do not get that with A Quad.

        Respectfully Submitted
        Joseph A.F. Sadowski

        PS as you speak about Gears I ran 511, and almost did not make it to the End of the 1/4 till I put a honer drive in her, the difference between the street boy and the Big Boys are in the Build! God Bless!

      • randy

        Ah, Joseph, you misunderstood my question, and then used that to your advantage. My question was, are these dates correct, because I just got this post. Please look at my post, the reason you thought you needed to take us all to school, and look at your post above it and check the dates. Let me know what you figure out. I am not a chevy guy, or a corvette guy, or a BBC guy. I am just here to talk to other motorheads. Fighting over the web is for trolls. What a tool.

      • David Montanbeau

        Here is my 2nd Vette that I have owned. Bought it in 1975 from Tracy Corvette near Detroit. It was a 427 390 glide car. It was only a roller with the chassis being done. 1800.00 was paid for the car. Bought a wreck 70 Corvette with an LT1 with 30.000 miles. Pulled the engine and went through it and installed it with a turbo 400.

      • David Montanbeau

        Finished car in 2 months

  13. Barzini

    It would be interesting to know more about why the owner let the car sit so long. A few years ago NPR’s This American Life did a one hour show about a writer’s search to understand why a house has been abandoned. It was one of their best shows. I suspect there is a compelling story here, too.

    • svedka

      House on Loon Lake is the name of the fantastic story.

  14. RonEBee

    drop the tank, see what you got

    • Mike R

      Yep, chances are pretty good if the car has been in storage that long the sticker will still be in place…whether it’s actually readable is a different issue.

      I simply can’t imagine letting a car like this sit for 30+ years…

  15. George

    Hi everyone
    I’m the guy who submitted this car. My neighbor is a great guy and good friend. He’s a guy who seems to make it through the disassembly phase of his projects however they invariably stall prior to the reassembly stage. Therefore, he’s got a lifetime full of valuable albiet stalled projects. In fact for years he’s rented a garage from my wife and I to store a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe.
    From what I recall, by the time he bought the Vette, the original small block was gone and a replacement engine installed. He somehow blew the replacement sbc shortly after he bought the car and pulled that motor back in ’79. The car had sat there since that time becoming another stalled project. The fact is, his inability to complete his projects is the exact reason he still has all this stuff.
    The car was originally a 327 and he has a complete ’67 Vette L79 with it which apparently never had a Vin stamped in the pad.

  16. Slim Chance

    I see a Hurst Shifter ball hiding out. ;) -1

  17. George

    Ok, in response to emails about the car, I just spoke to my buddy and he said he was ok with giving his number out. Please keep in mind we’re in the eastern timezone and the guy is in his early sixties. His name is Bobby and his number is 201-243-8030. He asked that you call between 7am and 7pm. Any additional photos will have to come from me, he doesn’t have a home computer, digital camera or smartphone…

  18. KN

    He has a change of getting his # if he puts in the motor and trans that he has.

  19. L72

    If its an AO Smith car then it is not a original side pipe car either

  20. ric Parrish

    Remember, Buba paid 3.8 million for a 67 fastback at Berrett /Jackson 2-3 years ago. (Very special car I realize, but still.)

    • Brakeservo

      You may think Buba (sic) was stupid, but I’ll bet he can spell ‘Barrett-Jackson!’

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      • Woodie Man


  21. streborg49

    Those aren’t original side pipes. AO Smith bodies were not available with side pipes, only St Louis body cars could be ordered with that option.

    So – what else on this car is not original?

  22. George

    I do believe he told me the side pipes are not original

  23. gunningbar

    Corvette people are O C D pains … But the bigger ass hat in this story is the dumass that kept this car in his basement AND STILL somehow LOST the engine and 4 speed!!
    How T F do you do that???

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    • randy

      A little reading comprehension goes a long way, he bought the vette w/o the engine and trans is what I think is the story. He Does have a correct engine and trans available according to the follow up posts. Another plus is the car has been inside the whole time, not in a garden or barn, or surrounded by trees in a forest!

  24. Forzaman

    NOM and apart with a good frame,birdcage and hood(+extra parts)….$38k. I’m looking at shipping,re-assembly and restoration(brakes,rear etc). That would be my offer.

  25. dogwater

    Could be a nice project for someone at the right price,

  26. Rocco Member

    My favorite GM performance color. Marina Blue, but for me, black interior.

  27. Alfred Algeria

    Hi I am the original owner of this car. I was 17 when I bought this corvette new from a Chevy dealer in Jersey City. To prove this, the passenger seat has a hole in it, caused by a comb in a back pocket. I ordered it new in 1967 it came with a 327 300 HP engine and 4 speed trans, manual crank windows, the only options I bought was super sport wheels, power steering and AM/FM radio. I covered 100 thousand miles in this car in the 10 years I had it. The only problems in 10 years was it ate batteries and starter motors. The car was slightly hit in the rear on Kennedy Blvd ” tailgater” and the front in Hoboken by a ” backer upper” small cracks”. The snow tires you see are from my dentist he sold his corvette and gave me his tires, they are studded I had marks in my driveway from using them on thin ice. The side pipes were not mine. It was a good driving car when I sold it , with a tired motor and 100 K on the clutch, ” I babied the clutch” not with a blown motor as some one stated. From what I understand when the motor/ trans was changed the car didn’t shift good and it was put to bed.


      I am the original own of this car I have some paper work for Dude I called his telephone number but it’s on intercept could you ” George P ” get in touch with me. Thanks

  28. Robert

    2nd & current owner here.
    I got the car in January 1975, Alfie got the car in January 1967 making it 8 years, not 10. Additionally, a look at the speedometer shows 75,159 and I used the car for four years in which I put approximately 12,000 miles on it in that time. The car was sold to me with approximately 63,000 miles not 100,000. I had another car, a ’69 Chevelle 4 speed which was my primary car. I never took the Corvette out in the snow or rain. Also at the same time I had a 1964 Corvette with a rebuilt engine, balanced and blueprints, 11.5/1, Holley 750 L/79 cam just done, so I swapped motors, nothing was wrong with the original ’67 motor. A friend of a friend wanted the ’64 so I sold it with my ’67 matching numbers motor. Numbers matching engines meant nothing at the time. Big mistake, but who knew? The clutch started to slip due to someone improperly brazing the oil pump pickup which prevented the oil pan from seating properly. Took it back apart, reassembled it and the car wouldn’t go in gear. I was told I needed a three finger clutch pressure plate. I didn’t know then to take the bellhousing down with the trans. Took hours to disassemble and reassemble, 2 1/2 times out 2 times in. Had some personal problems which prevented me from completing it for years. In 1996 I pulled the ’64 ‘vette engine and was excited to get the car back on the road. I came close to dying in a work accident which again put the vette on the back burner, and before I knew it, it was 2017. It’s going to get done, period.
    P.S.-If I only had a dollar for everyone who said “if”, and that’s a big ‘if’, they had that car it would be running including those saying the same thing on this site. Not one has ever done it, they don’t even have the car yet. You have to have the car first. Not many of us can say they owned a mid year, running or not, for over 45 years. I can and do.
    Dude the first
    The big Kowalski

  29. Joseph Enlowe

    Tri power L88… Factory……LOLOLOLOLOL

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