1967 Fiat Ferves Ranger: The Original Jeep Renegade?

Thanks to Scotty G. for the tip on this amazing and funny little car. This little Fiat (the one on the left) certainly is cute and it seems like it should have a place to put your feet down to push yourself along! It even has a smiley face! No, it’s not a barn find or even a survivor, but it is just so cute and amusing! It was produced from 1965 until 1970 and was based on the Fiat 500. There was a four wheel drive version available too! It does bring to mind the current Jeep Renegade, also based on the Fiat 500, kind of the same idea but not as cute. You’ll find this little cutie listed here on eBay in Upland, California, where bidding is less than $8000 with the reserve unmet and 5 days to go.

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This seems a nicely done restoration. If the engine runs as good as it looks, it should “run like new”.

It can’t be easy to hide bodywork on a vehicle built like this, so this little Ranger must have been in pretty good shape before it was restored.

They’ve done a great job of restoring this Ranger. Hopefully the new owner will be able to enjoy it. Wouldn’t this be fun to drive around car shows? It will certainly get attention. It is licensed and road legal, so it could even be used as a daily driver, perhaps not for road trips but certainly for both hunting and gathering! Let us know what you think!


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Van

    I’d be afraid the cops would stop me and ask to see my man card

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    • RayT

      Cut eyeholes in a paper bag and drop over your head. Worked for me the time I had to drive a purple Suzuki X90 on public roads….

      I don’t suppose the Fiat floats, but it looks as if it should. It’s cute, but no. Just no. I’m sure someone else will buy it and enjoy the daylights out of it.

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  2. Charles

    It would make a cool golf cart.

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  3. Dacosport

    There were some companies like the spanish emelba (seat was bought by fiat and made the same cars) and moretti that made this kind of cars.
    Some were used as rental cars like the 133/127 samba (something like the citroen mehari), ritmo and ronda modified as vans, 133/127 pickups, etc

    They are quite rare these days, i saw some vans conversions where i live, the other i saw them on tv and magazines

    I’m sorry my english is too good xd

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  4. JW

    If you lived on the east coast of Florida you could always rent it out to tourists to drive on the beach, just not at spring break as it would probably end up in some 7th floor hotel room used as a rolling cooler.

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    • Charles

      or in the pool.

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  5. Russell

    I like the unusual and this has to be one of the coolest/unusual/weirdest/bizzare vehicles I’ve ever seen. Never heard of it, but love it. Wish it were 4WD but so what. I’ve saved it on eBay and will do all I can not to bid on it, but it will be difficult not to.

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  6. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    A perfect addition for the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, the largest collection of unusual vehicles in the world.

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    • MountainMan

      Lived in Murfreesboro (near Nashville) for some years, Lane is a must see if you’re anywhere near Nashville.

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  7. MountainMan

    New one for me. Like the oddball stuff too and the color suits it well. Something else to add to the ever increasing list of cars to watch for. Sooner or later a good deal usually comes along if you are looking for it. Looks like this one gets lots of thumbs ups when it’s out being enjoyed

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  8. Andrew

    It looks like something that has 4 steering wheels and comes from a fairground ‘merry go ’round’. Too cute.

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  9. Anthony Palmieri

    Someone should work up a design like this, electric powered of course, and start a rental program (like they have for bicycles) for city use. I bet they would be very popular

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