Off-Road Rarity: 1968 Ferves Ranger

Here’s another new one for me, a 1968 Ferves Ranger. The seller describes it as, “A wonderful Italian oddity with delightful styling“. Fair enough though it actually looks like a cross between a toon car and a Step Two… more»

Six-Figure Microcar? 1968 Ferrari Ferves Ranger

The seller of this 1968 Ferves Ranger claims its “twin” sold at auction last year for nearly $200,000! I’m not sure if this car will reach the same price, but it has an unspecified reserve. It can be found… more»

Would You Believe…? 1970 Ferves Ranger

Would you believe…this is a Ferrari? I mean, not exactly, but sort of; Ferves is a portmanteau of FERrari VEicoli Speciali (Ferrari Special Vehicles), and the Turin-based company produced about 600 of these pint-size, Fiat 500-derived off-roaders between 1966… more»

1967 Fiat Ferves Ranger: The Original Jeep Renegade?

Thanks to Scotty G. for the tip on this amazing and funny little car. This little Fiat (the one on the left) certainly is cute and it seems like it should have a place to put your feet down… more»