1967 Jaguar Daimler 250 For $7,500


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This is one of those finds that, well, takes my breath away and makes me wonder just how angry my wife would really be. This Jag has only 60,000 miles on it and the $7500 asking seems especially reasonable if the rest of this Jag is as nice as the outside. It’s all the way up and over in New Hampshire in Nottingham and listed here on craigslist. I wish there were more pictures, of course. It could be a rust bucket with a rat trashed interior or it might be nice.


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  1. Rich

    I never even considered these old Jags until I signed up for BF. Now I’m getting the urge to pull the trigger on one. They are stunning.

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  2. Duffy

    This looks like a great buy if it’s not a rust bucket. Cannot tell by the pictures he has listed. Wish the interior was shown, miles seem correct, price is decent. Need to show more of the vehicle. It looks like a great find.

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  3. Fred

    Wow- this looks like a possible “clean it up, sort the mechanicals and drive it as is” candidate. Which would give the owner a really classy ride for very little cost of entry. If a BF reader gets this one, please let us know how it goes!

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  4. DolphinMember

    If I were in the market for a Jag like this I would be frustrated with a listing that shows 4 photos of the front and 3 photos of the right side with the car cover still on, and nothing else. What you can see of the car looks pretty good but there are still too many unknowns for someone who isn’t close by.

    OTOH if the car is good inside and underneath and really does just need brakes and tires, the low miles and reasonable price could make it an inexpensive way to get into a beautiful ’60s vintage British saloon that will be worth more down the road if you take good care of it. The plates and badges are a good sign, but I haven’t driven a 2.5 Daimler version and I imagine it might be a somewhat lazy performer compared to a proper 3.4 or 3.8 Jag version, especially since it has the auto transmission.

    If anyone takes a look at it I’m sure we would like to know what the rest of the car is like, so be sure to take your camera.

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  5. Bentleyguy

    Looks like he’s trying to hide that it’s RHD, who knows what else is concealed??

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  6. gunningbar

    Great driving cars in their day. I had friends who owned them.. they loved them… cdnt bear to part with them… they became lawn ornaments… I wd be afraid to take one as a gift.

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  7. Scott

    I am VERY close to the car – I am happy to go look at it if someone is seriously interested!!

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  8. Scott

    Here are more
    Pics from the seller – this looks like an incredible deal

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  9. Scott

    Engine bay

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  10. Scott

    Engine bay 2

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  11. Scott

    Under 1

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  12. Scott

    Under 2

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  13. Scott

    Under 3

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  14. Scott

    Under 4

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  15. Scott

    Drivers interior

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  16. Scott

    drivers rear seat

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  17. Scott

    Inner door panel

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  18. Scott


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  19. Jesse JesseStaff

    Thanks for sharing Scott. Hopefully someone picks it up.

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  20. Paul B

    The Daimler is really comparable to the Jag Mk II 2.4, not the 3.4 or 3.8 models. And when that comparison is made, it shines. The brilliant 2.5 V8 offers better performance than the Jag 2.4 six, and since it is lighter than the Jag engine, the Daimler’s handling is actually better. Most of these were RHD and almost all of them automatics, though a few 4-speeds were made starting in 1968. There was an extremely rare LHD 4-speed manual for sale in Switzerland several years ago and I’ve always wished I could have figured out a way to buy it and bring it home.

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  21. Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

    Writer Jeff L. pointed out to me that it’s now $8,500!


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