Drivetrain Needed: 1967 Oldsmobile 442

041116 Barn Finds - 1967 Oldsmobile 442 - 1

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Here’s a worthy project if there ever was one. This 1967 Oldsmobile 442 in western New York state is a rare car. To make things even more interesting, it’s a factory 4-speed car! And, to make things even more interesting, there is no motor or transmission! Wait, what? Yes, after all that build up, the original engine and transmission aren’t in the car. So, there’s your mission, if you choose to accept it. I’m sure that you can figure out what to repower this beast with. Any ideas yet?

041116 Barn Finds - 1967 Oldsmobile 442 - 2

Although, the body looks pretty good to me from the photos, the seller says that “the body is rough” and that it “is in need of a full restoration”. That last part is a given. Being a factory 4-speed car this will be a nice project, maybe easier than you think since the manual-goodies are already there; sans the actual transmission. The seller says that this is 1 of 7,761 made in 1967 with a 4-speed and that the “frame is good and solid.” This car was last registered when America had its two-hundredth birthday party so it’s been off the road for a few years; forty, to be exact. I’m guessing that this is what this car originally looked like, and what it could look like again.

041116 Barn Finds - 1967 Oldsmobile 442 - 4

This 55,202 shown on the odometer may be real since this 442 was on the road for only nine years before it was put away to rest. The owner says that this car has quite a few valuable options including, but not limited to: tilt wheel, tinted glass, posi-rear, and power trunk release.

041116 Barn Finds - 1967 Oldsmobile 442 - 3

I’m not sure what the factory exterior color of this car would have been in its current state, out of the twenty-two colors available. But, the interior is an easy one, red; one of just four interior colors available in 1967. Although, today you’re lucky if you get more than just black as an interior color option. The seller mentions that there’s a “blowout” on the driver’s seat bottom, which you can see in this photo. And, a pesky mouse made a hole in the headliner, so you may find trouble there; but, both of those things are fixable without too much trouble. The original 442/Hurst shifter is there and most of the interior looks like it could be cleaned up and dyed to look new again.

This car is listed on Craigslist and the seller says that the “asking price is less than what it’s worth in parts.” Unfortunately, they don’t list a price, but this looks like a very worthwhile project if a person has been looking for a first-generation Olds 442 with a 4-speed. How would you restore this car, back to original spec or would you drop in a modern, monster drivetrain?

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  1. Moparman ElliottMember

    “asking price is less than what it’s worth in parts.” Hmmm, no engine/transmission, rough body “in need of full restoration”…I need a benchmark to begin consideration. Not listing an asking price IMHO is a deterrent to many people, (myself included). To me, it implies that the pricing will be in the “Barrett-Jackson” realm.

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  2. Paul

    Back to original, tis the only way to go. and the color you showed in what it could look like is awesome… However, if this is a four speed, shouldn’t there be one more pedal??? And the pedal that is there, shouldn’t that be smaller if this car was/is a four speed? Just asking is all…

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    • Poppy

      Yes, that surely looks like a brake pedal for an automatic equipped car. On the bright side it’s got a tilt column and the “speed minder” speedo! Too bad it doesn’t have the rally pack option; those are very valuable for this year.

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  3. 69' CUDA DUDE

    Hmmm….that’s something I was curious as well…I began w/ a 4-spd and YES there’s a clutch & a brake…still to this day….(:

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  4. edh

    I’d drop a Quad 4 in it.

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  5. DENIS

    I have a correct 400/4spd to go right in…but gotta guess what he thinks it’s worth…???? hmmmm, no rants or personal

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  6. gord

    ah… but this seller is “smart”… 4 speeds, reverse, neutral and 2 fwd speeds (if the old powerglide)… maybe that is what he means? (smirking, ducking the starter launcher)

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  7. Paul

    That is a very interesting way of looking at it, but very shady also. Another thing, for not having an engine in it, that car sits awfully normal.

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  8. John

    I have the same car..
    Mine is a Holiday Coupe.
    455 and turbo 400 trans, auto. Needs total restore to be worthy..

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  9. John

    Here’s Johns

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  10. Wayne Thomas

    The obvious choice of engine swap would be to stay with Oldsmobile and put in an Aurora V8 engine like Shelby Series 1. Supercharged or not, would be up to the buyer, but staying with an Oldsmobile engine for a restomod would be better than sticking in yet another LS engine swap which have already been done to death.

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  11. redwagon

    Something doesn’t jive. Seller claims manual transmission in the advert but the pedals sure look like a slushbox set up.

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    • Stan

      Look closely

      The pedal arm was cut off and it looks like the bigger pedal was welded on

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  12. MikeK

    I’m rarely interested if the seller doesn’t at least list an asking price. I don’t mind buying one, but I try not to buy it AND sell it.

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  13. Charlie G

    A buddy way back in high school had a 67 442. He had the column mount even though it also had the center console. Black vinyl roof and Gold body. Black and gold interior. I wasn’t in love with it back then, but nowadays I wished I had bought it and parked it in the garage. Also wished I had kept my 69 Road Runner. As to the 4speed. What you can see of the console looks to be a boot socket. Maybe I’m wrong. Did you ever think that he or whoever owned it before him switched out the brake/clutch pedal mount and installed a standard brake pedal mount due to health and leg issues? If it’s anything like the Mopars, a couple of bolts and you’re in the money going from a 3 or 4 to an auto setup. Just wondering.

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  14. Al


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