Cleaned Up Nice! 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix

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This 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix is a terrific example of how a true “yard find” can clean up. It’s now listed for sale here on eBay – you can see how wonderful a job the seller has done by looking at all the pictures there. Of course, the price has gone up too; the buy it now is set at $15,000 but the seller is accepting lower offers. You can plan a trip to Cove, Oregon if you want to pick it up.

Wow, what a difference some elbow grease can make! The seller has also stripped off the shredded vinyl top and both applied rust inhibitor and painted the metal below to preserve what is still there. The 1967 Grand Prix featured a new exterior design with the characteristic Pontiac “coke bottle” shape that makes these cars so distinctive compared to their GM brethren. I think it’s one of the cleanest designs of the late 1960s, and that look is only enhanced by the hidden horizontal headlights — a major change from the vertically paired headlights seen on previous large Pontiacs.

The spinner-style wheel covers are a nice compliment to the styling and lend a sporty air to this huge coupe (one of 42,981 1967 Grand Prixs produced). And by huge, I mean a 121-inch wheelbase and 4,000 pounds of metal and plastic! That was a lot of car at the time!

The interior of the car has been similarly cleaned up; this is one of the “before” pictures that the seller thoughtfully included, complete with cobwebs. The odometer is showing less than 85,000 miles, and given the interior condition (especially how it looks after being cleaned up) I think it’s likely that is the actual mileage.

After cleanup the interior shines as nicely as the outside. It’s great that the seller has shared both the before and after pictures of this yard find and it’s a great example of what cleaning and a little hard work can do, but I wonder if this will hurt the value of the car at auction. Some folks (even some of you, based on previous comments) aren’t fond of “flippers” — those people that buy a car inexpensively and then sell it on after doing nothing to it. In this case, I feel it’s very fair that the seller profit from their work (the exact amount of profit to be determined by the sale price of the car, whatever the offer is that the seller will accept). What do you think?

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  1. Big_FunMember

    Many of us consider detailing a vehicle a labor of love ; but that love isn’t free. Same in this case – and he’s doing the work. Read the ebay ad, he is working on the brakes after another project. So the car will be ready for the cruise in when it arrives at your door, unless you want to wait and address the top.
    Car has some great options, remote mirror, rear defrost, rear speaker and even the gauges. No a/c, can be added in the modern fashion.
    How many times do we see the ‘lazy flipper’ not do anything , and uses the words ‘should clean up’ , ‘engine turns freely by hand ‘, ‘rolls onto trailer’ – meaning ‘good luck with that, now pay me lots for doing the minimum’.
    I appreciate this guy’s effort, and gladly pay for it.

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    • NotSure


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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      Totally agree :-)

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    • TimS

      The seller ought to get an extra grand just for presentation.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Properly stated, for a properly presented car!
      Thanks for the insight.

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  2. ChebbyMember

    Wow, impressive. Now that is how you do it!

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  3. TimM

    Right on brother!! Lazy society, everyone trying to make the most with no effort!!

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    • Dave Suton

      Now only if it were a convertible with a 428 and 4 speed

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  4. Kenneth Carney

    His presentation was impeccable. The
    only thing he didn’t tell us was which
    V-8 was under the hood. If the engine
    bay looks as clean as the rest of the
    car, I’d gladly pay him the 15K he’s
    asking. Reminds me of the way I’d clean
    up and wash any of the cheap cars I
    bought to resell when I was a kid after
    I got them running right again. Dad
    used to rib me about being a bit too
    picky when it came to selling those cheap
    old jalopies until he noticed how much I
    was getting for every one I sold. Yeah, I
    might not have been a popular jock in
    school, but I was popular when it came
    down to buyimg that first car a lot of those kids owned when they were 16.
    Good luck to the seller that gave us
    this fine presentation.

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    • p.t.cheshire

      Standard engine in the G/P was a 400 c.i., approximately 325 / 350 h.p.

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  5. John B

    Darn…this guy should be a makeup artist for the Kardashians in a few years. A miracle worker. If only he could roll back odometers on women…

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  6. Chevy Guy

    Love all of the engine photos

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  7. nessy

    Outstanding clean up job. About time we saw this. Looks almost like a ready to enjoy cruise night car. 15k is just not going to happen for this car in a coupe. Most likely paid 1500 to pull it out of storage. Would be great if it was a convertible as this was the only year of the Grand Prix convertible as I recall.

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  8. M vickery

    This guy isn’t one of those guys who doesn’t even bother to remove the car from the trailer, or takes his pictures on the forecort of the gas station on his way home from picking it up. He may not get as much as he wants, but I think he’ll do much better than most.

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