1967 Porsche 911S Barn Find

1967 Porsche 911S Barn Find

The guys over at LBI Limited just emailed us their most recent barn find. This one is impressive because it’s a 1967 Porsche 911 that has been sitting in a barn since 1988. The owner had purchased the car off a used car lot back in 1972 and drove it for many years until he got rear-ended by a Firebird. He then trailered it home and parked it in this barn. That’s where it has sat all these years, but now he is hopeful that someone will restore the car and enjoy it. There are more photos here on LBI’s site or you can continue reading to see a short interview of the previous owner.


  1. Rich

    Instantly reminded me of your logo!

  2. David Frank David Member

    What incredible photography!

  3. Cassidy

    Parking this 911S doesn’t make any sense. Accident damage is very minor in that it looks like the engine didn’t suffer from the collision. Before I saw the rear end, after the owner said he had trailerred it home, I expected the engine to have been shoved a foot or 2 towards his seat. It looks perfectly driveable, but I’m not a Porsche guy, so feel free to tell me how fragile this car is and why that small amount of damage rendered it undriveable. It looks like a 5mph bumper would have left the Porsche with a little bit of paint transfer.
    The write-up from LBI? It was so full of bull excrement, i had to check my shoe’s soles after reading it to make sure none had leaked out of my computer. They are car dealers, with an excellent creative team. That sales brochure is engineered to create interest where there might not be any, all designed to drive the car’s price up, once they are done with their ground-up restoration.
    I just hope they bought it fairly, but seeing how creative they are with their write-up, I’m certain they left lots of room for profit, even if they never do anything more than trailer back to their salesroom

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The write-up was a bit much, but I’m guessing they were pretty excited about this one. Wish they had listed an asking price though.

  4. RockabillyJay

    Great photos! I only wish it would get a “sympathetic” restoration..get the mechanicals sorted and enjoy it as is..there’s enough over restored Porsches out there

  5. Dolphin Member

    OK, this isn’t going to be pretty, but I really tried. I was able to read past the part about “But this story is different”. That was down to line 3, and it sounded good.

    I even read to the part about “It requires one to think a little deeper and look past the pomp and hype that is thrown around with the term “barn find”. I am speaking on the soul of the car and the feelings associated with it.” That was down to about line 15.

    That was it. Another hard sell, but this time done in a soft sell style. I think the photos were obviously staged, but even if they weren’t it wouldn’t make any difference. This is a listing for someone who has to have a first-year ‘S’, and he doesn’t much care how it’s marketed or how much it costs. As long as it’s original that’s OK, he’ll pay the price.

    Then when I looked to the bottom of the page for the asking it was no surprise that there was no asking. I’m guessing that’s because, since this is a first year ‘S’ the asking will be over $100K. That’s where the market is going, if it isn’t already there, even for a car with lots of needs.

    I’d like to like this listing and this car, but they are just not for me. I sincerely hope this car goes to someone who will treat it properly and fix and preserve it because it is rare and special. I’m sure there is someone who will step up and do that.

    BTW, I once owned the brochure for this car, the large oversized white-cover catalog, not the small, common folder. The size, presentation, and artwork were wonderful. Porsche presented the car perfectly in that brochure. I hope the person who buys this car also owns or buys the deluxe catalog. Along with the car and some large Strenger prints on the wall, they would make a great collection.

  6. MikeG

    It’s just kind of funny how these cars never got this kind of attention a couple of years ago before the “bubble” formed. The text of the write up is bit on the dramatic side.

    Besides that, it’s a nice find, though the previous owner sure deflated easily, by giving up on what looks like a moderately straight forward fix to the rear end.

  7. gunningbar

    I couldnt get far into the write up. I ve read enough overworked prose in my lifetime.

  8. Bobsmyuncle

    The Porsche scene just makes me cringe. What pretentious pile of horse crap. I couldn’t afford the production of the video forget the car.

  9. Doug M

    I thought I was reading a sequel to Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
    I am Smitten!

  10. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    I say it’s “staged!!” The tires look too good, no dust masking the red line. Any car I have seen that sat in a barn had dust, hay, or some kind of debri under it, too, or under the tires. There is not even the slighted hint that those tires are where they were put 25 years ago! Nice barn, though. I’ll bet it ends up in pictures with another classic before too long. Maybe even in someone’s wedding pictures!

    • George

      He just happened to put new tires on it just to get it out of the barn… Stored for a billion years yet the seats are squeaky clean. Why not clean the steering wheel and dash? Although those do point out that it’s a bit moldy inside from storage.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I saw that too.

  11. OA5599

    Overwritten, overproduced and most likely overpriced.

  12. Another Bob

    While I love the site, I just don’t get the appeal of a car that has been poorly stored for too long. Just means the cost will be huge to bring it back….and perhaps not that much fun. The best thing would be matching perfect Arizona bodies with great new England interiors. When the whole thing is rusty and moldy and you have to treat rust under the dashboard and free up seized heater cables that will never work well, I don’t know what part of that hobby is enjoyable? Anyway, looking forward to the next find.

  13. Rich

    Nice of the previous owner to fit a brand new set of redline tyres just before the purchase. It may have been in storage a long time, but that is not how it was found.

    All the same, it would be nice to see this one given a mechanical overhaul, and then put back into use.

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