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1968 AMC AMX Project


AMC attempted to combine muscle car power with sports car handling when they released the AMX in 1968. It only seated two because the wheelbase was kept short to help in the twisties. It had its short comings, but few American muscle cars came closer to the ideal mix of power and agility. This particular example is equipped with a running 315 horsepower 390 V8 and a four-speed. It has some rust in the quarter panels, but otherwise looks like a good restoration candidate. Find it here on eBay out of Trumbull, Connecticut. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the submission.


  1. Mark Mosley

    I am thinking a Mad Max tribute car here!

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  2. carguy

    This was the first year of three for the two-seater AMX. A group of high school juniors in Kearney, Nebraska, took one of these and added two four-barrels and started drag racing. In 1969, AMC sent 52 of these to Hurst for modification. The guys, now seniors, bought one and called it Pete’s Patriot. They set a NHRA record with it. The 68 and 69 and a factory stock 70 are all on display at the collection I manage in Kearney. Hope somebody will snag this one for nostalgia sake.

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  3. Mike

    I’d be all over this if I weren’t fixing up a 928 right now.

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  4. scot

    ~ though there were a limited number of 2-seat AMXs built from ’68 to ’70 i regularly see a selection of them, from excellent to project, on eBay. AMC support is very deep, more importantly it’s not an elitist group, like some marques are reputed to be. (so i’ve heard)

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  5. TIM

    Its neat car 390 4speed a shame more don’t understand the muscle of these cars they are fun to drive
    Back when I was a kid everyone was into fords dodges chevys very few seen the value of AMC AMX what a shame for the underdog company they held there own and then some !! Why this has hubcaps and whitewall just hides the true muscle of this car .
    Just hope someone saves this for future gearheads to see all aspects of detriot iron back when there was a word called torq !!!!!!!!!slam you back in the seat he!! ya style torq

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  6. Larry

    My dad ordered a 1968 AMX in 1967, sight unseen, he was told by the dealer (Westbury Rambler, NY) that he ordered the first one on the east coast. It was red with white stripes and a tan interior, had the performance go package, 343 with a 4 speed. What a great car, we had a lot of fun with it. Once I took it out the drag strip with out my dad knowing and won a trophy, didn’t tell him till many years later. I’ve been looking for one in good shape for a few years now, just might bid on this one. AMCFAN Where R U ?

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  7. Richard

    @ Mark: Um… Mad Max tribute? Max drove an AMX? That doesn’t sound right…

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    • Mike

      Max drove a Ford Falcon XB (very customized) but he did say tribute, not replica. My guess is that if you dressed this car up right that any fan of the movies would know exactly what you were going for.

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  8. Matt

    Sorry, but they’re still just a Gremlin with a V8 and a 4 speed. Everything in them was plastic and cheap. I’d rather have a Biscayne with rubber floor mats.

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  9. Carl W. French

    Mark Donohue tribute. One of the dream cars of my childhood… http://www.auto-blog.pl/amc-javelin-serii-trans-am/

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  10. AMCFAN

    It is remarkable of what AMC did in 1968. The dedicated people at AMC did everything right. The men and women many of who could have easily jumped the ship and went to GM, Ford or Mother Mopar. Stayed with American Motors because they loved what they did. It shows. Before 1968 AMC was not involved with the word performance…unless fuel economy was in there somewhere. They hired Creig Breedlove and his wife (then the fastest man alive) and set 106 USAC Speed records with the AMX. The sister car Javelin in a brand new untested car put the hammer on the Big 3 in Trans AM. Running an honest race with a single 4V carb when everyone else had multiple units. The Javelin set a record that stands today for finishing every race it started. The Grant Rebel SST Funny car proved one thing to many that AMC could make a performance car.
    Sorry Matt but your opinion of an AMX posing as a Gremlin shows you know very little. I believe given the choice of a factory V8 Gremlin or a 390 4 speed AMX over a low level Chevrolet Biscayne wouldn’t be a choice at all for anyone.

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