1968 Cadillac Ambulance: Future Family Hauler?

1968 Cadillac Ambulance

Cadillac had never built their own wagon until just recently, but there were plenty of coachbuilders who were happy to oblige. There were some consumer style station wagons built, but most were used in the funeral industry. At first glance, this 1968 Cadillac appears to be a hearse, but it’s actually an ambulance. The removable side panels make me wonder if it was meant to be an ambulance/hearse combo, but that is beside the point. This thing is claimed to have only covered 58k miles! It was last parked about 5 years ago and supposedly ran fine. The seller hasn’t tried to start it up, but as long as everyone is telling the truth, I’m sure it can be made to go again. It may seem strange, but I would be tempted to rip out all the ambulance specific stuff and mount a bench seat back there! This would be quite the family cruiser to show up at the high school to pick up your teenager. Just think about the look on their face! Anyway, it’s located in Athens, Georgia and is listed here on eBay for $5,900 or best offer.


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  1. Jaygryph

    A good example of these as a wagon is the Thundertaker SEMA show car. It’s a 1960 Superior hearse that was converted into a wagon/limo with a top chop and years of work put into it. Slick car.

    Amusingly, I used to own that car and sold it to the people that customized it.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That thing is awesome Jay. There’s a bunch of photos of the build over on AutoTrader. Thanks for sharing!

      • jaygryph

        Funny thing is, I might still be the registered owner of that car since someone claiming to be the owner phoned me recently trying to get info about such things. I can’t fathom spending that much money on a car like that and never title transferring it. Somebody screwed up bad if that’s what happened.

        I actually owned two 1960 hearses, one is, last I saw it on youtube, still running around New York somewhere and it had not changed at all since I sold it years and years ago. I get a call asking if they’re for sale, or asking for info on them about once a year, and it’s been a good 5 or 6 years now ago that I even listed them for sale. Not sure where the ad’s ended up on the internet but they seem to persist.

        The history of some vehicles is just very strange. I’ve made a hobby of looking on craigslist for things I’ve owned in the past to find out what happened, most all of them have stayed local, and very few ever end up looking better than when they left my care.

  2. RayT Member

    Have to admit, the Broadmoor “skyview” Caddy wagon shown here in April appeals to me much more. Wouldn’t change a thing on that one, except for the wear parts.

    The roofline on this one is just too ponderous for my taste. Don’t care much for vinyl tops, either.

    • bob

      Seller says the top is painted .

  3. David Frank David Member

    A wagon with extra headroom sounds like a great idea. As for taking your kids to school, the Parents Handbook does say embarrassing your kids is a responsibility right after food and clothes, right? This would also be cool for a band. It has much more class than a van. Perhaps one could paint the rest of it to match the top.

  4. JW

    Heck throw out the gurney, keep the little desk and chair, throw in a small roller tool box with out wheels and you have a nice set of wheels to offer home car repair business. With the area behind the drivers seat and the side door you could even throw a trans or a rearend in there if needed.

  5. phoneman91

    Nice and apparently well kept. And just in time for uh–Halloween!

  6. Ron

    just awesome

  7. don

    this is not far from me, about 45 min , i’d would buy it if were in running condition, I don’t have time to tinker with a non running car. but cool ride!

  8. George

    Wish I hadn’t passed on one of these years ago. It was all white without a vinyl roof. He had bought it for his daughter, but she refused to be seen in it. Great dog hauler!

  9. Dolphin Member

    Wow. Great Caddy, more vehicle per dollar than just about everything else, and all kinds of possible uses. Looks set up as an ambulance inside, but take the stuff out, and with those black side panels on it’s a hearse.

    My idea for the most interesting use for this impressive Caddy:
    As a travel vehicle for a starting-out rock band, like Neil Young’s first car, a 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse. That one was the inspiration for “Long May You Run”, certainly the best-ever song about any car. Yes there have been some great songs about cars, but it’s just a plain fact that’s the best one.

  10. Tom hetrick

    Not a future family hauler but a past family hauler! How u doing grandpa?

  11. Ed P

    Somebody call Sheriff Andy and tell him the Mayberry Funeral Home and Ambulance Service vehicle has been found.

  12. Eric

    M&M Endloader Hearse/Ambulance Combo… nice ride be fun to drive … low miles would be accurate as hearses didnt really travel all that far

  13. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I wanna know more about all those other cars in that “barn”.

  14. kenzo

    went to the link posted by Jessee. Great article and pic’s of the build of Thundertaker.
    Do I want one? No thanks.

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