1968 Cadillac: Six Wheeled Luxury

1968 Cadillac Custom

I’m often left asking why when I see cars like this! Now don’t get me wrong, I think this custom Caddy is quite incredible and I would love to have a closer look at it, but I can’t help but ask why. Why build something like this only to sell it? Obviously, who ever built it has a lot of time and money into and they clearly are looking to recoup their investment. I’m not sure why, but they seem to be rather secretive about how it was constructed. They aren’t even willing to disclose what engine it has out of fear that someone will copy it! That part kind of makes me laugh, as I don’t see too many builders being interested in creating something like this. Which brings me to the question of who spends $60,000 on a custom built six wheeled Cadillac? You can take a closer look at this beast here on eBay in Hanover Park, Illinois. This is one you might want to look at for some customization idea or just a good laugh! Do you see this seller finding a buyer?


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  1. Charles

    WOW! The seller is clearly delusional. Somebody ruined a good Cadillac or at least wasted a bunch of Cadillac parts. I have always heard that there is a butt for every seat. However, the person who built this contraption may disprove that saying. This is worse than the Corvette 4×4.

  2. Cory

    I consider cars like this art, and I respect the guys who build them, and building something like this makes as much sense to me as other hunks of metal passed of as sculpture. I don’t think this guy is really selling this car. Where are the engine pics and interior pics? Not 9sure what his intention is

    • Dolphin Member

      When asked about the engine/drivetrain by a potential bidder in the Ebay auction he said he purposely didn’t give information on the drivetrain “to avoid COPY CAT BUILDERS”.

      I don’t see that as much of a risk. Different variations of this kind of custom build have been around for decades, and unless I’m missing something I am not seeing too many of them around these days….or too much demand for them either.

  3. JW

    If I’m going to spend that kind of cash on a highly modified and clearly one of a kind vehicle I would buy this car that showed up at our Cruise in Independence,Mo. last Saturday.

    • TVC15

      Does the grill badge light up on this car ?

      • Reg Bruce

        Re TVC15’s response to JW’s Hot Rod photo: Very droll, sir. Very droll indeed.

  4. jim s

    this or the 911, which would you pick? i am not sure if the car is for sale or seller/builder is trying to showcase their skills. interesting find.

  5. Randy Forbes

    I like the “part trade on Stutz Blackhawk, Excalibur…” etc.

    Any of those__in viable condition__is worth double that car (realistically, probably much more than double).

    As “art” well I’m sure it appeals to someone, and credit is due if the workmanship is as good as it looks like in the pictures, but not my cup of tea.

    “COPYCAT BUILDERS” yeah, that’s a good one, lol!!

    I’m with JW; something about ANY RIDE with two (2) engines really trips my trigger! That’s ALWAYS been a fantasy of mine, being exposed to them in the early 60s rod magazines of the time!

    • Tim H

      Randy, I’m with you, price aside, 16 pipes and a hood that long, I like it. But for the money, I would choose something different.

  6. Tony

    I’m with Charles…..waste of a nice car. Such a shame. Me, I would not buy it for $90.00, let alone any other amount. In Los Angeles you would have to be very careful where you drive that thing……….

    • MikeH

      I’m with you, Tony. I wouldn’t want it if you gave it to me. In fact, you would have to pay me big bucks just to ride around in it.

  7. Chris A.

    Don’t forget Jay Leno’s Rolls Royce Merlin engined V-12 hot rod. But I too like that W16 Coupe.

  8. pursang

    $90 grand and no hot tub in the back? I’ll pass.

  9. tony

    I think this thing has drive by shooting written all over it?!

  10. Wiley Robinson

    I look at that and keep expecting some mod secret agent marionette to get out of it.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Good one, Wiley! I’m a Thunderbirds (the series) fan myself. FAB! :-)

    • krash

      Perfect for Home Depot runs….full sheets of drywall/plywood would fit perfectly on that hood..

      the lid on the rumble seat looks more like a cooler lid…..fill that baby with ice and beverages, or install a nice gas range and let the grillin’ begin for those work site cookouts

  11. JW

    I got to thinking and come to the conclusion this Caddy was built by ” Pimp My Ride “.I can just see some big guy stepping out of that car with a funky fur coat and hat on with a couple chicks under each arm.

  12. Booya

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  13. Pete

    This is someone’s fun project. It looks proportionate in it’s own unusual way, from nearly every angle. The use of existing elements of the original car such as the rear doors is very interesting. If Bobby Darin or Elvis were still around this car would be gone.

  14. Horse Radish

    I can only guess the double rear axle would be to accommodate a heavy driver and/or passenger, but the doors are not big enough to let them in (?)

  15. Meetoo

    60k for a car that only a pimp would look good driving? No Thanks.

  16. Rick

    It should have a hot tub instead of a rumble seat. This would have given Johnny Cash nightmares.

  17. Dolphin Member

    In a free and open society there are no limits on both bad taste and shooting yourself in the foot.

  18. Wayne

    I too am with Charles. What a waste of one of the nicest Caddy designs.

  19. JW454

    It needs a great big hood scoop.I mean, if you’re goal is to screw up a car, you might as well go all the way.

    I’d like to read the messages he’s gotten that he hasn’t posted to his ad.

  20. John C Cargill

    Never sell for anywhere near that price, I live nearby and have never seen it.

  21. John C Cargill

    17hrs left and NO BIDS

  22. JW454

    I just realized why there are no under hood pictures… Who in the world could lift that hood? I have a 1972 Monte Carlo and it has a heavy hood. I can’t image what that hood weighs.

  23. Charles

    The price is the reason that I reacted so strongly to this car.

    Custom built vehicles are an art form, and everyone is entitled to express themselves any way they want to. It looks like the builder has made something that he or she loves, but is too unique to appeal to the masses.

    The idea that someone can cobble together a bunch of parts from a mid sixty’s four door Caddy and have a piece of art work worth 90K is the ridiculous part. I can actually see myself owning an loving an old Caddy. Maybe a pea green one bought from an estate sale that someone’s grandma only drove to church and to the store once a week.
    I see mid 60’s Fleetwood sedans in good condition for sale regularly for 5K to 15K, and these are nice old cars.

    It would be just a ridiculous if I cobbled together a bunch of 82-92 Firebirds into one really goofy looking car and than think that it will command the price of a pristine 356.

    Oh but I’m getting a vision… Take two early 80’s Camaro’s lengthen them to 25 feet, add a tag axle, graft a Firebird front clip on and install three 305 Chevy small block engines in tandem with a tag axle. Paint it a bright color and call it a Marobird. Do think it will bring 90K?

  24. pontiactivist

    Oh hell no!!!!! Not just Ugly but FUGLY!!!!! I beleive in personalizing our cars to our tastes, but I don’t know anyone who can find taste in this.

  25. Doug

    I like it. Not in the “I want to own it” kind of way but in the “I’d like to drive it around to all my friends houses just to see their faces but NOT have to own it” kind of way.

  26. Steve


  27. Barry T

    Since the only two people that come to mind that would buy it are both dead (Liberace and Elvis) it think it is a tough sell.

  28. Charles


    68 Sedan De Ville, 74K, nice, $8900.00

    The car that was used for this custom looks like it was a Fleetwood from the rear window design, however those can be found in similar condition for comparable prices.

  29. Clay Bryant

    This would make a great “murder mystery. 1.Take out insurance policy on wife you’re divorcing.2 Show her a picture of the car and if she says “I’d die if anyone saw me in that car!”.3.Buy it.4.Blindfold her and tell her you want to give her a ride in something you bought her.5.Load ‘er up!6.Drive up and down Main Street with her for half an hour honking and waving at people.7.Optional……..Hang a sign on the back that says”This is Mrs.Johnson’s new car she picked out”. Test that “I’d die statement”.

    • Horse Radish

      That would be a hard case for you to defend and prove NO intent……

  30. Charles

    Clay, she won’t really die, but you might.

    • Clay Bryant

      I used to say,”There’s only one thing worse then to die and that;s to die with money in your pockets” but now I figure I’ve been wrong all these years.Only one thing worse and that would have been buying this car.

  31. Barry Thomas

    I kind of like the look of this custom, but maybe make the side glass a little bigger. I think that there are enough late ’60’s Caddies around, that losing one or a few is not the end of the world. As far as its looks go, think back to the awful designs that George Barris used to turn out. This Caddy is better looking than almost all of his efforts.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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