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1968 Camaro Barn Find Project

'68 Camaro

Between the rust and graffiti this Pony isn’t looking too great, but it does have a few good things going for it. This 4-speed 1968 Camaro is listed here on eBay, parked in Bethel, Minnesota with a bid of $3,825 at the time of writing. 

'68 Camaro engine

According to the owner this is a barn find that has been sitting for a long time. The condition of the engine is unknown, but we do know that the V-8 is an OEM engine paired with a 4-speed! It sure would be fun to row through the gears in a V-8 powered pony, but this one is going to need more than just a little work before you’ll get to do that.

'68 Camaro int.

There is a 10 bolt rear-end out back and bucket seats inside. All the glass is in place, but it looks dirty so it might have chips or cracks you can’t see in the photos. The interior is going to need to be gutted and redone, but thankfully you can get everything for these.

'68 Camaro tag

The chrome is said to all be there and the tires hold air. You can see the cowl tag here to see the paint and trim codes.

'68 Camaro trunk

There are extra parts in the trunk and the backseat for the next owner to use.

'68 Camaro rear

There are more images in ad for your review and you will definitely want to take a look at them. This is a titled project and if you have any questions you are asked to email the owner. If you are looking for a ’68 Camaro winter project you may want to get your questions answered and then make a bid or two and see what happens. If this ’68 does make it into your shop, shed, garage, carport, or barn please let us know!



  1. grant

    The sills are swiss cheese, and it looks like everything behind the doors is rusty as well.

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  2. Rick

    Mighty rusty (and depressing) project. One of these days somebody is going to start building complete new Camaro bodies (if it isn’t happening already) like they do for the tri-five Chevies

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    • Birdman

      Rick, you can buy EVERYTHING you need to build a complete running driving Camaro from Year One.. Sadly, probably cheaper than it would be to restore this thing(I’m only guessing on that, mind you)

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  3. Bill

    It’ll never be worth what it costs to bring it back.

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  4. roger pence

    I’ll betcha that black dog walks around and thinks, “When, oh when, are they gonna get this piece of crap out of here.”

    There are at least two places that sell repro Cam bodies:


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  5. Rick

    See, I knew that 1st gen Camaros were popular enough that new bodies were being manufactured. But even with a new body it’d still be a depressing project and I agree that you’d be way underwater compared to one that’s already done

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  6. JW

    This Camaro is just plain beyond repair for the average guy.

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  7. Barzini

    I did not know a Camaro in this shape would get bids (currently $3800) this high.

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  8. 64 bonneville

    I think the Dynacorn bodies are priced similar to the 67 Mustang Fast back bodies at about $19,900 plus crating and shipping ( around $3G for that). that being said their 57 Chevy convertible bodies cost more and do not include the frame. BTW this was a Norwood build on this particular Camaro. Way to rough for me to consider, even at the current bid, I can get 1st Gen Camaro bodies in Oklahoma for less than $3G’s. Data plate doesn’t show anything particularly rare or unusual about this car, so, to me bid is to high already.

    My error I checked the price on the Camaro bodies, and they are about $6G less than the Mustang. However if you have a tax I D and a shop, you might get it cheaper at a wholesale level.

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  9. Sukey

    Put a Mr. Yuck sticker on it and run don’t walk away

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  10. JW454

    According to the cowl tag, this car was Butternut yellow with standard black vinyl bucket seats when the General finished it up the 4th week of October at the Norwood, Ohio plant. As stated earlier, it wasn’t anything special but I’m sure the first owner was proud the day it came home. Seems it’s seen some rough days since then.

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  11. Mark S

    Sometimes a car just needs to be parted out. There are plenty of good parts here starting with the front sub frame, engine, trans, maybe rear axle etc think of the potential street rod that could be built from its bones. This is the way to go with what’s left of this rust bucket, but the price would have to come down.

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  12. piper62j

    Definitely parked for a long time “in a swamp”.. Dynacorn is the best way to go on this disaster.. Then, you got something !!!

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  13. James

    All these people saying shes beyond repair, or not worth the effort. That effort is what makes her worth repair, bringing her back from the brink, some something desolate and forgotten, to something mean, muscled and awakening. Its not supposed to be an easy project, its supposed to be a solid effort of love for the machine. Just my 2 sense as a grease monkey.

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    • Heath

      Perfectly said James….couldnt agree more

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  14. Heath

    I disagree…its still a real first gen. I remember in the 80’s when I started buying first gen mustangs the cars we would pass up then, and would be tickled pink to find them in that condition now. I’d bet in another 20 this car, if parted out…would be looked at as very rebuild-able. I would now. I bought a 67 butternut yellow SS with deluxe int that has rust from step to stern for $6000 (after getting it to my home from detroit to boise). It needs every panel replaced, but I’m happy to do it as it is still numbers matching with a 4 spd and 12 bolt. And came with all original paperwork such as the protecto plate. Yes, its an SS and this is not, but it is in far worse shape than this car. Even the roof needs replacing, the straight panels may look ok, but they are paper thin with small holes everywhere. The engine has its heads in the trunk and the front discs are locked up. I still feel like I got a great deal, but I can also do everything from engine rebuilding to paint.

    This car would make a great car for someone that cannot afford a nicer one. Fix the structual things, get it running, and enjoy it while slowly adding things like interior repairs, paint, etc. Would be just fine sanded down and epoxy primered….jmo.

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