1968 Camaro: Sleeper Pony

1968 Camaro

While most Camaro fans dream of owning an SS with a big block or a Z/28, I wouldn’t mind finding a base Camaro with a V8. This car might be just what I’m looking for, as it left the factory with the 350 V8 and the base trim package. It would make for the perfect unassuming sleeper! There are some unusual things going on here though. For one, I can’t find any record of a 275 horsepower 350. There is a 275 hp 327 V8 and a 295 hp 350, but either the seller has listed something incorrectly here or I’m not finding the same information they did. They do provide the casting number and VIN, so perhaps with more research this question can be cleared up. I’m also slightly confused why someone removed the front disc brakes and installed drums, but the original spindles, booster, and proportioning valves are with the car, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to return it to original. There are other issues that will need to be addressed as well, like rust in the trunk floor and putting the engine back together. If it turns out to be a real 350 4 speed car, this could be a sweet sleeper! I’m going to guess that it’s really a 327 and the seller just typed it in wrong, but you never know without investigating! If you are interested in doing more research on this Camaro, you can find it here on eBay in Middle Grove, New York.


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  1. Dave at OldSchool

    The EA motor in 1968 was a 327 275 hp.. not 350 cu in

    • Utes

      ‘EA’ is a ’65 Chevelle, manual trans, L30/250hp-327.

      • Dave @ OldSchool Restorations

        @Utes …..yes , in 1965……… BUT in 1968 EA was the 327 275hp … and this is a 68 Model engine …
        At that time, Detroit began building all the 68’s in Aug/Sept of the previous year… which is why it has a 67 casting date
        Some of the Suffix Code lists will call it a 67 motor, but most will call it a 68, as it is built to ’68 specs … 327 cu in / 275 hp

  2. Woodie Man

    I wonder how the seller reached the asking price for what is basically a neglected rusted bunch of parts that after forty or so thousand dollars might be a restored Camaro. I know the old car world has gotten a little crazy what with the internet but really………….

  3. Howard A Member

    From what I read, the 1968 Camaro had drum brakes all the way around, standard. The only way you could get discs up front, was to order the Z-28 package. I agree with Woodie Man. There are plenty of Camaros around. Better get this one cheap.

  4. Dan

    You could order disc brakes on any Camaro as an option, didn’t have to be a Z-28, although they came with them standard. My brother bought a 1967 Rallye Sport new with the F-41 suspension. It had a 327-275 horse motor and a powerglide trans, disc brakes and rallye wheels…

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    While I get the sentiment, I sorta chuckle at the idea of any old muscle (or pony) car being a sleeper. At this point in history, few cars are running the OE engine (either by choice or necessity). How many of these are replaced with the same horsepower?

    I’d never assume anything at a red light.

    At any rate, unless the engine is lopey and the rear tires real wide (not so sleepy) my daily driver is beating it.

  6. Chris A.

    I’d rather have the Caddy. At these prices I just can’t get it with run of the mill Camaros. Although I’ve always liked well tuned 327 4bbl small blocks and a 4 speed.

  7. JW454

    Definitely a 327 – 275 horse according to the block casting the seller provided and this web page.


    The casting dates on the block and heads do match up with this car’s build date of week three October ’67.

    I think over 9K is a bit strong given the car’s condition.

  8. skibum2

    years ago bought a 1967 SS/RS 350..I cannot tell you how many “experts” told me that I did not have a single leaf rear springs.. Turned out that I was too big and clumsy to get in and out of this car without bumping my head on the pillar.. Hahahaha..this thing is a labor of love..

  9. Utes

    If the heads haven’t been decked & it has an ‘MS’ suffix code stamped on the pad, it has the stock L48/350 heads.

    • Dave @ OldSchool Restorations

      @Utes… I assume you mean if the BLOCK has not been decked…….not the heads……
      It does not have an MS code, the ad says it is EA
      .The heads are the correct 291 heads for 1968 327 with 1.94 intakes ..they were also used on 350s………. And the 302 with bigger valves, ..one of the best heads made.

  10. Heath

    Many mistakes in that ad. Besides the engine as others stated, the Tic Toc Tac was only available in 68, so its not the original as he states. The disk brakes could be bought as an option – RPO J52, and many removed them after the years for newer calipers, or went back to drums – those original calipers had issues sticking. Option cost $79 and 14889 cars came with them in 67. I own a numbers matching 67 ss350, 4 spd, disk brakes (frozen originals), and single leaf springs with the 12 bolt. No tic toc tac..lol.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    The 350 came out in 1967 as a Camero only engine….for the record.

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