1968 Chevy C-10 Stepside: Honest Hauler


There are some simple pleasures in the automotive enthusiast world, and one of them is the classic pick-up truck. Cheap to maintain and largely reliable (or at least difficult to break), examples like this 1968 Chevy C-10 Stepside pickup spotted here on craigslist by Barn Finds reader Robert R represent a great entry into classic ownership. While there are thousands of older trucks available at any time on craigslist and eBay, this ’68 has a few distinctive qualities that make it stand out from the rest: the Stepside body for one, along with the manual transmission and 2-wheel drive, and certainly that perfectly-aged orange paint job. With so many vintage trucks these days falling victim to being dumped on air suspension and loud wheels, it’s refreshing to see an honest survivor that looks the business on OEM Rally wheels and white-letter tires. It’s the real deal, but a bit expensive at the moment; while the seller says his price is firm, hopefully there’s some room for negotiation. What’s your preferred model and year of a classic pickup?


  1. Tirefriar

    I’m a bit put off what appear to be amateurs mods, such as the tube rear bumper, headlamp screens, rattle can painted front grille…. Of course, my favorite are ads where the seller does the world a favor by offering his “prized” possession and threatens to pull it off the market if no one meets his price requirement.

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  2. Rob

    My favorite truck is this ’40 Ford; ‘course I’m a bit biased, as I’ve had it since 1963, ‘n it’ll be with me ’til my ashes hit the wind, ha

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    • jim s

      more photos please. great truck. thanks for sharing.

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      • Rob

        It’s ‘still’ a work in progress Jim, just haven’t gotten around to it in the last couple decades.. but here’s its heart that I’ve yet to put back in, ‘n yeah, those are all original speed parts, inc the 97’s.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Rob. I’ve got a ’47 pickup that I’ve had since ’67. Mine will be with me until it hauls my body to the graveyard. But I’d better get busy and finish it off so I can enjoy it for a few years before that happens. All too often life gets in the way of our projects. Hope yours works out well for you. G.

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  3. Cory

    Nothing against the truck, but I’m always put off by claims of $3000 in upgrades, I have never had a seller provide receipts 9r any proof of work done. I think the seller is at the high end of what he could squeeze out of this truck. I would be interested if we drop the price by the 3k he claims he invested

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  4. JW

    I beg to differ these trucks are out there and cheaper than his, I picked up my 68 yellow Chevy K10 4×4 for 3K and put about 7K in it restoring it and upgrading it to 78 Chevy 4×4 standards to make a nice comfortable daily driver truck / hauler. I sold it for $7500 to buy another car after 5 years of use. The step sides are a little more rare because of the smaller box to haul anything but not a big deal for rarity. I’m not saying his truck isn’t nice but not a must have at his price as he states.

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  5. SmackyPete

    In one sentence he says “un-able to finish the ole girl.”. Then the next he says “IF un-sold, will go in to shop for more work.” Well, which is it?

    Given the 8k price tag, I suspect it’s “go(ing) in to shop for more work.”
    I just don’t see it. Maybe a 1/4 of that price if you need an old work truck, but there is nothing about this that screams survivor or restore me.

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  6. DENIS

    I like that vintage stepside….pretty solid, it appears. I think $5000 is all the money but it’s his truck.

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  7. Jim

    I have to go with 67-72 C-10’s. I own a 69 CST, SB, Stepper so of coarse I would think this. Oh, and it is my daily driver ~40 miles a day rain or snow.


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  8. Sam

    I’m with the others about the tone of the ad. The seller may not realize that you just don’t always get your money back on mods, and the pipe for a rear bumper doesn’t help. We don’t see the engine, so I wonder what’s under the hood and what condition there. I have a classic Mustang that I’ve put way more money in than I could ever realize in a sale – that’s just the way it is, and I did it because I love the car and want it to drive well and last a long time.

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  9. MikeW

    The seller must think it worth more because it’s a “slope nose”

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  10. RoughDiamond

    No pics of the interior so that should tell us something. It looks to me like the “ole girl” has lost some of her RF fender paint from being parked so close to the fence.

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  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    A ’67 to ’72 Chev is a good project truck. Lots of parts available and easy to work on (except replacing a heater core). I’d love to take on such a project but my shop is already too full.

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  12. Mr. Ed Member

    My 1970 Ford Ranger pickup. Frame off restoration done by my father in law Ronn Koehler

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  13. Mr. Ed Member

    1970 Ford Ranger. Frame off restoration done by my father in law Ronn Koehler

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