Type Cast: 1968 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Type 34

051316 Barn Finds - 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 Coupe - 1

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Here’s a Volkswagen that a person doesn’t see every day, unless you actually have one in your own garage. This is a 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 and it’s on eBay in Heilbronn, Germany with a price of €7,900 ($8,931). Don’t worry, that whole right fender/wing piece is loose, hopefully it’ll just bolt back on again. These beautiful and unusual cars were made from 1962 through 1969 and they actually made 42,500 of them. With that many of them made it’s unusual that a person rarely sees them anymore, especially compared with the other Karman-Ghia.

051316 Barn Finds - 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 Coupe - 2

That’s one great-looking rear end, in my opinion. The Type 34 was introduced as the VW 1500 Karmann Ghia, but was also known as “The Big Karmann” (Der Große Karmann) in Germany, the “European Ghia” or “Type 3 Ghia” in the US, and “Razor Edge Ghia” in the UK. It was pretty fancy, to say the least, or it was for Volkswagen. They were never officially imported to the US which hurt sales and, oddly enough, the US has more of them now than any other country; about 400 out of around 2,000 known to exist. It was the second vehicle ever from any car company to have a power steel sliding sunroof; it also had an electric clock, built-in fog lights, upper and lower dash pads and door pads, and it cost about what two VW Beetles cost at the time!

051316 Barn Finds - 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 Coupe - 3

There’s that pesky fender/wing and you can see that it’s strapped on. I’m not sure what’s going on there but, as you know, in 1969 we flew to the moon, landed, and then flew back to earth again, so reattaching that dang fender is going to be no sweat compared to that! These were the fastest cars made by VW until the Porsche 914 grabbed that spot.

051316 Barn Finds - 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 Coupe - 4

The interior looks pretty nice on this particular car and these Type 34 interiors are very nice, in general. There aren’t many photos but from what’s shown this car looks like a pretty straightforward project. I don’t see any rust and the interior looks good, the price is right on the money; what’s not to like?! Ok, it’s in Germany, but other than that.. Are you a fan of these unusual Volkswagen Type 34s?

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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    This vehicle should be purchased immediately ! This ranks right up there with the Hebmueller respectively. T34’s are very few and far between. I don’t care what has been strapped to what….if you have the cash, lay it down ! NOW !

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    • Luki

      Hebmuller and Type 3 Ghia are worlds apart in rarity and value.
      Hebs are $100k. Type 34s are chump change.

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  2. Van

    Considering what people are paying for the bus or early bettles this is a no brainer.
    And looks better.

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  3. Bobsmyuncle

    Definitely a deal.

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  4. Pete

    If you have ever been stationed in germany or just lived there for some time. You will know that this is double rare. They use salt and cow urine to de-snow the roads. Guess what that does to a car? It slap eats it up. It was not unusual to go to the local junk yard and see 5 year old cars sitting in there because the bodies just got to rusted to pass inspection. The germans are very stringent about inspections believe me you. So this one looking that good even with a loose fender is an amazing find. If ya really want it let me know I have been to Hielbronn many times and would be happy to go with you or you can send me over and I will arrange shipping for you. :-) LMAO

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  5. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Since the body on a Type 34 is like all other Karmann/VW products of the time, it’s a unitized [one piece] body. That fender is strapped to the body because it needs to be welded onto the body, but the old fender must be removed first. I’m wondering why the owner doesn’t show what the original fender looks like, or what kind of damage is under than new fender.

    When I lived in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area in the mid 1970s, these cars, in good running condition with current TUV [inspection], could be had for 300DM to 500DM, that was about $100 to $200. That was about half of what a nice VW bug was selling for.

    I remember fellow Americans commenting over & over how the type 34 looked like a smaller version of a Corvair. That’s the likely reason it was not imported into the USA.

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  6. Charles

    Had a college buddy who had a 1966 model of the Type 34. He had been in the Army stationed in Germany and purchased the car while there and had it shipped back to the U.S. His was two tone green and in great condition. Attracted attention everywhere he went as no one had ever seen one. This was at a time when VWs were very prevalent. Most people thought it was a Porsche and were surprised when they learned it was a VW.

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  7. Rosso

    There’s an Electric conversion T34 running around Northern California; I had it on my lot for a while, but it didn’t sell for the $12k? asking.
    I think the owner finally sold it though.
    Lead-acid it was, DC motor.
    Dark Green metallic with Créme on top.

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    • Cédric

      Still for sale

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      • Ross

        Hi Cedric,
        I will see what I can find out about it.
        May take a while…first I need to remember the owners name!
        I thought it was on EV Finder, but no; but I’ll give them a plug;
        for EV conversions and used production EV’s:


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      • Ross

        Cedric, here is, I think, a different Type 34 Conversion, though it is also in my neck of the red-woods. Pretty nice looking ride.
        The one I had was a very dark Green with Créme top.

        aha, I just found my owners name and phone; does BarnFinds have direct messaging?…

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      • Ross

        Oh, I’m not a paying member ;)
        What the hell; few years old, good luck.
        Here ya go:

        Steve R.

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      • Ross

        This is likely the one I had on the lot:

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  8. Roy Crader

    I was wondering why we USA nesters did not have any of these in our neighborhoods. First time i have ever seen one

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  9. Sanity Factor

    Lil old lady next to my sisters house has a mint cond. Inside and out…her husband bought it for her before he died…she will never sell it cuz of that alone…first one i ever saw in the wild…i kinda always thought the typ 14 was a better looking but these have grown on me..

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