1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto: Dreamers Only?


The seller of this 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto, which can be found here on craigslist for $10,000, calls it a “dream  car.” I’m not sure whether it’s only in his dreams that he’ll see $10K for something this rough, or that you have to dream – a lot – to see this one back on the road. OK, maybe I’m having a little too much fun at his expense, but with listings like these it’s hard not to! Parked in the weeds, mismatched paint, no top – and he clearly says don’t show up expecting a deal. Now, I know there are some people who are as ravenous for old Alfas as I am for old BMWs, but these things can attract rust in a big way – and Washington State isn’t exactly known for being a dry climate. But perhaps I’m being a bit too quick to judge, as Google shows that restored Duettos can command decent money in excellent condition. The question is whether this one still retains enough of its original bodywork to justify the cost to restore its famous boat-tail shape to as-new condition. Do you think $10,000 is a fair ask?


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  1. jim s

    just 2 photos, 1 of which is not of sellers car. i do not think seller really wants to sell this car. what is that red car in the background? interesting find.

    • Leon

      I too am curious. What is the red car and is something under that gray tarp ? another car ??

      • Pete

        The red car in the back is a Fiat Dino. I sent the seller an email. I asked about the car under the tarp, but he did not tell me what it was.

  2. BradL

    The arc of rust on the front fender near the windshield is coming from the inside. There’s also rust visible on the rocker and the rear wheel arch. And I’m sure, since there’s no top, that the floors are gone.

    Then there’s the fact that this is a 69, with many one year only, unobtainium items, that we don’t if they’re included. If the rust is as extensive as I imagine, then $2-$3k tops. If the rust is not too terribly bad, then $5-$6k at most.

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  3. rover

    craigslist is full of “fun” ads such as this, two pictures, (and usually not very good ones), astronomical price, and three lines of pitch= one line about the vehicle + two lines of attitude about what a strict and or experienced seller he is and will not tolerate time wasters….the fun part for me and I imagine many others, is checking in 6-8 weeks later seeing the car un sold, perhaps US$500 knocked off the price…NO extra pics..still the attitude…..making it real obvious, the seller got his wish!! NO ONE is wasting his time! comedy pure and simple….

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  4. Dolphin Member

    It might have 38K original miles, but out in the weather and in this condition I doubt it makes much difference what the mileage is. It will still need lots of work.

    If you want a Duetto with the round tail I think there are better ways to go—cars that are in better condition and cost no more or maybe less. If you don’t need the round tail there are lots of later Alfa Spiders for less money that would need less work.

    Little information, few photos—in this case only one, unrealistic price, overhyped, and thinks he’s got something that everybody wants. No thanks.

    • Tirefriar

      Dophin, not to step on your tail here but all Duettos were round tails, but not all round tails were called Duettos. These really took off in the past year or so. Finding a decent one for $10k or under would be extremely hard. A $10k Series 1 (which the round tails are) is usually a driveable project. The fact that Series 1 Spiders have shot up also impacted the early (’71 – ’74) Series 2 where as a clean Series 2 will fetch $10k nowadays. Not too long ago, maybe 2 years or less, for $10k or thereabout you would get an uber clean Series 2.

      The least expensive 105/115 Spider is the Series 3 (1983-1990). Those can be had for about $5k in a daily driver condition. Extra $2k should get you a very nice example. For those lookig to get an AR Spider, 1983-1985 would be the better value – you still retail the “double barrel” instrument cluster combined with Bosch injection, which helped make these cars even more reliable. The 1986 signified the plastification of the Spider with a single binnacle cluster – those always had issues with the odometer.

  5. skloon

    This is a dream where I wake up soaked in sweat screaming about iron oxide, Marelli, and Weber carbs

  6. Dave Sheppard

    Dear oh Dear! My best mate restores Alfas and I know from his experiences, that this will need more spent on it than it will realize afterwards. Just a look at the headlamp covers tells you how long it has been exposed. There is major corrosion evident . If the owner really cared it would have been covered up, and the vegetation trimmed around it. The restored example pictured isn’t even the same model.

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  7. Tirefriar

    Not a Duetto, but a Spider 1750 Veloce. Duetto name went away with the last of 1967 y.model. ’69 was not “one year model only” but was the only year officially exported into the US. 1750 was installed into the 105 Spider chassis in 1968 but Alfa did not officially import the Veloce into the US. IMO, the ’69 was perhaps the best year of any Spider – it combined the original shape of the Series 1 with one of the best engines AR offered. Officially it was also the last year of the round tail but a few left overs made into 1970.

    There’s just not enough information to draw conclusions on this one. If I was hard pressed to put a number on it, $2-$3k would be all in and that if the running gear is all intact. The seller must be smoking some wacky tabacky if he thinks anyone will be even close to this number. Mint condition, fully restored cars are in the $40k with clean daily driver examples can still be found $15-$20k range. Just to put this car into perspective, the rust removal and refinish at any decent shop will cost you $15k or more and thats without any other serious cosmetics. As such, this would be a great project for someone who can do all the restoration work in-house.

    • Rancho Bella

      Yep……….what Tirefriar wrote

  8. Bob

    Perhaps a special ‘song’, perhaps by Willie Nelson like ‘Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’ or NRPS ‘Lonesome LA Cowboy’, sung ever so politely, would make it yours?

    • rover

      Well imagined Bob,

      Seller said not for a song, perhaps you’re right on the “special” part. The AR price fluent Barnfinders all seem to agree this seller is way out of line on the price. Question is how to gently inform the seller, reeling him back to earth, and getting the car sold for a reasonable price to someone who will care for it? There seems to be AR informed Barnfinders here that deem the car as restorable – not ONE has said send it to the crusher. Perhaps Craigslist needs to open a forum where people can speak openly about a particular sale without getting entangled with the seller, granted Craigslist is more than happy to list your car for a year or two while reality slowly sinks into the sellers head – and in this sad case the AR slowly continues to sink into the ground.

  9. tino

    Why are you guys so angry?
    call if you want to chat about the car.
    I have more pictures of the Alfa, just didn’t put them in the ad because I wanted more buyer engagement rather than just car forum fodder.

    FYI the red car car in the back is a Fiat Dino, which is also for sale along with a 1966 Mercedes 230 sl

    • rover

      Hi – assume you are the seller Tino

      Glad you joined in the discussion – because i for one if i have something to say prefer to say it directly to the person involved. Maybe craigslist has a forum directed to the particular seller of an item – do not know-have never used that function if it exists – if i see something on craigslist that has a realistic prices and a good description i run to the phone and call to get location before it gets away..

      Do not think anyone’s angry at you…the group seems to have made a collective defensive move against your first pitch on craigslist.

      Am positive you have much more experience selling used autos via remote control printed ads than my 40 years off and on in the business – the first thing i learned from experienced salesmen was if you are going to be doing this by writing expecting people to spend their dime calling you is everything is in the first pitch…if you have more pictures of the car post them, if you have some history, where you got it, bringing home driving the first time, any tidbit , story, past work receipts write it. And first and foremost do not alienate your potential callers or buyers with demands before the fact…whats the old saying?? attract more flies with honey? last of course is researching to know a ballpark figure of what your item is worth on the street today right now in its present condition, and accepting that figure. what the market will allow….and you will never eliminate time wasters in this industry they simply get easier to spot and dismiss earlier as time marches on…

      good luck and thanks for posting – when you’re ready any pictures and description of that 230SL would be greatly appreciated.

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  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    Sure I’m angry! This car belongs on YardFinds.com!!

  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Wait, is there really a YardFinds.com?

  12. Gary

    Out of his Muther Lovin Mind! 10k? Really? A friend just picked up a 1974. Almost new engine, Good paint, good interior, needs nothing to drive it…
    Running Car for $1700

    • Tirefriar

      A ’74 running and complete for $1700 – that’s a steal. The chrome front and rear bumpers alone are $700-$1k. Do you mind posting some pics?

      My ’69, sold this past January

      Forgot attach pic

  13. Tirefriar

    Pic attached

  14. Tirefriar

    My ’79 with dual side drafts. Registration was a no go in state of Kommifornia so it found a new home in Texas and I made a new friend.

    • Jeff Staff

      Every time I hear about California forcing another resident to sell on their car it makes me furious. RI isn’t far behind in becoming a socialist republic, but at least they leave the enthusiasts alone.

      • rover

        Hi Jeff,

        Please excuse any typos as stub fingers here is being forced to bang away on this tiny touch pad….

        Have mentioned twice to barnfinds re gov subsidies..trying now to earn $$ to spend hotel time in town in Brazil so I can complete research on fed and state programs to clean up the large junkyards..the reason being ground pollution..feds and state paying per auto to junkyard to haul away to crusher IRREGARDLESS OF MAKE MODEL YEAR. The program is by weight so the junkya d will make more for selling an old USA 50’s car

        anyone else know about this??

  15. Monsieur le Baton

    Beverly hills car club have had a duetto turbo on their books for about 6 months same price , year and waaaaaay better condition


    • hhaleblian

      In case you don’t know, BHCC is not located in Beverly Hills or a car club and that’s just the tip of the train wreck.

  16. Antony R.

    Tirefrier, a correction to your FAQ about early Spiders above, 1969 was not the first official US export of round tails. I had a ’67 that was absolutely a US model car. The truth is, ’66 was the first build date, which became the ’67 introduction. In 1968, it was not brought to the US, and 1969 the model returned to the US with more safety features.

  17. Tirefriar

    Anthony, nowhere do I say that the only year Series 1 were imported into US was 1969. The fact is 1969 was the only year Alfa officially imported a Series 1 with THE 1750 (1779cc) engine which was called 1750 Spider Veloce. Although 1750 first debuted in January 1968, Alfa began offering the 1750 Veloce at the end of 1967.

    The reason Alfa didn’t import any 1968 Spiders was because they didn’t prep the new model in time for the U.S. emissions regulations.

    Alfa also built a smaller engines 1300 Junior but didn’t sell it in the US because they feared it would not be fast enough for the American tastes

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