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1969 Chevrolet Impala SS 427 Convertible!

The seller of this 1969 Chevrolet Impala hints at the fact that it may be a real SS 427, but doesn’t quite commit fully to it. The ad found here on eBay says “…the car has always been represented as a SS 427 Convertible…I will tell you just what I know and let you be the judge of it.” It has a current bid of $5,000, which is pretty strong money for a big project like this one. Located in Irvington, Alabama, the seller says they have known about the car for over 20 years. Hopefully, it will get a chance to be driven again someday. Let us know if you think this is a real-deal Super Sport.

The engine is said to be the original 427 cubic inch V8 backed by the original Turbo 400 transmission. Unfortunately, the engine was rebuilt and apparently the process removed the VIN stamping. The carburetor and air cleaner are missing, but hopefully, the engine still runs. There’s quite a bit of information in the ad regarding the SS/427 relationship and it’s a little hard to determine what is the most accurate.

The interior is mostly complete, but it is lacking the seats and gauge cluster. The seller says the floor pan has been replaced, but it may have been a while ago. You can also see leaves on the floor indicating the car may have spent some time outside.

The passenger side quarter obviously needs some attention. There is quite a bit of body filler and hopefully, it isn’t too thick. The seller says there are “a few small pinholes in the body” and “minimal rust repair…easy winter project.” It might be an easy project for a professional shop, but will be a big undertaking for a DIY restorer. Overall, what do you think of this car? Is it a real SS 427?


  1. Avatar photo bone

    1969 and 1970 Impalas had serious rust issues at least in New England , and this one looks to have more than its share.

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    • Avatar photo Norman K Wrensch

      that and check the frame I don’t know about the 69-70 impala’s but I know the 67-68 Impala’s had a big problem with the frames rusting through. I had a nice looking 68 I sold it because of the frame having holes in it.

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  2. Avatar photo Will Fox

    NEVER EVER purchase a collector car on someone’s “hunch” that cannot be verified. Besides; there are far nicer `69 Impala SS 427’s out there if you are patient. This one’s just a carcass, and not worth anyone’s price. Buy the very best example you can afford, but never buy a car that cannot be proven to be what someone else says it is.

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  3. Avatar photo Grim Reaper


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  4. Avatar photo flmikey

    After reading the ad, the seller states that he (or she) believes you could only get the 427 with the SS package, which is not true…I echo what Will Fox says….

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    • Avatar photo Will Fox

      The 390HP 427V8 could even be had in the Caprice Estate wagon.

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    • Avatar photo K. R. V.

      I had a friend I was stationed with at Ft.Carson, CO. Who’s Dad an family visited from his home in Montana, in the family wagon, towing a beautiful Airstream Travel Trailer! The wagon was a beautiful 69 Caprice Estate Wagon, loaded with power everything, with a big ol honking 427/4 brl TurboJet engine, with a TH400, big dual exhaust his Dad had custom built, plus a beefy 3:42 posi rear. All spect out an ordered as is by his Dad, to tow the camper and boat, along with his brother and sister! I am also from a big family whose Dad ordered a beautiful wagon, but Dad liked big MOPAR’s at the time. A beautiful 68 Chrysler New Yorker Town&Country, 440/4brl dual exhaust with a factory tow package!

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  5. Avatar photo Glenn C. Schwass Member

    Did the Impala SS have a different guage cluster like the Chevelles? If so, that’s a red flag. I only know the Chevelles. Someone will get it and either finish it or let it finish rotting….whatever.

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    • Avatar photo SamM

      No special cluster. Unless you have a police certified one. 140 mph

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  6. Avatar photo 70SuperSport

    Appears body work was done years ago. With rust marks on metal surrounding filler I wouldn’t trust the filler doesn’t contain moisture requiring it all to be re-done. The passenger door panel has the impala emblem instead of “SS” so I don’t think it’s the latter. Other missing items make me running away from this project…

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    • Avatar photo Rick W.

      They didn’t come with SS on the panel. I have a numbers match car and never had them.

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  7. Avatar photo Jim in FL Member

    Typical non-sensical verbage from a scammer.
    Selling the sizzle and not the steak.
    Run away!

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  8. Avatar photo Thomas Haag

    Well I own a 69 SS 427 Convertible. Without looking back for sure I believe the only way you could get an SS in 1969 is with a 427 but you could get a 427 in any full size car. Mine is a L72 427 with an automatic. No bucket seats, column shift, or any other SS stuff except the SS trunk emblem. I have the original order information however.

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    • Avatar photo Kevin Kendall

      Didn’t they have a special hood also?🤔

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      • Avatar photo Rick W.

        No the 69 SS didn’t have a different hood 67 and 8 did

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  9. Avatar photo Rob S

    This car has all the indicators of serious rust. All the body filler would have to be removed and replaced with metal, an expensive undertaking, however not quite as expensive as the preparation required to paint this car; surface rust, pitting, etc. I also can’t buy into the statement that the numbers stamped on the block “came off during a rebuild” anymore than coy references to an SS package!

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  10. Avatar photo Jim

    I have had a lot of motors rebuilt and never came back with the numbers missing, approach with care.

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    • Avatar photo SDJames

      I was wondering about that as well. Sounds like the rebuild shop did some switchy switchy and blamed it on the new guy…

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    • Avatar photo RL

      When you have a big block Chevy decked you will lose the vin every time no way around it. I learned that the hard way with my 69 L36 Vette.

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  11. Avatar photo Super Glide

    69 SS 427 Impala was a beautiful car. Still it was a lead sled. Put a 456 gear in it and you’ll get some decent 1/4 mile runs, but it’ll be expensive and uncomfortable to go to the Panda Express for some Orange Chicken.
    Nice cruiser, but too many questions. Did the engine VIN numbers match another car? Never buy a gun or engine with missing numbers.

    Some times Rambler Americans are rumored to be Rambler Scramblers.

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  12. Avatar photo John King

    Shouldn’t an SS 427 have a different hood?

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  13. Avatar photo Thomas Haag

    No special hood. Even bucket seats and a console were optional. Required was a 2 door hardtop or a convertible with a 427.

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    • Avatar photo John King

      So how would one get the special SS hood? It must have been part of a package….. The SS package?

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      • Avatar photo Rick W.

        They didn’t come with SS on the panel. I have a numbers match car and never had them.

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      • Avatar photo Rick W.

        69 didn’t have one not even as special order..

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    • Avatar photo Lynn

      I just inherited my moms 1969 Impala convertible with a 427, bench seat, not a SS, 51k original miles. My Mom was the original owner. It’s been parked in a barn for 40+ years.
      True barn find. Any thoughts on what it is worth?

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      • Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

        We could auction it for you and find out.

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  14. Avatar photo Rick W.

    The SS badging is only on fenders,grille, and deck lid. Nothing on the inside. There was no special hood on the 69 like the 67 and 68’s had. The dash had same cluster as any Impala unless it has police package. Most SS were 396. Only 200 convertibles with 427, some were 390 hp and some 425. I was trying to post a photo of mine but the site won’t let me.

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