1969 Corvette Survivor With A 427 And A 4-Speed!

The seller of this Corvette isn’t particularly forthcoming with information, but at least they offer up lots of photos! They claim this 427 equipped car is highly original, with 90 percent of its original paint still intact. The car does look to be fairly original, although it clearly has some ’70s upgrades. That’s alright though, the side pipes actually look sweet and probably sound sweet! We would want to see some documentation to prove the mileage and originality. It already has 29 bids though, with a current high bid of $20,175. You can have a closer look at this Corvette here on eBay in Lakeland, Florida.

Whenever we see a classic car is from Florida, there’s an initial moment of apprehension especially when there aren’t any photos of the underside. Based on the condition of the engine bay and chrome, chances are the frame and birdcage are solid, but you will want to do you homework before bringing it home. Speaking of the engine bay, this 427 V8 sure looks clean for a 79k mile survivor. Seriously, you could just about eat off this engine! Whoever detailed it, did a great job. Let’s just hope it will look this good when it arrives at the next owner’s home!

If any part of this car is original, it’s the interior. It’s really the only area showing the kind of flaws one would expect from a survivor this age with this kind of miles. It isn’t in bad shape by any means, but the seats show some use and the carpets have a few stains. As you look around the interior though, you can’t help but notice that the door jambs don’t look right. Is that overspray on the body tag or reflection off the bright red paint?

While this could be a great buy, there’s a lot of unknowns and questions here that need to be answered. Hopefully the seller can provide more photos and information to back their claims. At the very least, it would be nice to know whether the engine is original. If everything checks out, this would be a fun car to hit the road in, but the dealer is going to have to be more forthcoming if they want to see it hit the kind of money an authentic 427 4-speed Corvette can fetch. So do you think it really is a survivor or has it been restored? And how does one determine the percentage of paint that is original? Did they measure the paint thickness across the entire car or are they just eyeing it?


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Man, that red interior is blinding! Nice ride but put the C3 floor mats in.

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    I’m not crazy about the pin striping nor the side pipes. Both could be taken care of. Hard to believe that one hasn’t been restored (if the claims are right) plus numbers matching. With or without that, looks like it would be fun to take down the road, but I’m betting that’s one thirsty BBC.

  3. JW

    I don’t know what it is but the last few cars posted here with the red exterior and bright red interior just don’t cut it with me, nice cars but the original buyers should have checked off a different color interior for some contrast. Too much red IMHO, nice vette anyway, take it or leave it.

  4. Andre

    This is sweet. There’s enough cream puffs around… Let those pipes ring!

  5. Dick Johnson

    We’re working on an orphaned Vette that used to look like this one. It belongs to my brother who found it in a bog. Surprisingly, it was intact minus the 427.

    Like TriPowervette already knows, the missing trim will require a second mortgage. Oh well. He’s got a line of credit on his house for the 427 already.

    It should be faster than a 223 hp Mustang. The Vette’s sister-ship was truly a widowmaker. 21 year old ‘Nam veteran made it home, bought the Vette and promptly exploded it on a two-lane bridge abuttment.

    Y’all becareful now, heah?

  6. Billy Bob

    This seller always uses his photography tricks to “pop” the colors. Classics by Lash ?

  7. Greg

    These Florida guys use crazy camera tricks to make marginal cars look better than they are. BEWARE!

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  8. flmikey

    Living in Florida, I rarely see rust on cars…unless you live on the beach, of course…the only rusty cars down here have Michigan or Ohio plates on them…that being said, I love this car…and only 60 miles away…here’s me going to Ebay right now….

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  9. sam

    i,ve bought from this guy before. if you want sc**** do it. look how fake the surroundings appear. mine had paint pealing but you couldn’t see it. amounts other things i never got pics of undercarriage like i was told. car looked like it had been setting in salt water on the undercarriage . to quote it looks like a car with 3,000 miles, also your basically buying a new car. mileage was corect & car was 40 years old

    • LAB3

      You gotta wonder about it when the legal disclaimers are several more times longer than the description.

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  10. Joe Gotts

    The 1969 427 was not equipped with a HEI distributor, what’s up with that?

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    • Alan Brase

      HEI is a nice unit. Suppose it has a tach drive?
      I’d sure try to find the original parts. Keep them on the shelf till you needed to fix the HEI.

  11. Alan Brase

    I like the looks of this car, but the appeal of those aftermarket side pipe/ headers will wear off in a hurry. Factory parts were by nature better engineered and evolved because they had to fix call backs under warranty. How many times does your girlfriend burn her leg before your values change. Especially if you are young and one reason you bought the car was to get the girl?
    Regarding the 390hp 427- with a 3.08 gear this would lope along the highway at 75 and still give you 12-16mpg, I’d think. They had pretty high compression ratio, like 10.5 or 11/1 and were pretty efficient. I’d think the right tune- up guy could make it run pretty happily.
    I drove a friend’s 1966 390/427 and I think it pulled about as hard as anything I ever drove, to about 90mph.
    This is a pretty well specced and balanced drive train, though not the fussy solid lifter 425/430/435 hp motor, you will like it.
    As with any car, doing a good pre sale inspection is paramount.
    A friend once told me, “they always look worse in person and worse yet the second time.”
    I think it’s a buyer’s market on these.

  12. Stu

    The side pipes appear to have been painted, no doubt to hide corrosion. I always wore shorts during the summer months and always burned my leg on those @#$%! Hooker side pipes.

  13. steve

    I still have a scar this day from a c3 with side pipes……..and I knew they were there, its just hard to get out of one when you are 6’4″

  14. MikeK

    Josh you may be right about overspray on the body tag. The hood support may also have some.

  15. Dt 1

    1969 427 Corvette for $20,000 something’s wrong the value is worth a whole lot more I think you’re on the wrong website you should be at Barrett-Jackson Auction

  16. gbvette62

    A “survivor” with 90% original paint, yet it has an aftermarket hood, and the door jams appear to have been painted (the door ajar switches in the lower lock pillar, left St Louis silver cad, not red).

    I would never buy a Corvette, or any car, sight unseen, and I won’t even waist my time going to look at a car the seller claims is numbers matching, but doesn’t bother to post a picture of the stamp pad or trim tag.

  17. z28th1s

    I always hated the sound of the Corvettes with side pipes, thought they sounded much better with the exhaust coming out the back.

  18. Jim

    I had a “triple trouble” 427 4-speed Vette When I joined the Army in 1980. Convertible, factory side pipes, headers, triple blue (rare) Came home on leave, took it to AIT at Ft. Eustis. I was an “E nothing ” making 600$ a month… could only afford to drive it one week a month. Had a Chevy mechanic in my class, he rebuilt and sync’d the Carbs for a case of beer one night. The rebuild kit at the Dealership was 21$. It would spin 1-3rd… mountains of torque. Drove it home to Atlanta after graduation, got it up to 147 mph in NC… good times. Car would pass anything but a gas station. I was then stationed in Germany.. My Mom drove it one night, but backed into a post, cracked the rear quarter panel. I asked her to sell it, I bought my first 911with the money. I have a 715hp Z06 now…. times have changed. Cool car…. I paid 1800$ for mine back in the day.

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Nov 10, 2017 , 5:59PM
    Current bid:US $23,100.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 43 bids ]

  20. Dyver

    Any car that is supposed to be nice but wears cheap tires is always a red flag.

  21. larry k

    I’ve seen this car advertised for a few months now on and off….

  22. RT Elkin

    If I could find a car that looked like this (suspiciously like something that’s not as “period-correct” as it should be) & was rust-free, I would *hope* for its non-vintage status, because that’s the only way it’s going to be driven on a real road, & driving this car is what it’s all about! It’s a sad day when a car is more desireable to a millionnaire as a hat stand than to a motorhead as a vehicle to drive.

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