1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet

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When this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 was shiny and new, it featured a genuine 428 Cobra Jet V8 under the hood. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, which means that it will need some work if it is to be returned to its former glory. Potential buyers will need to scrutinize the Mustang and decide whether they would be willing to tackle this project. Located in Smithtown, New York, the Mach 1 has been listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner has set an asking price of $35,000 for this R-Code classic.

There’s a bit to unpack with this Mustang, so let’s take a look to see what the buyer will be getting for their money. The car is finished in Wimbledon White, and while the paint isn’t perfect, it still looks relatively presentable. If the next owner wants the Mustang to present at its best, a repaint will be on the cards. There are quite a few marks, along with some evidence of previous touch-up work. The panels look pretty impressive, with no noticeable dings or dents. The other thing that jumps out is a general lack of rust. All of the lower extremities look sound, and the seller doesn’t mention any issues with the vehicle’s underside. If it is rust-free, that does make it a sound basis for a restoration. All of the trim is present, and most of it looks like it would respond positively to a bit of work with a decent polish. The glass seems to be in good order, but the wheels aren’t original. Judging by the width difference between the front and rear, I get the impression that the owner might have undertaken his fast motoring a ¼-mile at a time.

The Mustang’s interior is upholstered in Red Comfort Weave, and once again, it looks pretty tidy for an original survivor. There are no significant faults visible in the single photo. That means that if the buyer chooses to retain the Mach 1 as an original survivor, that option is available to them. It looks like an aftermarket stereo has been installed, but the rest of the interior appears to be unmolested. There are no issues with the dash or pad, while the upholstered surfaces look free from problems. We don’t really have a lot to go on, so this is another aspect of the car that potential buyers might want to inspect personally.

The seller doesn’t supply any photos of the engine bay. I’ll bet that you were hoping that we would be lifting the Mustang’s hood to reveal the original 428 Cobra Jet V8 and the 4-speed manual transmission. This combination would have fired the Mach 1 through the ¼ mile in around 14.3 seconds, which is an impressive number. Unfortunately, those days are a long way behind this classic because the engine bay contains nothing but fresh air. It isn’t clear when or where the original components went, but you have to wonder whether they might have succumbed to one burst too many at the drag strip. That leaves the buyer with a choice to make. They could choose to shop around and source a replacement drivetrain, but the owner offers an alternative. He has a 428 FE that is currently being rebuilt. It will feature a few tasty aftermarket components, as well as a 4-speed transmission and sundry other pieces that will go a long way towards getting this classic mobile once again. He indicates that he would be willing to do a deal with the buyer on this gear, so that would be an option to consider.

When I look at this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 and consider the lack of an original motor and transmission, I have to place a question mark over the owner’s asking price. What will tip the balance one way or the other will be the question of rust. If the car is completely rust-free, a cosmetic restoration would not be difficult. The buyer would need to decide whether they would consider the engine deal that the seller has on offer or whether they will look elsewhere. The reality is that the Mach 1 will not be numbers-matching, regardless of which path the buyer chooses. If it were numbers-matching and meticulously restored, the buyer could expect it to command a value of more than $60,000 easily. However, it won’t be completely original, so its potential value will probably fall short of that number. With those factors in mind, is this a project that you might consider pursuing further?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    If you asked me the single most influential event of my car-kid youth, it would be…. when my small-town Ford dealer received a 1969 Mach 1. It was equipped just like this one: white, red stripes, red interior, 428 non-Shaker, 4-speed. Over the course of the few days they had it, I repeatedly visited the dealer to study and ogle it. Supposedly the son of a local business man ordered it, but afterwards I saw it only a handful of times.

    And, to this day, the 1969 Mach 1 remains one of my all-time favorites.

    In my mind, I can still see that fresh-off-the-assembly-line high point of Ford’s participation in the muscle car era. Thanks Adam for the memories.

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  2. RoughDiamond

    I’m not seeing a 4-speed. Am I missing something obvious? The FB Marketplace states manual transmission, but that is clearly an automatic trans shifter and brake pedal.

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    • Nick

      FB Marketplace is the sketchiest stink hole there is for selling cars so the information provided is scammer level at best. It’s basically idiots selling cars to other idiots so you get what you pay for. The ad says no drivetrain though the guy has a 428/4 speed for sale separately even the the car is an auto.

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    • redwagon

      You are correct that’s an auto in the picture with the gas and brake pedals but no clutch pedal. Oddly enough the tag on the door decodes to a 4spd manual so WTH knows what’s going on.

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    • CycloneJeff CyclonejeffMember

      The door tag indicates 6 meaning close ratio 4 speed

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      • Barney

        My wife had a 69 Dart registered in New York when I met her. All it had was a pink as no titles were issued in New York at least up to the year of her car. It was like California. I mention this only because of the discrepancy between what the car has for a transmission vs what the vin says it should have. I’d be cross checking those vin numbers on this car very carefully.

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  3. redwagon

    I think I would have kept the engine and transmission and dumped the rear axle. A 3.00 limited slip is not doing that car any favors.

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  4. rustylink

    meh – these drivetrain being built deals complicate things way more then necessary. The buyer has to be have faith in the drive train builder etc. – either offer it as a roller or install the motor and sell it.

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    • Bmac777

      That is exactly how I feel too, also, when an ad says the rims and tires on it aren’t included in the sale……. then don’t show them!!
      ” this is what my overpriced POS will look like with nice rims that will cost you even more $$ after I’m done fleecing you” lol

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    • PatrickM

      If you , or anyone else, are offering it as a roller, yer gonna have to come way down on the asking price. Plus all the other mistakes shown and talked about. Someone has to get their story straight.

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  5. gaspumpchas

    Hmm better look this over carefully, a new yawk car with no rust? bring a magnet. Those wheels dont do it any justice. And this business with asking a hefty price then selling the engine / tranny separate pi$$e$ me off. As Nick said, selling on marketplace further erodes confidence. Be careful. Good luck and stay safe!!

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  6. Dennis

    Seems pretty steep price for a roller – buy it for $20k and drop a 5.0 coyote on there with a new 6/10 speed auto and drive it like ya stole it…

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    • Patrick Farmer

      No, drop the new Ford Crate Engine that everyone is having a fit over. The 7.3l 445G for Godzilla pushrod V8. Small mods to cam and your in 600 horsepower land. Some people have gone a lot higher than that. It is Ford’s answer to the LS. It is 25 inches wide and 24 inches long. It will drop into anything and it is being sold by Ford for $7500 as crate engine. Cheaper than the “Yote Motor”

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  7. joey

    i do not feel that its truly a muscle car, unless it has a manual transmission a stick, not a automatic. and that is just my point of view.

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  8. Steve

    This guy has been watching to much Barrett Jackson….

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  9. Steve S

    I would forget that coyote engine the 302’s are not 5.0 they are actually a 4.9. Then hop up a 429 super cobra jet with a built up 4 speed manual transmission or use that 428 and 4 speed manual transmission that the seller has being built. I would also add a supercharger to the top of the engine and dual 4 barrel carbs.

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  10. Kevin

    Lmao can’t believe he thinks he’s going to get 35k for a shell,then charge more for the incorrect drivetrain, wow…

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  11. Steve W.

    A 302 is 4.9528 liters. Rounded up, which you would do in a case like this, it’s 5.0.liters.

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  12. Troy s

    Looking at it from the front up in the pictures
    I can hear it rapping out of open full length headers, blipping the throttle causes a startling hearing impairment followed by a grin of satisfaction. Warming up the cheaters ,gets a little crooked…let off, then hammer it again to dry em. The white menace sure sounds strong as it leaves on the second yellow with the skinny front tires clearing a few inches wrinkling the slicks at the same time. The dialed in 428 screams hard and direct as the C6 bangs into second a little sideways pulling hard all the way thru the bang into 3rd and to the finish, near oblivion and to within an inch of self destruction,
    let off the gas and the 180° headers sound just as nasty decelerating! It’s an absolute ego trip thrill ride, nothing can touch it.
    It’s all fantasy but the skinny tires up front big tires in the back Cobra Jet Mustang looks exactly spot on for what it is. A straight line terror, maybe the best Ford ever made,,, and this one made it to oblivion it appears. I remember it for what it was, not for what it is now$$$$. Peace.

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    • normtey

      Thanks for that…. took me back……

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  13. D Palmer

    Why do so many sellers fail to understand the impact that the loss of the numbers matching engine (and in this case no engine at all) has on a vintage muscle car? The fact that this was a 428 originally means squat if the engine is gone.

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    • Dickie F.

      I came across an original one owner 1970 Mach 1 recently, across the Atlantic, which had no engine number on the block.
      The storey goes that the units exported to some countries had the number stamped in the receiving country.
      So go figure how my one will now be described, as number matching, with no numbers.

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    • Ray

      I agree. No engine and no tranny = this is an insane price. Wonder if he pulled the engine hoping to sell them separately to bring in more $$$?

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  14. Patrick Farmer

    I love Mach1’s. I love the color and stripping of this car. What gives me the heebee geebees is the pizza cutter wheels, salted rear bumper, the automatic shifter and the missing original 428. I further think it is a hooray for me and screw the buyer with the correct top loader trans and another 428 being built to his specifications, for your benefit and his profit. The car is in pieces and the price would be right if he through in the engine and trans. The engine could be built by idiots. The car could have been beaten by idiots. You know rebuilding a nine inch isn’t’ for peanuts. If it is a true four speed car show us a picture of the rear end from behind the car that also show the shocks.I think the guy is in trouble and needs the cash now. OR this is all bullfeathers because the car is not his and it is a scam.I love the car but not this deal for this money.

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  15. Patrick Farmer

    When I read “It should command a price in the….” my BS alarm goes off. I have bought and sold many cars. In fact I have even sold new and used cars and I got to tell you that a car is only worth what some SOB is willing to pay for it. Period.
    A car that get big cash is not a slap together roller. Estimating worth is talking out of your behind. If this guy thinks it is gold he needs to go ahead and make jewelry out of it.

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  16. Patrick Farmer

    Have a look at the 1969 428 Cougar roller on this site. It is engineless too and far more rare than this Mach1 and a lot cheaper.

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  17. TA

    LOL … That’s quite the price for that Steamy POS.

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