1969 Mercury Marauder X100: Crazy Paint

1969 Marauder X100

I remember when the Marauder nameplate made its re-entry to the market in the early 2000s; it was big, black and imposing. It went after a different consumer, however, than what the original concept set out to capture. This 1969 Marauder X100 here on craigslist is listed for $2,800 and represents an era when manufacturers saw a viable market for car buyers seeking a full-size vehicle with sporting tendencies. But the 2nd-generation Marauder’s time in showrooms was short-lived, and only about 15,000 1969 models were made. While this car may not be extremely desirable today, it is a rare find in its original configuration – an N-Code car, that would have come with the 429. Unfortunately, it sounds as if the seller’s car no longer has the matching-numbers mill, replaced with a 460. The body will definitely need work but the interior looks salvageable; while a full repaint is likely needed, I’d love to find a way to keep those body graphics. Is this X100 worth bringing back?


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  1. sir mike

    please let this creature die off…

  2. JW454

    I’ve seen people destroy some nice cars but there always seems to be a topper.

  3. DanaPointJohn

    I don’t care if this is a rare N-Code car, whatever that means. It is beat and should be turned into a washing machine.

  4. JW

    Enough said !!!

  5. Neil McElhannon

    Restore this car! Paint it Tuxedo Black with gray ghost flames add old school ’60s with old school Cragers. Then sit back and watch these econ-boxes tremble with fear and even some of the newer muscle cars.

  6. Jake S.

    Hmm.. I’m thinking it should be slammed on larger diameter cragars.. I !love X100s!

  7. Dolphin Member

    With ads like this I’m tempted to write a bunch of run-on sentences that talk about this and that and go nowhere, but JW454 has said everything that needs saying about this one.

  8. Howard A Member

    I agree with the others. Why would someone do this to a rare car, like the X100? Reminds me of the person who trashed an early Avanti, because to them, it was just “an old Studebaker”.

  9. Fred

    If Clark Griswald had purchased a muscle car instead of the “Family Truckster”, this would be it. Both have really, really bad execution of a good idea.

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  10. justin

    I agree with Neil McElhannon, maybe not ghost flames, IMO. This is a rare car and deserves to be saved! The body lines are demon like or like a cat on the prowl for it’s next victim.
    I cannot remember ever seeing one and I travel throughout the U.S. to shows, auctions and swap meets to find rare and unique cars. I would be interested if I had the room in my shop for another project or deprive a young gear head their chance to enter the car world.
    Many have stated that Muscle Cars are too expensive for the younger generation. HERE IS THEIR CHANCE!
    The 429 may be gone but it was replaced by it’s big brother, the 460.
    I do not know what other cars share the same body panels as this car or if there are patch panels that would replace the rusted, but I have found that the hunt can be more rewarding than the find.
    I have found and bought many cars while searching for parts for other projects instead of sitting on my ass waiting for another vehicle to appear to criticize.

  11. Jim

    I always liked these Mauraders and they did share body parts especially the roofline with the 69 and 70 Ford LTD coupes with the same tunneled rear window. I had a 69 LTD back then and it was a good car with no problems.

  12. Doug Towsley

    Uggh, I see the attraction for some, but these cars are land yachts, tuna schooners, barges, and just crazy no matter what motor you put in them. I rode and drove a few similar ones in the 70s and 80s and never could grasp any appreciation for them. Have sold a few and dealt with nostalgic old timers who are passionate about them which are fewer and fewer out there. I once owned a Pontiac like this with the 455 and turbo 400. Got around 5 miles to the gallon. We pulled the motor and i sold it to a friend with a Trans-am bandit style car.

  13. Bryan

    This car is sad! It shows what “inspired” half-wits can do to a cool car like a 69 Marauder. About the only strength of this particular example is that it has the rare bucket seat/console option (most of these had a bench seat). I have 69 & 70 X-100 Marauders and love them! Here’s a pic of what they’re supposed to look like!

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The paintwork was probably done in the late 70s – early 80s. Ugly by today’s standards, but anyone buying this would need to do a repaint anyway.

    Have you seen what they did to C3 Vettes back then? This is a beauty compared to those.

  15. Bryan

    Here’s a picture of my 69 Marauder X-100 after body and paint restoration.

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