1969 Mustang: Original Q-Code 428CJ Four-Speed

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The iconic Mustang… the very reason we call stylish 2+2 coupes with a long hood and short tail “Pony Cars.” Many drivers keep their Mustangs for decades even if they never dirty a hand in maintenance. This 1969 Mustang in Yorba Linda, California left the San Jose, California factory with the mighty Q-code four-barrel 428 cid (7.0 L) Cobra Jet V8 and a close-ratio four-speed manual gearbox. Today it’s powered by a tired-looking 302 cid (5.0 L) with automatic. The listing here on eBay has garnered over a dozen bids and a market price north of $7700.

Before discarding the NOM (Non-Original Motor), the new owner could consider replacing safety-related and minimum mechanical elements and enjoying it as-is before embarking an a high-dollar restoration. I’d rather see the car visit some public events in “before” condition that being closed up for two years then rolling out factory-fresh.

While red and black strikes a classic look, the Marti report tells us this one came in striking Champagne Gold. This claimed lifetime Californian should be dry and mostly rust-free as advertised.

The Mach 1 package includes a number of upgrades detailed in this original brochure. Nearly everything for these cars can be ordered up, and Mustangs rank high on the list of easy-to-resell classics. Plenty of buyers dream of owning a Mustang and only pull the trigger on buying one later in life. It will be exciting to see what happens to this one, and we hope the owner posts an update in the comments below. How would you treat this once-powerful pony?

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  1. Oingo

    It’ll never be original number matching so why not restomod it.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Agreed. Too costly to even consider taking it back to original.

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  2. Whiskytango

    I have the sister car to this one. Q-code 1969 Torino GT in Champagne Gold. Nice colour on these IMO.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Again, lousy pics. Agreed without original Mill and tranny its just another rustang. Hate to beat a dead horse but without more pics and Clean the car out so you can see the floors. Very disappointing to see this slush o matic. Geez, even if you put the 4 speed back and get something easier to find like a 390 to put in, at least you would have something that resembled the Mach. Would love to see the original colors and striping. Anyhoo- good luck to the new owner.

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  4. don

    Could this possibly be a swapped vin car ? I don’t see anywhere where there is a trace of gold paint , just some bright red overspray in the door jams , but under the hood the fenders look like they were always red .I guess it could have had some restoration work done on it years ago, but couldn’t it have also been a 302 car with a vin change ? A lot can happen to a car in 50 years ! Either way it would have to be a labor of love to redo this one

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      One clue that this is an original big block car is that the heater blower motor shield is still in place. Those shields were only put on big block cars.

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  5. Woody

    So it needs interior but this could be a diamond in the rough for someone that has a parts car sitting on blocks in the back yard. Paint would be the last thing on my list after getting the big block tuned!

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  6. Troy s

    Came to this one looking for snake venom, got bit by a harmless rosy boa instead…ha! Oh well, hope that 428 went down fighting for street cred.
    Hot rod material here, not to pretty just quick and very loud.

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