1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge 4-Speed Survivor!

Nearly everyone with a pulse in the late ’60s enjoyed the benefits of Detroit’s performance wars. Performance was only part of the allure, though, and manufacturers raced to give consumers special performance-oriented packages. Plymouth had the Roadrunner. Mercury had the Eliminator, and Pontiac came to market with The Judge, a $332 option package on its already popular GTO. This 1969 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” comes to market after last having been registered in 1975! The listing here on eBay describes it as an all-numbers matching never-restored survivor. Did I mention this 31,000 mile specimen runs “like a clock” and drives? Given all the good news, it’s no surprise that at least 15 bidders have driven the market value of this sweet GTO above $37,000.

Unlike many long-stored vehicles, this Pontiac’s history is at least somewhat known by the seller and recounted in the listing. The trunk-mounted wing is part of The Judge package, along with the 366 HP 400 cid (6.6L) V8 and other goodies. This one has the desirable four-speed manual transmission option as well. Rust is described as minimal and manageable for a 50+ year-old classic.

The foam seal for the ram air hood shows its age, but most of the engine compartment looks like it might have been restored some years ago. The seller has done his or her research and documents a number of stampings, tags, and numbers, down to the original radiator and often changed-out carburetor.

The cracked dashboard beg replacement, but it would be fun to double-check the mechanical and safety bits and enjoy this classic GTO before performing a full-on restoration. I’d love to stand on this baby in third, observing closely as the Ram Air induction threatens to ingest wayward sparrows in its hunger for acceleration. Though not perfect, it’s rare to see a special model like this turn up in never-restored yet driving condition. How high do you predict the bidding will go on this red-orange Judge?


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  1. Shaun Dymond

    I’d LOVE to get my hands on this! Pontiac really got it right with their Muscle Cars, and this Judge would be a very rare beast indeed here in the United Kingdom. I’d buy one like a shot if funds permitted.

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  2. Classic Steel

    Okay a nice drool on the shirt is no big deal…..

    Very good start..
    I used to have a regular goat back in the day. I know in my parents old garage i still have black vinyl door cards (panels) and a rear seat as i had access to a parts car too.

    Those were the good old days when parts car meant blown head gasket 👀

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    • Errol

      hey you want to sell those door panels? do you have a contact number?

    • errol

      Hey you mentioned that you have original door cards blk and rear seat. You still have them???

  3. 370zpp

    The front license plate says it all.

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    • Newport Pagnell


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  4. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Girlfriend must have been a big girl by the looks of that console…..not that there’s anything wrong with that………

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    • Jeffro

      Big girls need love to

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    • Bill M Woodman

      You got that right!!! Big baby!!!

  5. Newport Pagnell

    One of my all time fav muscle car. It looks fast just sitting in the hangar. I do prefer the hide-away headlights. I’d probably just resto the interior and cruise away.

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Who would not periodically clean the chrome valve covers!
    The Tennessee sun must be awfully hot & brutal to do that kind of interior damage. I seen a lot less damage done to a car interior just as old, always outside in the Northeast. & yet the sun did not fade the paint?
    Or maybe a mouse chewed on the driver’s door panel? lol
    I don’t recalling seeing so many (or any, actually) firewall “scribblings” on new cars on the showroom floor.
    Why would the fender liners & firewall be so clean & the valve covers not?

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    • Arthell64 Member

      According to safety lane sticker it was in Georgia in 1974-1975 which could explained the sun damage you refer to.

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    • Bill M Woodman

      Agreed. I have a problem with the true mileage. Not to say it’s a fibb, but I’d need to check a bit further. But nice car, nice ride. Especially for a survivor and daily driver.

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  7. Bud Maggard

    This brings back great memories. I still have the window sticker from mine back in “69”.

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  8. Bmac777 Member

    Valve covers are dirty from the deteriorating foam and the other condensation and dust coming in the hood scoops

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  9. Jeffro

    I always thought the hp numbers were underrated. From what I’ve read, hp was close to 400 hp. But hand lots of torque

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    • Bill M Woodman

      Yeah that is typical of a Pontiac.

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  10. Stephen

    Looks more than the mileage listed. Just saying.

  11. jerry z

    Favorite color GTO! People still put glasspacks on cars?!? Why?

    • Jeffro

      Here…hold my beer and I’ll show you. Lol

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    • Bill M Woodman

      I put glass packs on all my rides. I just like the rumble sound they give me. Maybe it a personal opinion, I don’t know just me I guess.

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  12. Purple sky

    Ebay claims 100% #’s matching and unmolested
    Untouched original WS Code 366 hp Ram Air III engine
    Original down to carb and radiator, anything consumable or to hinder drivability was attended to. NOT! Try hundred and 31 grand and that Judge decal has been masked off for crap. Car has been re=painted, anyone with eyes can see this. Anyways, my pet peeve is yet ANOTHER DEALER claiming 100% original untouched.

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    • Michael

      I saw the bad tape job on the Judge decal when it was repainted. This makes me wonder how much was repainted how badly it damaged. What else is not true about this car

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  13. John Oliveri

    Never understood why the Judge didn’t get the 428, just saying, would’ve been even more special

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    • Capriest

      GM had a self imposed 400 ci cap on all non full size/non vette cars prior to 1970. stupid

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    • joel lovejoy

      428s were available in 1969 in GTOs however this was only offered in cars ordered for Police use. It Takes a bigger GTO to catch another GTO.

      • JoeNYWF64

        Police drove GTOs back then?!!!
        I would think more likely you mean a 428 4 door tempest instead – & not even a Lemans either, so as not to get the property tax payers mad. I would not wana see a cop drivin a fancy GTO in my town with exterior police equipment back in the day! lol

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  14. Comet

    Nice goat. But, the sellers claim of the paint and body as being original….not so much…a close up of the “Judge” decal clearly says otherwise.

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  15. Boney pandapoo

    Look ma..no brakes!!

  16. Alan Carpenter

    Must have been a rough 31, 000 miles.

  17. Jason

    So the dash and console are toasted but the paint is good?? New door cards needed too… doesn’t add up

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  18. TimM

    The wear on the center console must have been used for a seat by some fat SOB!!! I have a 20 year old ford diesel pick up with 280,000+ miles on it and I’ve been throwing my briefcase on it for 20 years and it got its first crack on it this February!!! A 37,000 mile GTO that’s torn up like that!!! 37,000 my butt!!!!

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  19. Troy s

    From when super cars as they were called back then needed visual appeal as much as go fastability. A trend that stuck for years, even when horsepower vanished. Or…
    No street racer bought these, too heavy and obviously too noticeable compared to some of the mean machines of the time.
    The new economic crisis starting us all down will determine the price tag for an old rod like this. Even if the value crashed, which I kinda doubt, it would be healing to blast around in an old goat like this! I like the ’69 GTO the best, RAIV 4 speed, low gears and skinnies up front! Judge or not, their strongest muscle car.

  20. Fred Alexander

    W30 Olds Convert. behind The Judge in the airplane hanger shot? Maybe the
    bidders have got things mixed up after that pic.?
    The last bid as of May 12th is $37,500 and it is now 7:38 CST on the 14th. Bidding seems have stalled.
    So me thinks if this tops out here or at #40K once the new owner if they get serious about a total nut bolt and all original resto. is going to be out of pocket $100,000 plus plus this one. Slap me with a fox tail if I’m wrong !

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