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1969 Porsche 912 Field Find

There’s a clear symptom of a classic car bubble when you see examples that were abandoned long ago pop up for sale. This 1969 Porsche 912 is a textbook example of a car that was stripped of it potential decades ago and left for dead on a Canadian farm. Now that prices for old air-cooleds is through the roof, this 912 here on eBay has a second chance at living again with a Buy-It-Now of $2,619.66.

Few details are offered as to how this 912 ended up stuck in the mud on what looks like a farm near Toronto. The wheels appears to be from a Porsche 924, and the body sports an assortment of dings, damage, and rust. There’s also bondo present and clear damage to the rockers. The missing glass hasn’t done the interior any favors, either.

When you see the cockpit, it becomes more likely that this 912 ended its life as a parts car. It just has that disheveled appearance that tends to accompany cars left for dead after giving up their last useful bits, like door panels and switchgear. There’s really very little left of practical use inside the car, so you’ll be supplying an entirely new interior if you see this battered 912 as a builder.

The thought of an engine is laughable, but at least there remains an engine cover. 912s were absolutely throwaway cars at one point in time, so it’s not surprising to see one in this state. What is surprising is to see this example spring back to life, offered as a viable project car with very little left to help keep another 912 in the road. Will it someday be restored?


  1. Jack Quantrill

    Saw a stolen ‘69 in a field in Calif many years ago. Stripped, and shot full of holes! Remember the unusual olive green color.

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  2. aboyandhisdog Tom

    I think I’d get a lot more satisfaction just giving $2619.66 to any random person on the street. Why anyone would spend this kind of money for garbage is beyond me.

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  3. Mountainwoodie

    Guys………..it’s stripped.

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  4. 69charger

    I would just love to have it and throw it in my ravine on the property. A great conversation piece

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  5. Mike

    This is so toasted that you could do anything with it and the purists wouldn’t complain. Track car?

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    • JMB#7

      EV conversion or drop a rotary into it. Yes, I like to cover all the bases.

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I wonder if he’d take $2539.44?

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  7. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    Funny how hideous those wheels look on a 912, even though they kept it “in the (Porsche) family.” Maybe they would bring some money for a later Porsche being restored. May be the only thing of value on this heap.

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  8. JMB#7

    laugh all you want… He already sold it…. for how much I haven’t any clue…

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