READER AD: 1969 Camaro Z/28

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

Update 10/16/2018 – Good news, Stephanie was able to upload higher quality photos of the Camaro and is currently working on getting a photo of the trim tag for us! Our thanks to her for letting us know about the updated photos. Stay tuned for photos of the trim tag!

You might recognize this Rally Green 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. We featured it a while back when Stephanie J contacted us in need of help. She wasn’t sure what to ask for it, but with the help of the Barn Finds Community, she got some sound advice and is now ready to sell it. It has been sitting in a garage for at least a few years–to the point where the mechanical condition is unknown. It’s currently located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is listed for sale here on Autotrader. The asking price is $35,000, but the car comes with a certified appraisal for more than that.

Stephanie apologizes in the listing for the poor photo quality (they could be a finalist for the Scotty G. Award for Worst Car Ad Photos). Thankfully, the photos she originally sent us are much better! So, if you haven’t already taken a look at the original story, be sure to take a look now. With the new higher quality photos, it’s much easier to see exactly what you are buying here, and boy does it look great. The Rally Green, black stripes and black vinyl roof are a visually striking combination.

Stephanie was also able to get some photos of the underside and the rear end. It’s definitely a 12 bolt rear end, which gets us one small step closer to verifying it as a real Z/28. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us a definitive answer as we can’t see all the numbers on it, plus there’s a chance it was swapped at some point.

We don’t know if the cowl induction hood was an original fitment or not. While we get a good look at the VIN, we don’t get to see the cowl tag or any type of build sheet, so apart from knowing it was built in Norwood we don’t know much. This page states that if you don’t have the original engine, it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not an early Camaro is a Z28 or not.

And here it is, the trim tag at last! As you can see, this is a Norwood car and has the all-important X code. The X77 code means that this a base car that was equipped with the Z28 Performance Package! It’s the real deal, well minus the DZ302 V8, but

Apparently, the appraiser states in the written appraisal that the car “…appears to have been well taken care of and garage kept.” It looks to be in nice shape in the other photos and still shines like new.

While the Sparkomatic AM-FM cassette player (!) and 70’s lace on steering wheel grip are undoubtedly later additions, and I’m not sure about the shifter, the majority of the interior looks to be either original spec or reproduction of the original.

Under the hood, there are a lot of differences from stock. To begin with, we’re told the non-original engine is a 1970 model 350. There’s also a Holley carburetor, aluminum intake manifold, “custom” exhaust headers, Holley aluminum valve covers, a polished aluminum water pump, and chrome hood hinges and springs. So, do you think the appraiser did Stephanie justice with their valuation?

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  1. 68custom

    still a nice car but the missing 302 is kinda a deal breaker for me at that price, but I hope she gets it. best of luck!

    • Steve A

      I agree. It’s not original and even though might run awesome, it’s still not original. Price would be fair if the original engine, if even in need of a rebuild, was included. Better pictures would definitely help with trying to sell it. Nice car, but….

      • STM

        It would be well north of 35K if it had the original engine, trans and third trans and ass end.

    • finallywegotone

      The 69 Z28s came with a SILVER grill, SS came with BLACK. GM discontinued silver very early most replacements were BLACK. Can be a sign it had front damage or work.
      No “302” on cowl hood, no sign of wire to cowl door.
      A lot of details missing to be real deal “Z” so do your homework.

      • Tony Laurenti

        And rear bumper guards

  2. flmikey

    I think if the block in it now was a ’70 LT-1, it would almost be as good as a 302…almost…nice to see a nice solid Z for a change…

  3. Rodent

    Has an 8,000 RPM tach, but it could have been changed. I would be curious to see if the transmission matches the VIN and would like to see the data plate. Had a friend who had a real Z-28 that had the 302 swapped out for a 70 LT-1 before he got it. It had all of the high RPM of a 302 and about twice the low RPM torque. Was an entertaining car to say the least!

    • Hans

      But no Center clock. So Tach/Gaugss probably added

  4. Chebby Member

    Seller solicited all that sales advice and then didn’t even put air in the tires before listing?

  5. Mike

    Looks like all the pictures were photographed off a monitor.

  6. Jimmy

    Boy you guys are tough, if I still had the 35K we sold the Mach1 for I would make a offer and take this car home and enjoy it. But I’m not a purist so maybe that’s why and I would drive the wheels off it.

  7. Barzini

    No where near a finalist for Scotty’s worst photo award. It needs to be in a much darker garage with missing angles (no engine bay or interior, for example) for that consideration.

    I love this car and could not care less that it does not have its original engine.

  8. Newport Pagnell

    I know the later Z’s had the x code on the cowl tag,but if this one does,how bout a pic of it? If it doesn’t,I’d steer clear unless there’s some solid background/history.

  9. Hans

    While it has tell tale signs of a Z, it has bumperettes instead of rear bumper guards. Could have been swapped, but a big ah oh.

    • Rich

      Yup. Very doubtful a Z….

  10. Emsea

    Mighty clean looking. Question why no stickers inside the trunk? Repaint?

  11. KawiVulc

    Liking the green. First motorized vehicle I ever owned was received from my folks, Christmas 1973. Kawasaki 75cc mini bike, Kawi lime with matching helmet. Been partial to most shades of green ever since. I can still smell the tires. Ralphie had his Red Rider, I had my Kawasaki. By the time I outgrew it I had pretty much ridden the nubs off those tires. Wish they were still living so I could thank them one more time for so many great memories. Sigh.

  12. Stephanie Jones

    Boy you guys don’t pull any punches. I am working on getting better photos. I know that makes a difference. I didn’t realize air in the tires was a potential deal-breaker since they would obviously have to be replaced. I do not live where the car is kept but will try to get a picture of the cowl tag. It sounds like that is very important. Once again, thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Good or bad, I really appreciate the feedback.

    • Shane

      Especially for tire kickers pun intended

    • Little Cars

      Stephanie. Good luck on the sale. Don’t pay attention to the ninnies on her scoffing at little things on your new listing. 🙂 We all got it out of our systems the first go-’round. 🙂 Yes, the cowl tag is important to the purist Camaro folks. If it were me, I would do as someone suggested and get it running, safe to drive with new rubber, and enjoy the ride. Alas, I have become enamored of little British cars now so no room for this very cool green machine. Cheers!

    • Newport Pagnell

      Stephanie- The trim/cowl tag is the easiest way to tell if this a true Z/28. See if it has the X code on the 3rd line down,right hand side(X33,X77 etc). Not all 69’s had this code on the tag,making it harder to determine if this is a true Z,thus affecting it’s value.But as others have stated this was an early build and most likely doesn’t have it. Good luck with the sale!

    • Hans

      If at all possible, post a picture of the trim tag. It’s located on the firewall by the power brake booster.

      And if possible, pictures of the rear axle code and trans stamps – very hard to get to though.

      While the value is fair, big question is if it’s a Z/28 or not.

  13. michael rexstrew

    That car was produced in mid February. All Norwood cars after mid November had X codes. Its either x33 or x77. If not it is not a Z. many other things to check. Owner needs to do more research.

  14. Hide Behind

    My wifes cousin bought this year Z, same color combo; two years later her Brother bought a 70 Z, the 70 z was far faster and a better handling rig.
    With a qualification, right after, actually at same time cousin purchased his Z he ordered the rarer dual 4 Z motor that he finally installed with aftermarket headers and ignition system, with that combo installed he out run the Bro-in-laws 70.
    Cousin then pulled better motor, returned it back into shipping crate where it and auto returned to stock, both got garaged until just couple years ago ill health forced him to sell.
    Without this cars original build sheet and as original motor, while being performanced enhanced up 350, it is no more that just a real nice early Camaro.
    Purist means “pure”, Uncorrupted.
    35 K is probably right where it belongs, but one can find a few early stock Camaros in almost excellent shape for under that price.
    Then I am biased as having driven a few early to newer Zs’, my favorite is the 70.
    Having an associate that crewed as a mechanic on Trans Am Chevs until switchiing to Pontiac Tirebird crew, he told me that those 302 Chevs were far far modified above any stock engines on street.
    Tirebird, ( Pontiac Firebird) ran Chev engine with Pontiac stamped valve covers, and that almost all engines did not come directly from GM but went to a very few Specialty shops, then to racers.

  15. Lynn Dockey

    X33 no chrome on the gills in front of the rear tires. X77 had the chrome. All Z/28 s had to have the rear bumper guards

  16. Cargirl

    Sometimes appraisers are not a good idea. If they saddle you with a number that is too high for the car that might make you happy but you will never sell it.

    I’m a little confused here. These are notes from the appraiser from the first post:
    “As noted on the prior Vehicle Option pages, and as depicted on the many digital photographs, this ’69 Camaro Z/28 appears to have been well taken care of and garage kept.”
    What many digital photographs?
    Did the appraiser see the car in person?

  17. Raymond Hurst

    If you can prove this is a real Z; that is a very good price; original engine or not. If you can’t prove it’s real; then worth no more than a 6 cylinder car with an engine swap. No slam; just opinion. It is sharp and if that is the original color; just may be real.

    • Josh Mortensen Josh Mortensen Staff

      We just posted the trim tag, it’s a real X77 Z28!

  18. KevinLee

    Everytime this is reposted, I feel like the mule following the carrot hanging in front of me. Alas, while this beauty is only 2 1/2 hours away from me, the heart says yes, the bank account says keep dreaming!

    • Lynn Dockey

      At least go look at the car. Then you can let the rest of us dreamers know what we are missing.

  19. rudy

    Years ago $35k would sell it right away, today at $35k 1969 Buyers can get a RS/ SS beautiful example .. not having a 302 just takes it in a “clone” or tribute class for me.. I would say $20-25k on a good day.

  20. Dan

    Van Nuys cars never used the X codes, and only later Norwood cars used them. All Z-28’s had 15 inch wheels, front disc brakes and a 12 bolt rears…..Most or all had the rear bumper guards…..check the glove box door inside for the tire sticker, no one messed with them…..if it shows 15 inch tires, a real Z…..but no DZ 302, who cares?

    • Josh Mortensen Josh Mortensen Staff

      Stephanie just sent us photos of the trim tag. Her Mom took the photos and she’s 74, so she had a hard time getting them, but you can see that it’s a Norwood car with the X77 code! I’m working on adding the photos right now.

      • Lynn Dockey

        It’s a real one.

    • Hans

      All ’69 Z’s had rear bumper guards. None had bumperettes. Only ’68’s had the tire pressure decal in the glove box.

      Based on the pics of the rear axle and springs, it appears the rear Springs have been replaced as they don’t appear stock correct.

      • Lynn Dockey

        Finally someone that knows about the bumper guards. The 69 s sat lower so they had to use the guards so the bumper would match up with the other cars on the road

  21. Saul

    That’s all well and good, Josh, and I appreciate your effort to assist the family as they wade through the cesspool of online car sales. I wonder why she hasn’t used the appraiser’s digital photos? This is getting redundant and ridiculous waiting for clear images of things. It’s a big investment for anybody especially with all the questions raised. I hate to be a hard a** but there are potential buyers out there that will stay in their armchair before traveling to look at the car in person. No reason for us to be looking over snapshots taken of the computer monitor. Just my .2 cents. I’ll crawl back into my easy chair now.

    • Josh Mortensen Josh Mortensen Staff

      Take another look Saul, the photos are the originals now and we even have photos of the trim tag to authenticate that it’s a real Z28.

  22. neweport pagnell

    Yeah Stephanie!

  23. newport pagnell

    TR = 729?? Deluxe Ivory Houndstooth
    Lower Pnt=79 Ralley Green
    Upper Pnt= (E) Parchment Vinyl top

    • Stephanie J

      I noticed that too. Glad we already lost the purists because of the engine. Looks like our green machine originally had white stripes and a white top. No idea when or why it would have been changed to black. Even though we knew at the beginning it was not all original (mainly because of the engine), does the change from white to black change the value?

      • newport pagnell

        Sure would look sharp in Rallye Green/Parch roof/Houndstooth interior. Probably had white stripes with the Parch roof. Seems like an unusual factory order… IMO changing out the vinyl shouldn’t affect the price. The ZL2 hood was probably added also over time as these cars are getting old and new owners change stuff up to suit their tastes. I could care less about the engine too. I would spray the grille the correct Argent Silver,do the interior in Houndstooth and leave the roof as is for now. Get it running and enjoy it like your Dad did I’m sure.

      • newport pagnell

        Go to this website and look at the Rallye Green car, seventh one down:

      • Alan (Michigan)

        @ newport pagnell That is a great color combo!

      • Newport Pagnell

        @Alan(Michigan) Yes. So unique. Picture this car with the houndstooth white stripes and the roof. Nice!

  24. MB

    There are more 69 Z/28’s now than there was in 1969. 69’s are fairly easy to clone, 1970’s are not easy to recreate. Actually almost impossible without firewall tag and floor pan from a real Z

  25. grant

    Am I the only one who knows that lemon Pledge looks WAY better than Armor All?

  26. Paul Grumsha

    Not for me, Id pay 40k for a Z that nice!

  27. mainlymuscle

    Nice car,but extremely unlikely a real Z,ergo $25k tops.I actually like the idea of clones,tributes and recreations,and own a couple BUT ,even pretending that this might be real ,is doing a disservice to a really decent Camaro.

  28. Tort

    Very nice car but when I see an early Camaro Z28 in an ad or in person I think 302 and this is not. In my mind it isn’t the real deal unless it’s complete.

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