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1970 BMW 2002: Rebuilt Roundie


It’s rare to find a round taillight BMW 2002 for a good price that doesn’t need a ton of work, but this one here on eBay just may be the exception. The auction is ending soon and the seller is looking for $8,995 for a car that has received a fair amount of recent maintenance but does have some rust issues. 


The 2002 supposedly underwent a comprehensive rebuild in 2009 with a previous owner. What that means we don’t know exactly, but the cleanliness of the engine bay and stock 2.0L motor are both good to see. The seller says the paint was changed to red, but we don’t see any remnants of the previous color in the engine bay.


As mentioned, it does have some rust ugliness under the paint. You can see the paint has lifted right off the rear arch and there are bubbles beneath the surface. This may point to some poor prep work when it was repainted or just the effects of age and daily use. Overall, the paint appears to be driver quality so a re-do wouldn’t be the worst investment.


Like most BMWs, the interior is a nice place to spend time. While I’m not crazy about the steering wheel (an Alpina unit would look more at home), the rest of the interior appears pretty fresh. Roundie 2002s are generally more valuable than the square taillight models, and combined with seemingly good mechanical condition, this driver-quality 2002 is worth a look – or at least watching to see if it gets re-listed for a few dollars less.


  1. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    it may be mechanically sorted, but when it comes to older euro cars I would prefer a sorted body. Taking care of the rust issues and making body and structure right again quite often outpaces any mechanical expenses. The rear shock towers may have been rust treated, but what is underneath? Nu Klasse tend to rust at the rockers and the lower radiator support. The cowl with its crevices can also be a haven for rust.

    At roughly $9k asking it appears that the seller is sniffing the body filler coming off the car. I know these have gone up in price but a clean body mechanically sound roundie should run no more than $12-$15k unless it’s a Ti or Tii

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  2. Avatar photo James

    the 02’s are getting higher prices here in the UK now. they really have shot up in value. a few years ago my mate picked up a nice tii for just shy of 4k it has had the chrome trim replaced since this picture and has had a good going over and is a sorted example all round. he thankfully bought it before they took a jump in price though.

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  3. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Um, why does it say “1600” under the trunk lid? And what looks like a ’74 front end (with a bad color match). I had a friend that bought a new ’73 2002 Tii, and it was a heck of a nice car. (Had an oil burning issue later on) This one, IDK, seems all over the place. Still, whatever it is, it’s a nice cruiser.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      Howard, the seller claims the 1600 badge was installed for the 16 year old who received this car as a gift for getting his license…seems like a complicated story for having the wrong badge.

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  4. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Sure wish I would have bought one of these years ago when they were just another used car. In the years after high school I remember these being much more plentiful and priced where even a 20 y/o kid could afford the one. I must admit though that I wouldn’t have given one the care they deserve at that stage of my life. At least I went through cars quickly then so the neglect would have been only short term.

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  5. Avatar photo Horse Radish

    The least you want to do is LOOK at the photos.
    #15 shows whats lurking under the fresh paint (some more in the last photo) .
    And I seem to detect a weld/patch on the right rear shock tower.
    Paint is miss-matched on the driver’s door.
    And that wheel well on the rear passenger side speaks of more rust (through ?).
    But what’s going on with the original (mechanical) fuel pump flange being covered up.
    We got a MM set up here ?

    I would definitely want to seriously look this car over IN PERSON before shelling out the money.
    But it looks like somebody went for it……
    Another Judge Judy case coming up….

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  6. Avatar photo Jim Carpenter

    1600 roundie. Upgraded motor to 2002 Built by Eric Kerman NYC. His last.
    Lots of facts on BMW 2002 FAQ forum.
    Search Biemenstine. Check spelling. But close to that.

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