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1970 Boss 302: In Storage For 39 Years

1970 Mustang Boss 302

Of all the ’70s American cars ever built, there is one that I have always lusted after. That car is the 1970 Mustang Boss 302. It’s combination of looks, handling, and performance have made it a desirable car not just to me, but countless enthusiasts and collectors. Of course that means these cars are getting harder to come by and prices are on an ever uphill march. This example was pulled from a garage and the seller claims it is original, but it isn’t too hard to tell it has been repainted at least once. That’s alright though if the original 302 engine is still in place and running. It has supposedly been parked since ’76, meaning it only saw 6 years of use before going into storage. Sadly, like most Boss 302s, this one isn’t cheap. Find it here on craigslist with a $45k asking price in Reading, Connecticut. Special thanks to Robert R for the tip!


  1. jim s

    the seller is not going to get the asking price with just a few photos and text. it should be on Ebay or at an highline auction. and post a copy of the proof that this car started life as a BOSS. looks like it has had some work done under the hood since 1976. i wonder why the car was parked in 1976! great find

  2. Rancho Bella

    O.K………..this seller better holster his Colt…………now he in my world.
    This car, just by the crumby engine bay pictures is missing a minimum of 2500.00 in B2 parts……..and that is just what I can see. Paint wrong, decals wrong. The car at best is 30K and that is if there is no rust.

    Any time you hear the words “Real Deal”……..count your fingers after shaking hands with the seller. At 46K I’m hoping a novice doesn’t end up with this…..his bank account will be sorry. I’ve bought and sold many B2’s in wonderful condition in the high 40’s.

    Buyer beware………….and these aren’t rare.

    • Rancho Bella

      I need to add something else. When you read that a car is an investment……..forget what you read. Only a fool believes a car is an investment. Oh…… may get lucky and come across a good deal and flip it……………..but investment?………
      It’s a crapshoot……….period

      I can’t tell how many cars have come and gone as an “investment”. It’s risk, as you are taking a chance it will go up in value. Just an opinion.

      • J.W.

        Thanks Rancho Bella for the nice comment on the wife’s Mach1, it was her 25th wedding anniversary present from me, took 5 yrs to complete. I agree with you on the investment argument as I’ve bought and sold many cars over the years. Mostly made a few dollars but the restored ones I just tried to recoup my money and sometimes not even that. Funny the ones I thought were worth nothing I made money the ones I thought were gold I lost money. LMAO !!!

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Rancho, $2.5k won’t buy much in correct Boss 302 parts anymore :-/
      Distributor = $1.5k+
      Smog = $1.5k+
      Snorkel = $500+
      Rev Limiter = $300 for a repro
      Fan shroud…?
      Hope to god it has the original carb on it still, or that will set you back $1.5k+ as well.
      At least it has the shaker assembly ~ $2k or so in parts there.

      Missing shock tower braces is a bit scary.

      • Rancho Bella

        Mike_……….you are sooo correct. I was just looking at the dizzy and rev limiter.
        I should have added rest…………..darn old eyes……………

  3. Mark

    Judging from the phone # this might actually be in Reading, PA and meant to be posted on Harrisburg instead of Hartford CL. Either way, there was one of these for sale a few yrs ago at Carlisle, needed everything and the seller wanted 30K… idea whatever happened to it.

  4. Jim

    Not “rare” at all. You can find these B2 cars all day long and if the seller expects anything close to his price, he needs to provide a Marti Report.

    By the way, if you’ve ever driven a B2 car, you’d strike it off your list real quick. They are gutless wonders compared to their CJ and SCJ cousins in the seat of your pants power dept. They do handle fairly well, even in stock form. I’ve had a couple and have never been impressed.

  5. rdc

    Sorry to be ignorant, but what is a B2 car?

    • Rancho Bella

      rdc……….B2 is short for Boss 302. B9……….Boss 429

  6. Bruno

    With Rancho on this one except even 30 is high. Missing a ton of parts and guarantee there is some rust in several places. It was a rough six years! Calling all suckers!

  7. J.W.

    Wow you could buy my wife’s 70 Mach1 for that price and it’s restored but modified.

    • Rancho Bella

      Nice Mach

    • Bruno

      Super Nice Mach J.W.! I always loved that bronze color.

      • J.W.

        Thanks Bruno, it’s actually Ford’s ( Y Code ) Chestnut Metallic, By the Marti Report it’s 1 of 436 painted that color in 1970.

  8. Cameron Bater UK

    A few things seem wrong, first and foremost is the fact that it says Reading but neither looks like reading nor being sold in the correct currency.
    Second, if I were going to spend ANY money on a car (especially a classic) I’d want to see pictures of the underside, preferably up on a ramp.

  9. Alan (Michigan)

    Such a high ask.
    Such relatively poor photos.
    Such a minimalist description.

    This is a CRAPPY repaint, that is easy to see. A thick presence of bondo would not surprise me at all. So often we see these “no rust” claims, only to find that it meant “I’m showing no rust in the photographs.” What kind of seller would not even say whether the car has a manual or an automatic transmission?

    What I see is a listing by a hopeful First-Time Flipper, with $$$ in his eyes.

    The car J.W. shows in the photo is beautiful by comparison….

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Alan, factory original Boss 302 cars only came with a 4-speed transmission. Doesn’t mean this car still has one though :-/

  10. Mark B. Morrow

    6 years use in the Northeast was more than enough to rot a Mustang all to hell. I got my drivers license in 1976 and I looked at several ”68-’70 Mustangs at the time that were all rusted out underneath. My first car ended up being a ’68 Torino GT that was so bad I only drove it once to the inspection shop where it promptly failed.

  11. G Stegall

    This ad like everyone has commented, seems like the seller is looking for a starry eyed sucker that just inherited some money from grandma. Beware! BTW, Rancho Bella is dead on about collector cars being an “investment”. Out of the 30 plus cars I have owned, I have only made a net profit on two. Thank god I have a supportive spouse!

  12. Mark B. Morrow

    There’s a great way to make a small fortune investing in old cars…Start with a large fortune.

  13. Rex Kahrs Member

    Alan makes an excellent point. It could be honestly stated that the car has “no rust”, but the glaring omission would be that the rust has been replaced with Bondo!

  14. Mike_B_SVT

    I like how he says “Does not need much to be finished”… except complete disassembly and stripping, body and paint, tons of missing parts replaced, etc… So probably $30~$40k on top of the purchase price, and you would have a nice Boss worth somewhere around $65k (I’m guesstimating).

    • Rancho Bella

      B2’s are all over the map price wise. Fairly nice ones can be had I the mid 40’s. I know as I have bought and sold them in that range. Now I agree with Bruno and Mike_B…….30K is to high.
      I’m re-evaluating my first estimate.

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