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1970 Dodge D200: Early Crew Cab

1970 Dodge D200

I didn’t realize that the big three even made crew cabs this long ago, although I’ve always like the International ones of similar vintage. It just makes sense to me to include the extra row of seats in a pickup; the 2010 Ram Crew Cab sitting in my driveway is the descendant of this D200 and I probably use it in the same way the original purchaser of this truck did. Sometimes you need to haul both stuff and people, and there’s nothing better than this configuration. This unusual blue truck is located in Apalachin, New York and is listed here on craigslist for $3,800 or trade.

Dodge D200 Crew Cab Ad

Dodge thought enough of their crew cab trucks to put out a separate brochure for them in 1966. Things hadn’t changed much by 1970; the truck line was soon to be revised in 1972. I don’t really find the roofline attractive, particularly in the C-pillar area where it almost looks as if a second roof was grafted on to the original one. The practicality was undeniable, however, and the full-size bed means there are few limitations on what this truck can carry.

1970 Dodge D200 Towing a Fiberfab

The seller states that he built the truck to tow; based on the Fiberfab kit car on the trailer, I have to wonder if they are a Barn Finds reader! I think that’s an Aztec or Aztec GT, although there’s no mention in the ad. The seller wants a truck that can fit into smaller spaces without a trailer as he’s disassembling a large barn (of all things) and is willing to trade for a rollback or something similar. I wonder if he found the Aztec in the barn?

1970 Dodge D200 Engine

Under the hood, things get really interesting. Remember when I said the truck was built to tow? A built Chrysler 440 with $3,000 in new performance parts and only 6,000 miles since being rebuilt is occupying the space that was originally home to a much lesser engine. The heads were ported and polished and fitted with stainless steel valves during the rebuild. The master cylinder also looks new, and that’s certainly not the original alternator either.

1970 Dodge D200 Front
It’s pretty clear that this truck has been set up to go, not to show. That’s a huge transmission cooler showing behind the grille and I don’t doubt the seller’s claims that it tows very well. One thing that concerns me it that the seller goes into absolutely zero detail about the body and I know this vintage of Dodge truck is known to rust badly. The pictures leave me hopeful that it’s solid despite living in a salt-using state. Do you need a big blue truck?


  1. skloon

    Sort of an Icon truck at 1/20th the price sigh too many projects not enough space

  2. Dave Wright

    You guys are too young, these were common on Air Force bases starting in the early 60’s and available to the public. I drove my buddies 1968 crew cab Power waggon a lot in high school…….it was new…..Power steering was not available until the late 60’s or 70’s. My buddy broke both of his thumbs when he crashed the truck down a Mountian side as the wheel was ripped out of his hands……..

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    Watch the movie: ‘Overboard,’ Kurt Russell drove one. I’m amazed that these crew cabs are actually quite nimble. That straight front axle allows then to turn quite sharp. My dad had a ’69 IH crew cab with the short box and I was amazed how tight it could make the turns. One thing about it: you can slide in a camper, load the family, hitch the boat and you’ve got your weekend getaway made.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @Dave & Geomechs; I’ll bet I’m older than you think, just not as observant as I should be, I guess :-) I was aware of the IH ones and wondered why other manufacturers hadn’t followed suit–now I know they had! :-)

  4. Metoo

    I bought a AF surplus Dodge crewcab power wagon when I lived in North Pole AK. It had 4 wheel drive and a huge V-8. It was GREAT. But it sucked gas like it had a firehose for a gas line. LOL

  5. DT

    I bet another reason hes selling it is he cant belive he only gets 3 miles to a gallon of preimium,probably has to do a three point turn to get out of a cul-de-sac

  6. jim s

    these were used, in my area, as farm trucks and on sunday to take the family to church. they would hold a lot of adults with a child on every lap ( but not the drivers ). i think more of them were the IH trucks. nice find

  7. Dave Wright

    The 2 wheel drives get around better than the 4X4s as in most vehicles. It is tough to make those steering knuckles bend too far without damaging them. These were used as alert trucks for the Strategic Air Command crews manning cocked nuclear bombers. They had special parking places around the bases so the guys could spend a little time away from the alert compound and still meet the required launch times. In my military mind…….they fit with The B52 in your back yard………..

  8. Mike Linbeck

    We had a new one and a large slide in camper. What most people don’t know is that the front and rear doors are the same, that why the goofy center post to replace the wing window.

  9. Andrew S Mace Member

    This brings back great memories. The family of a high school friend had one of these, perfect for the four of them and the camper body in the bed. Great truck…and I’m probably one of the very few that wishes trucks were still like this, rather than the plush living rooms on wheels that everyone seems to want in a truck that then never gets used the way a truck should be used. ;)

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Andy, that bed is almost big enough for us to put a Herald in… :-)

  10. Kenny

    My dad had one when I was growing up. ’71 I think with a 383. Got 6 mpg. My 2012 Chevy 4×4 crew gets 18 on average. We’ve come a long way.

  11. da budman

    talk about your “hoopties”

  12. Bruno

    Always loved the look of these. Even the twin door styling. If I had the money and time I’d drop one on a newer frame running a Diesel engine.

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      I agree. Box the frame and maybe even put a roll back on it..

  13. Mark E

    There was one of these at a car show last year. Pretty impressive, even in original condition. These are the ones that look like they should break in half ’cause they’re so long. Combine that with the oddly shaped windows and you’ve got one unique ride!

  14. crazychevy

    I have always had a thing for these old fargo’s They were a good solid truck unlike the new garbage that dodge puts out. ( Sorry to hear You have a 2010 in Your drive. Good luck with it!!)

  15. Ron

    I had one of these about 20 years ago. Mine was a short bed Power Wagon. wish I still had it.

  16. Rex Kahrs Member

    Some people on this site, especially some people who work for this site, seem to post excessively. I say post your car, then let everyone besides you post their comments. You don’t need to comment on every comment. Ok I’ve spoken my mind.

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