Parked 30 Years: 1970 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

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Although it didn’t come quite as well trimmed out as the more upscale Country Squire, Ford’s Country Sedan got the people-moving job done capably back in the day if you had a large family.  And while it was considered fairly basic transportation, the wagon seated up to 9 if equipped with the jump seats, so you could haul all the kids around and some of their friends too with no problem.  If you’re missing the good old station wagon days and can live without the paneling, this 1970 Ford Country Sedan may be worth a look.  Located in Wytheville, Virginia, it can be found here on eBay, with the seller hoping you’ll pay $7,500, but he’s also accepting offers.

The current owner has cared for the wagon for quite some time or at least has provided the Ford a place to stay, as it was sitting in his carport for over 30 years.  The paint is said to be original, and even though the finish is stated to be thin in some areas it’s still somewhat shiny overall, and the hood has a cool patina if you ask me.  The body seems straight and all the glass is said to be in good condition, with the most noticeable eyesore being the quarter panel on the passenger side, which shows a handful of what are hopefully no more than minor scratches.

Several engine choices were available for the Country Sedan back in ’70, starting with the 302 and then followed by a 351.  Next up was the 390, which you’ll find under the hood here, and those really fortunate buyers drove off with a 429.  But the 390 was a big block and it was no slouch, coming from your Ford dealer with an advertised 266 horsepower.  The seller has gotten the motor running from a jug in the engine compartment, and while it’s stated to sound good he’s also realistic in knowing there’s going to be some work required after sitting this long before the vehicle can be deemed driveable.

Things inside are at about the level you’d anticipate, with some cracks in the dash and tears in the front seat.  But it really doesn’t look all that bad in there and seems pretty much complete, with the spare tire cover mentioned as missing, plus the horn has been disconnected.  We also get one photo from the underside, and from what can be seen from this angle the bottom of that rocker panel seems reasonably solid, though I can’t quite tell about the floor as it’s kind of dark down there.  Even though it’s been out of action for a long time, this one still looks OK and at least it’s running, and I’ve seen far worse starting points.  How would you move forward here?

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  1. Rob

    I had a 1971, one of my favorite dash layouts.

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  2. John

    My parents lived in Wytheville (Wifvle to people from around there- like Nawleans for New Orleans…) Beautiful place in the mountains of Southwest Virginia where I-81 and I-77 cross.

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    • mick

      Uhhhh . . . ???

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  3. BA

    I find it hard to believe a 1970 390 was rated at 266 hp in gross horsepower! Must have been detuned 2barrel carb to beat the band! Barely take the hat off your head!

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    • Ohyea

      You’re absolutely right the 390 put out 265 HP not 266. The 4-bbl put out 320 gross HP

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  4. MGM

    I don’t see $7500. It’s just too rough, maybe $4000 on the high side. But it depends, maybe a Ford fan will disagree. They were good cruisers in their day,smooth riding. My pops picked one up free in 85, we used it like a truck.A lady hit him in the rear, hard, totalled it.Drove the rear into the back seat. That wagon was history, dad was ok. He cleaned up.

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  5. Christopher Gentry

    Dad had a 70 2 door LTD. Maybe a crown brougham (?) Very similar to the XLT except the roof line. Loved the nose on his. Had the beak and hidden head lamps. Lots of good memories in that car. I remember laying on the roof at a drive in movie , we also drove it to New York in 76

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