1970 Ford Ranchero GT: Drag Pack Utility

1970 Ford Ranchero GT

The late ’60s and early ’70s was interesting time for Ford’s coupe utility, the Ranchero. Previous years had been based on the Fairlane and Falcon platforms, but with the introduction of the Torino in ’68 the Ranchero was moved to this new platform. With the change came new styling, plus new options! You could essentially get your ute with any option offered on the Torino, including the GT package! The example you see here was not only optioned as a GT, but also received the Drag Pack and a 4 speed. Be sure to take a closer look at this hot utility vehicle here on eBay in Fallbrook, California with a current bid of $2,700. It is looking a bit rough, but this could be one mean junk hauler!




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  1. Rocco Member

    He has clear lien papers, but does he have a clear “TITLE” to transfer into some ones name?
    It is unique drivetrain, but I never was a big fan of the BIG TORINO, especially a Ranchero. I did like the smaller versions(’64-’65 Falcon Ranch.).
    Just my $.02 worth.

  2. Magstar67

    I’m not 100% for sure but I think for it to be a DragPak car it would be a 429 car and not the 351. Being a 4-speed probably is fairly rare though

    • Rocco Member

      The “DragPak” meant it had an engine oil cooler.
      Along with the cooler, it could have an automatic C-6 trans. or Toploader 4-speed. The “DragPak” also came with 31 spline axles and “Track-Lok” differential.

  3. Rick

    And don’t forget that the first gen Ranchero was based on the full sized car

  4. Heath

    Arrrrgggghhh…I hate it when people trying selling cars using options that the car never had. Its an M code…not a J code. The drag pack option came about in Feb 1969 for the 428scj and the boss 302. They scj option was available prior that year but Feb 69 is when Ford actually named it the ‘Drag Pack’. For 69/70 Mustangs the drag pack option was added when someone chose the 3.91 (V) or 4.30 (w) rear axle. The 428cj was bumped to the scj which included a 1ua crank, lemans rods, special dampener and hatchet, and an oil cooler. In 1970 the drag pack was available on several other Ford cars with the new Lima 429 – when the scj was ordered (engine code J). Not going into a lot of detail – other cars, options variances, etc – but in NO way was the drag pack added to a M code cleveland. Additionally – the Drag Pack option NEVER was available when the car had air conditioning. NEVER. Just another idiot trying to make his car something its not.

    Btw…I own a real numbers matching 69 mach 1 with the 428scj drag pack option.

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    • Rocco Member

      So, what you’re saying is because this car had air cond., it wasn’t a “DragPak”, but it does have the oil cooler, that could have been listed as different(non dragpak) option. I’m pretty sure, it being a 351C-4V, 4-speed, it must have 31spline axles. The ad doesn’t tell us what diff. ratio. But I ask you this. If the car has a 3.91 or 4.30 Track-Loc diff., is it possible that some one could have special ordered a dragpak with this combo back in the day when a lot of unknown possibilities were possible?
      I’ve seen a lot of weird combo’s through the years. Some factory rep’s ordered odd combo’s. I’ve even seen transmissions that weren’t in production yet, in cars the year before availability.
      Just curious.

      • Heath

        I didnt see the oil cooler…did you? There is an adapter that is not a Ford piece with the wrong hose, ends, and worm clamps, between the engine and oil filter. 3.91’s and 4.30’s pertained to the 69/70 mustangs. Drag Pack is a specific option that came with other components. You choose a 429scj – you get the drag pack option. There is so much more regarding the DP that I care to cover here. I’ve been specializing in 428cj/scj cars for decades…I’m not just reading the info on a website and posting it here.

        Regardless…air cond and a factory oil cooler never happened. EVER. Lets see the Marti on it. Hey…you wanna believe it – buy it.

      • Rocco Member

        Hey, don’t get so defensive. I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m curious that’s all. I’m just an old Ford hot rod guy. I’ve had Shelby’s, BOSS 302, HiPo Mustang’s. I was around when these cars came out. I thought I knew about the DP option, but it seems you are very knowledgeable. I was just asking a hypothec question. We(I) am never too old to learn.

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    • PaulG

      I guess I have to ask: Isn’t this 351-4 Cleveland worth big $? It seems as if the drivetrain by itself would be the big attraction here. Not that I’d like to see it parted, these are nice when restored properly.

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  5. Rancho Bella

    Even IF………..you got this for free……………..you would be so upside down by the time it was done…………..

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  6. Mike_B_SVT

    I agree with Heath. “Drag Pack” (or Drag Pak for us Mercury folks) only applied to the 428 and 429 cobra jets -> which upgraded them to Super cobra jets. The Drag Pack and A/C options were mutually exclusive because the oil cooler and AC heat-exchanger / radiator used the same path for hose routing through the radiator support, and overlapped in thier mounting location somewhat.

    Even looking at it simply as a 351C / 4-speed GT, I would order a Marti Report ($20) to verify that it is a factory GT, factory 4-speed rig.

  7. pontiactivist

    I would fix it and drive it. Good shop truck. Dont see ranchero’s very often. Not compared to elcamino’s. At least not in my neck of the woods. Had a 69 & 70 torinos years ago. Also had a 67 ranchero.

  8. aeromech

    I have owned my 70 Ranchero GT for 20 years as owner #2…the picture of this car looks to me like a 500 with a GT hood slapped on it. It is missing the ” gills” on the sides & ” GT” script. The production run on the GT was only 3905 for 1970….I agree, run the Marti report as a hood does not make it a true GT. This was a common practice back in the day.

  9. Denis

    Unless you plan to do a $50,000 “trailer queen” resto, who the hell cares? It would make a pretty nifty old parts hauler, if it runs ok. The guy may not have a clue what it is and the last 13 owners didn’t either. For less than $3000 it seems like a lotta fun…so many experts, so little time…

    • Heath

      I care. I care about those that are sold a box of goods because they trusted the seller. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of fake and misrepresented cars and parts for sale over the past 30 years and have talked to many that had read a magazine, a website, or a forum with info like this and made a large financial decision that cost them dearly. When I see things like this I make sure to post facts that I have learned over the last 30+ years reading actual Ford documents, and talking with experts like Bob Perkins, James Smart, and Jeff Speegle. That way when a post comes up in a search a year or 5 from now there the person will have additional information to help educate them.

  10. Michael

    I asked the seller about a title and he said he had the paperwork to get one. I then asked if he could get a title for it, knowing Illinios is impossible to title and register a car from CA without a CA title, along with any documentation supporting the Drag Pack, and he replied saying I should look for another car. Lots of red flags there to make me stay away!

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