1970 Lincoln Continental Mk III: No Reserve


This Lincoln Continental here on eBay caught my eye for one reason only: no reserve and the bidding just barely cracking $100! Obviously, this is a total project and the car doesn’t run, but for the price of a fender on a rusty Porsche, you could own an iconic American coupe that I suspect is fairly cheap to own (aside from fuel costs and taking up two parking spaces). The seller has a number of interesting cars scattered throughout the property in the background, including a ’71 Lincoln that might be worth negotiating for a package deal if you’re into this generation of domestic luxury. I’m sure there are some expensive fixes if you want every power functions to work like new, but for something that you can just drive after the no-start issue is resolved, I can’t see a ton of downside here. Am I right, or is there a reason this car is so cheap?


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  1. Mike D

    the seller is sketchy at best about a lot of things.. on one line he states it hasn’t been started in ” several” years and in the next he states 20 it once had a vinyl top, a ” correct” one would be red ( like the interior ) It would seem that Marks like this one would be numerous at a junk yard ( do they still call it that? ) there appears ( to me anyways) to be major rust issue with the roof where it meets the quarter( body guys.. how major a job would it be to ” fix”? would one use another roof off another Mark?) as far as the engine goes, I believe this to be the last one , or one of the last to have big horsepower / torque so it may behoove someone to get it up and running it looks to be a cloth interior.. it being sun faded and or dusty .. of course make it safe for being on the road…a redo for the underside and a glistening black paint

    • Karl

      I don’t think the rust you mentioned is as bad as you think. I believe it is surface rust that is accentuated by the remains of the padded vinyl roof that is still held on by the roof trim piece. I would remove all of that crap and paint the whole car one color, something dark like midnite blue or black metallic to show off all that fine chrome.
      The Mark III was basically a contemporary T-bird with a fancy Lincolnesque body, so the mechanicals are quite straightforward. It would probably be a 429 with C6 automatic, nothing exotic or mysterious, but strong and reliable. The interior is going to need a lot work; I noticed a massive crack in the dashboard pad to the right of the steering wheel, and the rest looks like a mess too–not a surprise since the car is in high, dry Utah.
      This car was a head-turner when new, one of Lee Iacocca’s best efforts at making a Lincoln purse out of a Ford’s ear, and would be a head-turner again, properly done. If the price stays low, it could be a steal.

  2. grant

    Lol as much as I knock 70’s boats, this is BARELY 70’s and its a Lincoln!!!!! Love these things. If its not too rusty its a cheap comfy cruiser. Its like driving a giant sofa….

  3. DREW V.

    I had a 70′ Mk III right outta high school in 81… 460 4V 365hp, Bright red/ wht vinyl top white leather interior Real wood on the dash and trim and had the Star Wars headlight dimmer mounted on the dr’s side cowl area, had a faceted yellow jewel in it…lol… Drove it for about 6 months till I got the 440 built for my ‘Cuda. Sold the Linc to a friends dad who drove it for several years……

  4. Marc Lawrence

    I have a deep fondness for these cars – Probably one of the best looking “Fords” of the time and in my mind all time. I could picture rolling a cherry version of one out for a nice dinner or a cruise meet. Except for the gas I would be likely to drive it often. Or maybe the fondness comes from remembering the attractive “older woman” in my young life (3 yrs. – and recently divorced from a wealthy body shop owner) with an all black version about 4 years old – about 1975. It drove and handled nicely and so did she.

  5. jim s

    seller has 499 listings on ebay and as noted above a lot of interesting vehicles in the background of the photos. this car is worth more then the current bid in scrap or parts.

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    Good for someone who already has one – otherwise the lucky buyer is going to have his tool box open a long time.

  7. AndrewM

    460 and the C6, not a terrible combination. Aside from aesthetics, the biggest issue with these was the electrics. So if you like bondo, and have a degree in electrical engineering, this may be a decent car to fix up. They are pretty cool looking when in good shape.

  8. Dave

    $112 that seems about right !!!!

  9. Jim Marshall

    I was selling Lincolns beginning in 1973 and we would take many of these in trade on the all new Marks that came out in 72. Most of them were very low mileage cream puffs and they sold very well on the used car lot. I always thought these Marks would quickly become classics but for some reason that never happened. I loved driving them and wish I had picked up one of those in the wrapper trade ins when I had the chance.

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