1970 MGB GT For $1,500!

1970 MGB GT

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This MGB made me miss my GT. It also made me think that I should have held onto it even that inattentive driver slammed into me. A crumpled panel would have been a lot easier to fix then a bunch of rust. The seller claims that the car has been stored for 24 years, but it sounds like it’s been a in couple of different places including outside. For the past 5 years it has been in a barn in downtown Sebring, Florida though. Find it here on eBay and let us know if you think the $1,500 asking price sounds fair.

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  1. Joe

    Sellers true feelings in parenthesis.
    “In storage (neglected) for 24 years. A very original (crusty rusty) car needing restoration (rust repair + everything else).”
    “Buy it Now (Please I beg you! Send me….) $1500”.
    Sure why not? Dump $10K into this car, easy, and you will still have a crusty MGB with wacko electrical problems on rainy days. Console yourself by repeating the mantra “Northern cars are rustier”. Looks like a Hurricane and Flood-out “true survivor”

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  2. DolphinMember

    Looks like it will be tough to bring this one back from the damage that has been done. When the instrument bezels are as chorroded as the ones on this MGB you know it will need metal work in a lot of places on the car. Looks like it has had a quickie paint job with a lot of overspray, which doesn’t fix what needs fixing. You can’t drive it with the perforation at the base of the windshield, and the car isn’t worth enough to justify all the work it needs, unfortunately.

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  3. Spence

    Perfect car for a resto-mod. A modified 7-MGE, AW58 5 speed sourced from a Toyo, modern coil overs, gauges, Sparco seats and always a fav, Minilites. Have fun, drive the hell out of it, smile and call it a day.

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  4. Jesse JesseAuthor

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the wire wheels. The seller might have a hard time getting all their asking price, but I could this being a great parts car for someone wanting to convert their B to wires.

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  5. George

    Jesse, I’ve got all the pieces to convert from disc to wires I’ll sell a lot cheaper than $1500.
    I gotta stop buying parts cars

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  6. John

    My Dad had an expression that applies well to this car. He used to say that he wanted to jack up the radiator cap and run a new car under it. Trust me folks (I’m in FL), cars in Florida melt from the salt air — even ones in Sebring. I see no close pictures of the front wheels. There are a lot of these down here with the front wheels immobilized by rusted front disks. And I;ve seen wire wheels rusted permanently to their hubs. It isn’t pretty.

    This was a lovely car in its day. Mine was a yellow 68. I wanted a new one in 1970 when they went to the revised rear lights and improved interior. I couldn’t afford one then. I still can’t afford one. It will cost a fortune to restore one like this one. It makes me sad..

    Dumb question, though, Do the complete new bodies in white that are available in Merry Old include the GT shell? If so, this car might be a good donor car. Especially so since it has all of its glass. Rear windows for a GT are frighteningly expensive.

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  7. Scott

    I’d have to see the frame and you’ll be hard pressed to find a donor vehicle, wait this could be a donor vehicle really not much good for anything else. Other than that I’d haul it off if he paid me $500.

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  8. Anthony

    Not bad – I would get into it…Too far from where I am though.

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  9. forestghost07

    I met the seller when had a chaotic, spooky, Jag parts warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale – he’s as crusty as this poor GT. This one’s a goner, but the TOTALLY unavailable ’70 – ’72 “fishmouth” grille could bring some serious $$

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