1970 Mustang — Too Far Gone?

As the seller so eloquently puts, “time has taken it’s toll” on this 1970 Mustang submitted by reader Bill W. It’s located in Cobleskill, New York and can be found for sale in this ad on craigslist. The asking price for this green or yellow (depends on the picture) gem is $3,900 but I suspect that’s at least a little negotiable. The question is are you interested enough to take on a car with this much rust?

Before you ask, I’m pretty sure the Boss 302 stripes aren’t original as 1) the seller doesn’t represent it as such and 2) there’s an automatic in place, and the rest of the interior doesn’t look like a Boss either, and I don’t think you could get air conditioning (the issue has been covered at length on the Boss 302 forums here). Unfortunately, there’s no serial number given, so we can’t check.

Although there’s no title, either, there is a ‘lovely’ etching or decal on the rear window. I hope it’s a decal. The rusty bumper is a further example of the corrosion that has taken place on this car. What a shame!

Here’s a close up of the underhood area around the passenger side hood hinge. I’m guessing that even if you stripped this car to the bare shell you’ll have a lot of rust to take care of. On the bright side, now that replacement shells are available you can get any stampings you need to restore this shell–if you think it’s worth it.

It is nice to see the factory air conditioning in place, and even with a belt in place I’m betting the system doesn’t work (although the engine runs well according to the seller, believe it or not!). I guess the question here is whether or not someone is willing to do a lot of rust repair and benefit from the running engine. I’m not sure that’s the way I’d go–I’d rather have a more solid shell and deal with mechanical issues. What do you think?

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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    At least the gas cap looks salvageable. Not too sure about the rest of it.

  2. Pa Tina

    Perhaps the Porsche Burying Cult might be interested or the guy with the “classic” Mustangs in Texas. Further proof that leaded gasoline was bad for your health.

  3. Dave Member

    If cars like this could speak. I have a ’64 Galaxie XL that was owned by some creative gang members, who had “Old School” etched in the rear glass….big.
    But this one is too far gone. Keep the rear glass for a good conversation piece/wall art.

  4. Donzi16

    Too rusty for me. Don’t think that’s a coupe either.Pass

  5. Howard A Member

    Well, it’s a “New Yawk” car for sure. New York probably uses more salt than anyone. I can’t imagine someone would restore this, but probably will, just because, this is the bottom of the barrel. You want a ’70 Mustang to restore, here it is. It will cost a fortune.

    • Barzini

      Connecticut is even worse than New York. Afew years ago a group representing trucking companies asked Connecticut lawmakers to ban an ice-melting chemical the state currently uses on its roads, saying it’s too corrosive and poses a safety hazard for trucks.

  6. rdc

    Back in the day, I would have bought a Boss 302 if it had factory air. Instead, I got a 70 351 4v fastback with air and options.

  7. Dave Wright

    We are doing one in the shop right now that is worse………rust clear up into the roof pillars. It was the customers first car……..all it takes is money and time and off course……..more money. It is starting to look pretty good.


    WASTED, move on.

  9. sparkster

    Dave Wright do you have a pics ?

  10. Michael


  11. Mike

    You have to save that righteous, bad-ass winged unicorn on the back glass!

  12. Truckeemtnfords

    No Boss, 302 or 351 Windsor, look at the valve covers. You don’t need a stinking VIN to know it is not equipped with the Boss engine.

  13. Tom Stewart

    If this was a true Boss, maybe, but this is too far gone to be worth it.

  14. TBall

    Love the body style (really – any 67-70 fastback/sports roof). But all this listing does for me is make me feel better about mine.

    • RP

      TBall, you got yourself a real beauty there.

  15. TBall

    And a during photo…

    • St. Ramone de V8

      That’s coming along nicely, Tball! Thanks for the pics. This ’70 will be tough on anyone’s wallet. I’m sure you started with much less rot.

  16. Bob C

    It’s such a waste and sad to see a mustang just rust away. Hope someone has the means to salvage this car.

  17. David Miraglia

    I live in New York. Hell look on the positive side. a lot of cars from my state are great parts cars considering the condition of the roads, the dumb road improvements and the salt. The car should go for 1,000 since it is good for parts for another 1970 Mustang.

  18. stillrunners lawrence Member

    soooo….the motor might be a……..to many kill bill’s on here….someone close should take a look see or ask for some more pictures….remember that COPO that hit the tree center in the right door….and all the parts got swapped over to a plain jane…….

  19. Superdessucke

    Time has taken its toll?? More like time took out a baseball bat and went to town on this mofo!

  20. Jason

    Just a little proof that it’s up to you and how bad you want it to determine if it’s too far gone

    • Burzel

      Be careful – putting too much $$$ into a restoration could leave you “upside down”!

  21. Jason


  22. Jason


    • jw454


      Nice job on bringing one back from the dead. I like what you’ve done.

  23. Doc

    I’ve seen far worse restored.

    Of course, in this particular case, the investment it would take to restore it could never be recovered, but sometimes things are a labor of love. I’ve got more invested in my 1951 Plymouth than I could ever get back, and there’s still a way to go… but for whatever reason, I keep plugging away at it.

  24. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    “Very Low Miles”. I guess it spent those 20K miles sitting in the salt pile at the local DPW.

  25. Mike

    No interior pics, no rusty rear quarter pics…pass

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