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1970 Opel GT: Baby Vette

1970 Opel GT

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of Opel GTs and one thing I’ve noticed about these slick looking coupes is that you either love them or hate them. I personally find the styling to be quite attractive, but I’ve yet to drive one and can’t make a fair judgement about them either way. I know they have often been called the Baby Vette, because of their styling. Since I haven’t ever had the chance to drive one, I will have to leave it up to you guys to review this little Opel! Find it here on eBay in Minneapolis, Minnesota with bidding still under $500. So do you love or hate the Opel GT? And be sure to let us know why!


  1. Brian C Member

    I absolutely love these little cars. I currently own my second one (pictured). The one I have now has only 110K miles on it, great interior, original paint, and very minimal rust. It does have a few flaws, but nothing that can’t be dealt with. While many people prefer the 32/36 Weber kit for these, mine still has the original carb, which is a bit bothersome, as it does need to be adjusted quite frequently in order to keep it idling appropriately. But it’s a blast to drive and cruises the freeways with ease! Everything is original except the wheels, which are a recent addition. This car will soon be my daily driver. The Ghia next to it currently is, but it is going to go through a full restore in the near future. It’s the Ghia Barn Finds featured a few months back!

    • RickyM

      Ah yes I remember seeing the GT with its old wheels in that article about your Grandfather’s KG. Nice cars. Good luck with the KG restoration – keep us readers updated please !

  2. RayT Member

    Josh, I don’t think the GT had I.R.S. Instead, it had a plain ol’ solid rear axle. Even so, it handled pretty well, and suffered mainly from a shortage of horsepower (hardly a unique trait).

    Always liked the looks, but I imagine parts availability isn’t the greatest, which would keep me from seriously coveting one.

    • Josh Staff

      Hey RayT,
      You’re right they didn’t have I.R.S., I’m not sure why I was thinking they did. Goes to show, you can’t always trust your memory! Thanks for the correction!

    • Ken M.

      Opel GT Source for parts…. for information. Lots of mods to help address horsepower. Even some of the “drop in an SBC” variety, but most using the existing powerplant. I’ve got a ’71 GT in the garage, love it.

  3. JLS

    I want the Ghia.

  4. roger

    Too bad its an auto.

  5. Dave Wright

    Opel built some great cars but the GT was not there best effort. They made some wonderful small sedans with hi performance small block Chevys in them.

    • Rev Rory

      Some other people built some pretty decent Opels too, a buddy has a Manta with an LS6/6speed in it. Nicely done, civilised exhaust, appropriate suspension upgrades…

  6. jim s

    and another automatic. i think you should keep looking for a nicer one with a manual transmission. moving the battery to the rear helps.

  7. Vince Habel

    I would pass on this one. Parts car only. I did not like driving them that much. I liked driving the Manta much better just not the styling.

  8. Horse Radish

    Somebody stole all the props off the “Brady bunch” TV set and stashed them in that garage.
    This needs to be investigated…….

  9. rustlink

    meh – a nice looking car ruined by Krappy Kadet underpinnings..pass.

  10. Tom

    This is an ideal car for either an Ecotec turbo swap or the V6 out of a new Camaro.

  11. Ken Nelson Member

    I’ll say it again: GM stole the body design from the Renee Bonnet Djet of the early ’60s. The Djet was a true midengine sportscar, maybe the first, using a Renault 1100 cc engine ahead of the rear Estafett van transaxle, with full IRS – dual shocks & springs on double A-arms handling the Ujointed halfshafts off the 4 speed box, 4 wheel discs plus rack & pinion steering on the front suspension from the R8 Renault sedan. 1 in. steel tube chassis supported the fiberglass body by Matra, the French Aerospace co. The Gordini-engined 5S Djet with hemihead, two 2 bbl sidedraft Webers & tubular header puts out 94 hp at 10.4:1 compression – not too shabby, and altho I like the styling of the GT, the underpinnings can’t touch a Djet.

  12. Shilo

    Cool car. They had rust issues.

  13. Mike Meier

    Ours was a field find, costing us $500 for two cars. We race it in LeMons and of course the Corvette connection was something we noticed.

    It’s not fast, but it’s nicely balanced and very durable, which in endurance racing has its advantages. At Bonneville, however, not so much. ;)

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  14. Kyler Norman

    I have two of these little fellas. I get to drive an AC cobra regularly but I greatly prefer my Opel, it’s quick, responsive and very maneuverable if you put on rear anti-away bars, but not terrifying like a cobra. Mine is bored to 2L with a lightened flywheel, ported intake, headers and a weber 22/36. 0-60 in just under 9 seconds and I’ve got it up to 116 before I got scared about blowing the engine. No it is not crazy fast, but when you are an inch off the ground and hear that resonator scream it feels like you are in a racecar!
    I plan on owning many more GT’s, I love them!

  15. DT

    When I was 15 my friends mother let me drive thier Kadet.That was slow.I only drove a GT once,an automatic,and I thought it was pretty fast

  16. Ian Neilson

    My first real car. I was 22 in 1969, got transferred to a Royal Canadian Air Force Base in the Black Forest, southern Germany. I immediately bought a blue one which I drove the guts out of all over Europe for 4 years. It got 30 mph at 100 mph cruise. Had a great time. Interesting driving on the wrong side of the road in the UK!

  17. Kim

    I just bought two GTs from a barn that caved in on them. One has a good body and the other is a parts car. I’m looking to put a vortech 4.3 V6 and 6 speed in it. This aluminum engine and trans should weigh about what the original iron block I-4 weighed with 285 hp. A better differential is a must. Also looking into putting an IRS in. May have to tube a frame to do this. No Mickey Mouse scab work. It will be done right.

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