1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 4-Speed Project

This ‘Cuda is very rough, but worse have been brought back to life! What makes this ‘Cuda special is it is said to be an original 340 4-speed car, but more on that later. This car will need a full restoration, as it has rust in all the right(?) places! Despite being partially disassembled, this Plymouth will be a great place for a nice restoration to begin. Originally painted Vitamin-C Orange, this ‘Cuda is now wearing rust as a secondary color. Find it here on eBay in Vermont with an asking price of $11,999. 

The seller claims that this is an original 340 4-speed car. While a 340 Chrysler small block is in place under the hood, it is stated to not be the original. This engine was “rebuilt some time ago and runs great,” which is a good sign. This car has been stored in a barn for the last decade, so having a running engine is a plus because it means that at worst, this engine can probably be rebuilt if the new owner so chooses. This is where things get interesting though, because the seller has neither a build sheet or a fender tag. Though the seller seems certain that this is a 340 ‘Cuda, there seems to be a lack of documentation as well as original drivetrain. While I’m not doubting the seller’s claims, were I a buyer I would like to see some definitive documentation of the car’s origin before spending that much money on an E-body project.

The interior is there, but maybe not all complete. From this picture, it looks as though someone patched the driver’s floorboard at some point. Because sheet metal for these cars is readily available, parts sourcing will not be a challenge. Like most MoPars of the ’60s and ’70s, this car will need the “usual” sheet metal. Though the “frame rails” are in good condition, the torsion bar crossmember is shot which will need to be replaced at the time of floorpan replacement.

Though a complete picture is not provided, the quarters look sort of decent. I worry that there may be some body filler hiding, as is typical of unrestored MoPars of this vintage. As E-bodies go, this ‘Cuda is not a lost cause. With some money, time, and skill this car can be restored to its former glory. If it is indeed an original 340 4-speed ‘Cuda, it will be worth every penny once restored. If it is not, it’s a 340 4-speed car now and can be enjoyed as such!

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  1. Scot Douglas

    Somehow, I’d bet it’s a 318 in there. Or it would be – if I bought the durned thing. :|

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    • Ken Meade

      I agree 100 % with you. 318 sounds more correct, but with the matching paperwork / build sheet, makes me worry, ALOT. I would have to hear it run, look for smoke while running. Not worth the chance to find out your million dollar car is worth $20.00 total. Anyone who is interested in this car, run the VIN, take the time to know.

  2. Alfie

    340, 4 speed, and non-rally dash…hmm. Maybe. If the tranny tunnel isn’t cut up, it might be the real thing. I don’t know if the 3-spd and 4-spd tranny used the same shifter holes or not.

    • Mike Mopar

      Rallye dash was optional on ALL 70 Cudas. Even the Hemicuda.

  3. Patrick Ryan

    It’s legit car. The VIN tells the motor it was born with. It’s an original 340 car. The eBay listing also shows the casting # for a 340 in one of the photos. nice project for someone!

  4. The Walrus

    The seller did not include a complete VIN in the ad, so it’s hard to know for sure. From what is listed there (BS23H0), it would seem to be a Plymouth Barracuda (B), Special (S), 2 Door Hardtop (23), 340 – 1 4 Barrel (H), 1970 (0). The pic of the VIN tag also lists E, for LA Assembly plant. Then the sequence number (1301436).

    Without the fender tag you can never verify all of the options. Galen Govier, the keeper of all the records of the error could probably verify some things.

    • JunkFixer

      To be fair, the seller does include a pic of the area where the fender tag is supposed to be. The fasteners are present, but the tag is missing. Maybe he has it stored elsewhere.

      • LAB3

        Just as a matter of speculation, why would someone purposely remove the fender tag?

  5. Patrick Ryan

    True, but the VIN is one of the photos on the ebay listing.

  6. Tyler

    After owning a 383 Challenger, & then driving one with a 340, I can attest that the 340 equipped car is an all around better driving car. This is a desirable car, & although it’s gonna take a 2nd mortgage to bring it back, the ear to ear sh!t eating grin you’ll wear every time you drive it will make it worth it.

  7. irocrob

    The ID tag is missing on the drivers inner fender. The VIN should be on the pad on the driver side of the dash and have a H for a factory 340 car. I had a 1970 AAR Cuda with a 340 6 barrel 4 speed and it had a standard dash not ralley,. It was a option.

  8. 1Luckystiff

    Lots wrong under the hood, lots of things missing, lots of things messed with. That isn’t the original intake, appears to be an Edelbrock. Love the throttle return spring. Wrong radiator and heater hoses, and routed in completely different directions than stock….why? Cheap, skinny tube headers. Missing the plastic grills that cover the vents in the cowl, those aren’t easy to find. I am going to assume that equal care has been lavished on the rest of the car. Not a complete basket case, but just accept that every part of this car is going to need attention, and un-doing a lot of wrongness.

  9. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Irocrob is correct – on the dash – which I noiticed. It was mention the 3 speed trans vrs the 4 speed trans – yes that would be hard to deteck with out the fender tag. Guys – do you really know Mopars or what ? The fender tag SITS RIGHT NEXT TO THE BATTERY – one reason to remove it along with the fact it’s screwed on and has a tendency to rust away.

    Back to the 4 speed or 3 speed – I’m REPEATING myself – it’s hard to fake a standard shift Mopar – going back to the early 60’s – mother Mopar made a hellava hump in the floor – so that’s hard to fake – and as mentioned – if it was not cut up for a V-Gate etc…that would be nice.

    There is also a frame support like most makes have.

    Guess one of the things I collect….4 speed hump plates from the other makes !

  10. Jared

    all ways find it funny people buying a pile of rust. Most who buy these end up just leaving them parked in a garage after they found out it will cost over $30,000 to fix.

  11. irocrob

    If it was a factory 4 speed it should also have a small chrome bezel light for reverse under the ashtray. The 3 speed standard did not have that.

  12. Troy S.

    For some reason I thought the 340 had a dual snorkel air cleaner unlike this one. Or am I thinking of the 440, not important anyways.

  13. 1Luckystiff

    340 had a single snorkel.

    Just noticed, this car is lacking power brakes and power steering, along with no AC. What a joy to drive in traffic. Maybe this was optioned out to be someones weekend drag car.

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