‘Cuda 318 V8? 1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Chrysler saw demand for both of its “pony car” offerings fall off after 1970. That was due – at least in part – to higher insurance premiums on performance models and a detuning of engines after 1971 for lower… more»

Original Paint Survivor: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe

Plymouth’s decision to base its Third Generation Barracuda on the new E-Body platform was wise because it gave the new model a more muscular and purposeful appearance than its predecessors. It is also a look that has aged well,… more»

3Fer! 1972 Chevrolet Corvette LT1/ 1985 Buick Grand National/ 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Even if it needs to be restored, I still get excited when an LT1 Chevrolet Corvette crosses our path, and a convertible model with a hard top just sweetens the emotion.  But in this case, there’s actually more here… more»

Classic Mopar: 1972 Plymouth Barracuda!

When you think of the classic muscle car wars of yesteryear, the Plymouth Barracuda was quietly right up there with the best of the best. Originally supposed to be named “Panda,” the Barracuda was manufactured between the years 1964-1974… more»

FC7 In Violet! 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe

The Plymouth Barracuda got a big restyle for 1970, with a new body that took the car to legendary status and created a demand that seems to continue to keep growing.  Plymouth wrapped up production at the end of… more»

1 of 2,007: 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

One of the hottest Mopar engines in the muscle car era was the 340 small-block. When installed in a lighter automobile like a Barracuda or Challenger, it could be quite potent. And desirable enough to account for nearly 217,000… more»

Gran Coupe Project: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Barracuda got re-invented in 1970, losing its physical heritage with the not-so-exciting Valiant compact. It shared its all-new E-body platform with the Dodge Challenger, but they had no sheet metal in common. The Gran Coupe was added… more»

Modified ‘Cuda: 1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Plymouth beat the Ford Mustang to market by 17 days in 1964 with its new Barracuda. Like its competitor (Mustang/Falcon), the Barracuda had its roots in an existing compact, the Valiant. But the Valiant wasn’t a car that made… more»

1 of 66 Drop-Tops! 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe

The Plymouth Barracuda got a complete overhaul for 1970 and the result was a design that would deliver a 50% increase in sales over the prior year. Its Gran Coupe was introduced as the premium model for those who… more»

Numbers Matching! 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

Plymouth’s “pony car,” the Barracuda, was reborn in 1970, finally shedding its six-year heritage with the Valiant compact. The new E-body platform was exclusive to the Barracuda and Dodge’s new Challenger, though they shared no sheet metal. Sales increased… more»

Field Find: 1972 Plymouth Barracuda

Chrysler had high hopes for its “pony cars” in 1970. They gave the Plymouth Barracuda a new platform and a companion competitor, the new Dodge Challenger. Muscle cars were still in demand, which helped the revitalized Barracuda achieve a… more»

Rolling Project: 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

Like it or not, we’re in the Moparland days where high auction reserves and outrageous buy-it-now prices are the norms, even for lower condition basic models with less desirable drivetrains.  So it’s like a breath of fresh air that… more»

Beautiful 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 383

The Barracuda experienced a rebirth in 1970 when it shed its roots with the Valiant compact. The car was treated to a new platform that was designed specifically for the pony car and its new corporate sibling, the Dodge… more»

Formula S Project: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda

The Formula S option was an upgraded handling package on the 1965-69 Plymouth Barracuda. It included heavier torsion bars, an anti-roll bar up front, and added leaves in the rear semi-elliptical springs with heavy-duty shocks. It also had beefier… more»

Petty Blue Project: 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Plymouth’s pony car, the Barracuda, arrived on the scene about the same time as the Ford Mustang, but it didn’t generate the kind of interest its competitor did. So, in 1970, the company decided to separate the Barracuda from… more»

Fresh 273: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Choosing a likely candidate for a restoration project can be a complex undertaking. Potential buyers need to balance how much work they can perform themselves versus how much money they will have in their bank account to pay somebody… more»