Sox & Martin Tribute Car: 1970 Plymouth Duster

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This Sox & Martin tribute car is a 1970 Plymouth Duster. It’s in Plainfield, Wisconsin and is listed on eBay with six days left on the auction and a current bid price of over $11,000, but the reserve isn’t met. I wonder what this car will sell for?

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This thing is beautifully done. The seller says that it’s “more show than go not a race car”, but when you see the photos on the eBay link I think that you’ll agree that it’s one gorgeous work of art, whether it’s a race car or not. In my world of 2, 3, and 4-cylinder cars, this is a race car! Ronnie Sox and Buddy Martin were a Plymouth-sponsored, dominant drag race team.

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I’m trying to guess which vehicle your kids would rather be dropped off at school with, your silver minivan, or this car? I thought so. The seller says that this car has a “southern rust free body, original body panels”, and it sure looks great. This YouTube video shows the car and it sure looks and sounds fantastic!

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You probably assumed that the interior would be pretty much flawless, and you’re right. Here’s where your kids will sit – you may want to install some 5-point harnesses, just for looks if nothing else. The underside looks about as good as it does on top. And, of course the trunk is spotless, too.

071516 Barn Finds - 1970 Plymouth Duster Tribute- 5

But, you may need a 5-point harness for yourself in looking at this “non race car” engine! Man, what a gorgeous car this is, right down to the perfect engine and engine compartment. A person could eat off of that engine compartment, and I probably would, just because I’d be spending so much time with this car. This is a “383/ 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission” and it has a “stall converter, pistol grip shifter, dual holly carburetors, Offenhauser intake, 8-3/4 inch Posi rear end”. That sounds pretty race-car’y to me. There is no mention of horsepower but it’s got to have a lot more than the standard 383 would have had. I wonder what this beautifully-done Sox & Martin tribute car will sell for? Any guesses? I’m not a “replica” car fan by any means when it comes to fiberglass replicas, but I could see myself owning this car. How about you, is this a car that any of you would like to own?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Car Guy

    Too cool! It just needs wrinkle wall slicks, and some wheelie bars on the back.

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  2. Crazydave

    Should have a comp Hemi, plus (as noted already) – slicks Actually – since this one says “The Boss” on the scoop – it should maybe be a (much-modified) 440?

    The late Ronnie Sox was one of – if not THE BEST 4 spd drivers ever!.

    One magazine noted that “he made a 4 spd sound like an automatic”

    Pulling up to the tree alongside him generally provided a good lesson in humility!

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  3. DolphinMember

    These guys put out some great speed parts catalogs in the late ’60s/early ’70s. I used to own a couple of them but I never had the right car to use any of their parts on.

    You can still see copies of their vintage speed catalogs for sale on Ebay, and they show what kinds of equipment you could get back then. They sell for good money, which shows that people still remember who they were and how well cars equipped with those parts could get down that 1320 ft.

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  4. Robert

    I LOVE all MOPAR’S BUTT I’ve NEVER NEVER have I LIKE the DUSTER BODY STYLE, I’ve have Bought them in GOOD SHAPE just for the RUNNING GEAR and Call the Wrecking Yard to pick up the REST. . Just something ABOUT them, To Me its Like The Chevette is to Chevy or the Pinto is to Ford.

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  5. JW454

    I have read that there was a “replica” Sox and Martin Cuda tribute that was done back in the late eighties or early nineties. The owner was told the design was patented and he would have to change it or forfeit the car. He changed it. I don’t know if that would apply here but…

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    I remember seeing a Duster run around on the street painted up like a Pro stock as a kid. around 1972. Wasn’t as nice as this and think in retrospect it was a 340 car which wouldn’t be to shabby even now. I would guess at that time making a replica would have been encouraged by all those involved. Who could argue with free advertising?

    The Sox and Martin franchise wouldn’t be what it was without the help of Chrysler. Don’t get me wrong. It is true that Ronny could out shift anyone with a manual. His reaction time was also unbeatable. Buddy Martin knew how to run the business end. One of the first teams to get into licensing.

    Everyone likes a winner. So if you are hot the company you drive for will continue to make you hot with the best out the back door parts. It was a winning combo that will never happen again. It also didn’t hurt that your car had a Hemi.

    Very surprised there are not more replicas like this. I always liked the Dustpans just hard to find them with good lower quarters and front K member. Also way too many with the clicking Six.

    A friend at work recently brought in pics of his high school ride a 1975 Feather Duster. A special edition with a 225, floor shift manual trans, With get this. Aluminum hood and fenders! All wrapped in a very neutral tan. But it had Creger’s. Seems cheesy I know but that was in response to the 1974 fuel crisis. Wonder if Chrysler was using up old Direct Connection inventory?

    Super NICE example here. Very nice attention to detail. Good luck to the seller. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $15K-$20K or more. Certainly couldn’t build it for that. Only drawback is you would grow tired of saying what engine it had and NO it isn’t real. Another getting fuel for it. Not getting gas mind you. Getting away from the gas station without answering questions about this parade float!

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  7. Ian

    A Sox & Martin tribute WITH AN AUTOMATIC??? Wrong on too many levels.

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  8. Ron Engel

    Why bash a car as nice as this? A lot of time and money went into this build. I am not a Mopar fan, but this is done well. Maybe you wish your car was as nice?

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  9. Mark A.

    I find all mopars of this era had large wheel well openings. In order to accommodate large wheel and tire combinations. Popular for the period. This car needs big fat tires. It would make a huge difference in appearance.

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  10. Darren

    Really nice street car!

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  11. S Ryan

    Just sold at Mecum Louisville for $36,000.
    Very nice looking car.
    Agree about 4spd.

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    • Rob

      Do you know who bought it? Would be interested if they’d want to sell it

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  12. Tom

    Anybody know what kind of seats are in this car they fit nice doing a 70 Duster build and really like those seats ???

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  13. Steve

    Nice, fun car. I’m sure that 383 2x4bbl makes for a fun ride. Big fatties need to go under the rear quarters.
    The original “Mr. 4 speed” and also of Mopar fame is actually Herb McCandless. I’ve met him and seen him at several events over the years. I’m not saying which guy was better on a shifter, both are legendary. Herb gave me a few tips for rowing the gears in my 70 440 6bbl Roadrunner.

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