Super Track Pak Equipped: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Unlike the bargain brawler Road Runner, Plymouth’s GTX targeted buyers wanting some flash with their dash. This 1970 Plymouth GTX in Camanche, Iowa lacks a fender tag and build sheet, and the seller has not listed the VIN, and the underside is VERY rusty. Still, taking the listing here on eBay at face value, we could have a Tor-red GTX that came with the (now missing) 440 cid (7.4L) V8, four-speed manual transmission, and 4.10 rear cogs.

The first picture shows the car’s most optimistic angle, even some shine on the EV2 Tor-red. That color cost extra when new, and remains a favorite despite (or because of) its lack of stealth.

Credit the seller with including a number of under-car pictures showing a mixture of super-rusty and not-so-bad looking areas. Here you’re looking from the right side back into the trunk area, giving a good idea of how much metalwork the vehicle requires. It’s not “difficult” work per se, but putting it right will consume weeks of someone’s life and test their patience. I can’t see too well but a GTX should have six leaves in the spring pack.

A frontal collision damaged what’s offered as the original “Air Grabber” hood. A decent used piece is shown, but it’s not clear if that comes with the sale. A hastily-composed listing might explain skipping the VIN. According to it should begin with RS23U0 where RS denotes Belvedere Special, 23 = Two-Door Hardtop, U=440, 4-barrel, and 0=1970. Furthermore the seller claims this is an A34 Super Track Pak car with the tire-shredding 4.10 axle ratio. All validated and rebuilt this would be one sharp and potent ride, but that day is a long way off. As Mopar Madness goes, though, we’ve seen much worse. What’s your opinion of this rust-ravaged GTX shell? Tell me when it’s done; I’d love to thrash it.


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  1. Classic Steel

    Is the vin available? If not i wonder where the other car sporting the re vinned tag and other tags is located ? It probably has the drive train too.

    Could be a basic hot rod after hundreds of hours performing restoration

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  2. JohnD

    No tickee, no laundry.

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    • John Oliveri

      No tickie no shirty

  3. George Mattar

    You would be hard pressed to get a title for a car with no VIN here is Pennsylvania. I had to have a certified state inspection full out a form for my 73 Corvette that it was legit and the VIN matched the NJ title when I bought it. Getting very strict today. Personally I support strict laws. Protects you from getting jammed up.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Yea George I understand that PA is a bear to register a car in and if you don’t have paperwork you might as well send to the crusher?? Great reminder about buying something with nom paperwork. Lots of cars and bikes at good prices until u get to the end and find the guy doesn’t have paper!

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  4. TimM

    Lots of shady stuff going on here!!! Nothing to prove the prominence of this car!!! Hey I got an island in the Pacific Ocean for sale if anyone is interested????? Cheap too!!!!

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  5. Todd Fitch Staff

    To clarify, the listing says the body tag is gone and there’s no build sheet, but they do have a title matching the VIN. Why they did not include the VIN in the listing is the mystery. eBay is an expensive place to list a car if you’re simply attracting foot traffic.

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  6. Arthell64 Member

    This car will need 15 – 20 thousand in sheet metal work. 70 GTX is my favorite Mopar b-body but this one is rough. I restored a Chevelle almost this rough. I won’t make that mistake again.

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    • Tom Member

      Amen brother! Not to mention the other $60K after the sheet metal is done.

      I restored a 69 Firebird not this rough but close…..I too won’t make that mistake again. Too many solid clean cars with all 6 sides on the bolts out there (that come apart with a socket and not a torch!) to start with AND in the long run you will save a LOT of money AND have a better car when done.

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      • Steve R

        ^^^^^^^ x 2.

        Steve R

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  7. Brad Spielman

    I had a 68 GTX 440, 4 speed. It had staggered leaf springs with (if my memory is right) 2 extra half leaves on the right side. Of all the Mopars I’ve had it’s the one I wish I kept. Never cared for the 70 body style. Preferred the 68 the best followed by the 71. This one is going to require a ton of money.

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  8. Del

    What year was this car parted out ?

    Surprised that air induction system still there. Its the only piece worth having.

    So pay 9500 for it 🦇

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  9. moosie moosie

    If I’m wrong someone please correct me. I didnt think a super track pac 4 speed 440 had a 8 3/4 rear ?

    • Del

      I think all trac pacs had Danas.

      But the 8 3/4 here was probably swapped in after the Dana was sold.

      Just to make this pile à roller again

  10. Rixx56 Member

    Mid ’70s I owned a 1970 GTX 440 6bbl
    4spd, 4.10 Dana, manual steering, manual disc… What a car!!
    The guy wanted $750! I had only $700…
    He took my cash! Sadly then, I thought one could buy another anytime! In those days; unless it was a Hemi or 427, you could buy a muscle car for a grand or so! Unfortunately, regarding prices, that’s where my head is… Silly me! Yeah, I’ll spend when/if I find the right one.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    The extra leaves were right side only. Basically I’ve done the same thing 20 – 30 or so years ago – strip a body of good parts way before the aftermarket and believing the car was not worthy of restoration.

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