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1970 Porsche 914-6: Storage Unit Special

1970 Porsche 914-6

The Porsche 914-6 epitomizes one of my favorite qualities in factory hot-rodding: big engine, little car. It’s really that simple, which is what makes this recent storage unit find 1970 914-6 here on eBay so tempting. But before you go running over to submit your bid, I have to caution you that it may be too late: bidders have already pushed it above $24,000 with 5 days remaining on the auction. It may be because in addition to appearing fairly straight, this example has been breathed on by a speed shop called Bud Hart Racing of Santa Clara, California. I don’t believe the shop is still in existence, but it’s definitely in the bloodline – Bud Hart’s son, Jason, is currently a professional driver and instructor. Aside from the worked engine (built to 2.7 RS specs), the seller says this 914-6 is accident-free and nearly rust-free with the exception of the battery tray. Factor in the LSD that was added when the engine and transmission were upgraded, and you begin to see why this example is such a hot ticket. I know I’d love to get behind the wheel with that flat-six behind my head – what about you? Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip!


  1. Dolphin Member

    I would want to check out that claimed RS-spec engine carefully. If it’s the real thing then it adds a lot of value, especially together with the LSD in the transaxle.

    But IIRC the 914-6 had the lowest-tune engine for the year, the same build as the one in the bottom-of-the-line 911T, which had 110 HP and a cast iron crankshaft. If that’s all correct, and if this engine is still the original engine, then I would not want to trust that cast iron crank with 210 RS-spec horsepower. Porsche didn’t either.

    A Porsche engine number decoder on the web said that this engine is a regular 914-6 engine. That tells me to stay safe and ask lots of questions……..Was a proper RS forged crank used in the rebuild? What does the engine rebuild receipt say? There is an engine rebuild receipt that comes with the car, right? Etc.

  2. Carl B.

    I didn’t want to get behind the wheel with that flat 6 behind my head when they were new. The drivers competing in them, had that flat six behind their heads and a bunch of in-line sixes in front of them on the track. LOL

    I do hope that anyone that really loves these – can get one. They have been pretty hard to find for many years now. It is just one of the cars that falls under the “To Each His Own” category. I would much rather have a 1970 911E.

    • Chris

      @Carl B. – I had a ’70 911E with 14″ wheels. It was a blast.
      I am kicking myself for getting rid of it years ago…

  3. Horse Radish

    Cannot afford a real Porsche anymore ?
    Just buy this VW-Porsche with a shady rebuild to base the asking/bidding price on…..

    I personally don’t have that kind of money to flush down a toilet these days.

    Good luck to the person that does.

    • Horse Radish

      “Private Listing/Auction”
      Bidder’s identity is protected ……

      for your own protection……

      Definitively stay away from this one..

  4. Rick

    Those who say it’s not a real Porsche probably don’t like the Cayman either/. Not a REAL Porsche. You likely say PORSCH and not Porsche UH too, right? Does it matter which factory actually builds the car? These were genuine balls-o-fire fun. Not as fast as their siblings, but just as much fun. Wait till the GT4 RS Cayman hits.

    • Dolphin Member

      In my experience it’s more often than not 911 owners who think the 914 cars aren’t real Porsches. Might be more of an internal problem.

  5. Chris

    id buy it just to piss off that wanker Dave Hester….yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

  6. brakeservo

    I just looked at the eBay auction with four days left to go – stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Why on earth would any serious bidder enter a bid now with so much time left to be out-bid. One just has to think this is mindless shill bidding . . .

    • Horse Radish

      Yep, 100%

  7. Rancho Bella

    These were not that quick when new. I’d rather a ’73/’74 2.0 914………..and save a ton of money and the extra weight.

  8. blindmarc

    Living in SoCal in the 80’s, All the 914~6 that I saw had the wide wheel fenders. Nice to see stock form

  9. blindmarc

    Shill biding here

  10. grant

    was going to ask what is LSD in the differential, then my brain’s diff locked up…

  11. boxdin

    He dosen’t even mention but the engine is out of the car. He makes it sound like its all in one piece.

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