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1970 Porsche 914/6 Garage Find

Even if the 914 doesn’t do anything for you, you should take a look at this one. It is a 1970 Porsche 914/6 and it is very rare, especially in this condition. With only 49k miles on the clock and in very original condition, this is the one to get. It has not been started in five years so it is going to need some coaxing. It is located in Norwell, Massachusetts and is listed here on eBay.

In place of the standard four cylinder, sits the 911’s flat six. Sure, a later 914 will perform just as well, but there is something special about having a real Porsche engine out back. You will want to have a qualified German mechanic go through everything before firing her up, but we doubt it will need much.

Rust can cause havoc with these cars, but this one looks amazingly solid. Ask the seller to look under the battery box though just to be sure. The green paint looks like new and really goes well with the real Fuchs.

Inside things looks just as good as on the outside. Not much to say because everything looks so good. You will miss the improvements made to later cars, but the ignition is still on the left of the steering wheel where it belongs.

The seller’s asking price may be a little optimistic, but if there is no rust and it can be made to run easily, then it may be worth every penny. With the low miles and originality, this car should be parked in a heated garage. You could always pick up a later 914 to drive anyway.


  1. Dolphin Member

    Great photos, including the hellhole, which is a rare thing with so many 914 & 914/6 listings. Unfortunately there are no underside pics, but the car looks so good it’s likely that it’s OK under there. Better make sure before bidding, since it is the rust belt, and it is a lot of cash…or, if you think of it differently, the BIN price represents the value of a small collection of other ’60s-’70s sportscars that would be fun to own but whose value has not shot up like these 914/6.

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  2. Jeff

    The BIN is for the upper class aged hippie/surfer who now practices law in Calif, ridiculous!

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  3. Jim

    Nice car. But 45k for a 914?? They’re on crack. I’d take that “small collection of other ’60s-’70s sportscars” Dolphin talked about instead.

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  4. paul

    Nice car very clean, but I’ll take a real 911 & at 45, it would be fairly late model, come to think of it I’ll take a Caymen, barely used!

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  5. Jeff

    Took me a whole 5min to find something better if I were a Porsche nut, and with the change I would get the wife/gf something to make her forget lol

    LINK to better, BTW it says automatic but its a 4spd:


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  6. Marc Robertson

    The owners high. If it ran maybe 30k. But not running, no more than 15k tops.

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  7. Will

    Why in the world would you sell, or buy, this car without getting it running first? I really don’t understand how some people think. With the kind of money he wants it should be running perfectly. The owner should get it running and take it to Barrett Jackson if he want to get that kind of cash.

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  8. Rancho Bella

    I believe the prices on a 6-teener is a reflection of the amount made. Being a sport car fanatic I find these nice to have but certainly not a need to have. Not all that quick but the handling is loads o’ fun.

    Let’s go a little different direction. A regular 914 with a Jake Raby engine. Now, that’s the ticket. Of course with a ’73 and later side shift transaxle and you are in tall cotton.

    All correct 914/6’s have the Vin numbers starting with 914.
    I would rather have a Lotus Elan for less money.

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    • Rancho Bella

      Incorrect steering wheel. For those that may be curious, a re-build on a flat six with new barrels and pistons is 10K +/-, by a professional………..certainly not me.

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    • paul

      Crap you can but Boxsters all day long for 20, with new technolgy, better brakes / steering etc. & don’t rust because they are dipped. Tops for me running, maybe 15!

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  9. Justin

    This car is way overpriced, 15 tops

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  10. Jeff

    It took me just 5min to find an alternative on ebay for that kinda cash, a 78′ 930 mint low low miles red of course for a BIN 10K less. Now take your pick! lol ;)

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  11. jim

    Looks like we on this board are the ones smoking something as this thing has been bid up to over 36k. Insane. I’m sorry, but somebody is truly getting suckered on this deal or there’s something fishy going on with the bidding (IMHO).

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    • paul

      Really, they got to be kidding. These cars when new, never did it for me, for these $’s I could but 2 low mileage Boxsters from the 1999-2002 years, now these are cars, worth their $’s.

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  12. Larry

    There could be a very good reason why the owner won’t get it running , maybe it wasn’t running 5 years ago and thats why it was put in the garage.
    WAY to much $$$$$$.

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  13. Jeff

    I’m with Jim on this, somethings up? Bidding at 37.7K with 5 days left! Schills????

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  14. joe lonzello

    I’ve driven 914 ‘s and had a 924 one summer. Fiat X 19 would have same seating.and driving xperience at less cost

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