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Spiffy Squareback: 1970 Volkswagen Type 3

051316 Barn Finds - 1970 Volkswagen Squareback - 1

I must be missing something on this one, it seems like it should have a higher price than it does. This 1970 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback is on eBay and is located in the Mile-High City; Denver, Colorado, with a price of $3,000 or make an offer. I guess, if the entire car looked like this first photo it would have a higher price.

051316 Barn Finds - 1970 Volkswagen Squareback - 2

And, then there’s this photo. Not quite as nice-looking on this side but still pretty solid; no big dents, no major rust-out, nice factory wheels, straight bumper. I prefer older models of the Type 3, but this is a heck of a buy. I’m guessing that it won’t stay bone-stock for too long once someone gets their hands on it. If this is the worst thing on the body then this would be a nice project. The underside looks fantastic, at least from the one photo that they provided. This original California car has had a ton of mechanical work done on it: all four new tie rod ends and alignment, all new tires, the “heater boxes sandblasted inside and out, Exhaust resealed and new “Quietpack” muffler”, new “fuel hoses w/ FI rated clamps”, front brake pads, etc.

051316 Barn Finds - 1970 Volkswagen Squareback - 3

Interesting seats, they’re “Procar by SCAT- grey cloth.” They sure look comfortable and perfect, but I would probably put the original seats back in, which come with the car. And, I know that the back seats aren’t original; wow! Of course, the dash is cracked, most of them are, but that’s fixable. The trunk/boot looks great and the back area looks decent, too. A weekend of detailing and this car would really be spiffy! (spiffy? Who says that?!)

051316 Barn Finds - 1970 Volkswagen Squareback - 4

This is where the Subaru WRX engine will go. Wait, no, I mean.. (kidding, of course) We all know the VW Type 3 engines are hidden under a panel in the rear compartment. This is the 1600cc engine with 65 hp, or maybe more with the “newer Mexican heads, and Modernized Fuel Injection with Electronic Ignition.” It also has had the valves adjusted and has “Bolt on EMPI C channel Valve covers (I’ve got the stock covers and bails that will go with the car)” This looks like a great car for $3,000 or less, the mechanical work that’s been done to it has to be close to half that price. Oh yeah, it also has a “new turn signal switch”. We all know that 99% of drivers don’t use those anyway, but it’s a nice touch, none the less. I really like this car, are there any other VW Squareback fans out there?


  1. Cleric

    Are those shaved door handles? If so: why would you do that to this car?

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  2. Dean

    Yeah, no door handles. Very odd thing to do to an otherwise standard looking car.
    I did a 72 one of these about thirty years ago. Loved it , but it was australian assembled with local content. Lots of rust even back then. The aussy build quality was crap.
    Biggest issue i had to fix was the front suspension as the torsion arms were flogged out. Got new torsion arms but couldn’t get the centre bushings that were worn out, here in NZ. Luckily an engineering friend made some custom bronze ones up for me.
    Anyway, we had it for a while. Typical vw though, looked good but pretty gutless.

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  3. hhaleblian

    Had one of these. Never ever again. Ever.

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  4. Fred

    I had one and liked it, but it was early, a ’64 I think. My brother in law had a fuel injected one, around this year. I’ll never forget when it malfunctioned and raw gas was pouring out the tailpipe!

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  5. Dolphin Member

    It would have a higher price if anyone wanted it, but being a 65 HP Type 3 with no door handles, and there being about 65 million better alternative used cars still in good condition available today……well there’s your answer.

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  6. Guy Forbes

    This is a 1971 not a 1970. I had Bosch Fuel injection, never had trouble with it.

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  7. fordfan

    I had a 71 fastback back in 1975 it was only 4years old and those fuel injector hoses all leaked . Slow car and the worst part was NO Heat

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  8. Mike

    I had a HS teacher that taught Auto Shop class and he loved these things, so much that he would find them and buy them and store them in a barn on his property and when the one he was driving broke down he just got another going and off he went. He got it trouble though he would just switch the plates on it and drive, so he got pulled over one day and the cop caught him and he paid a fine like 50.00, but like he said he had been doing it for years and never got caught. He retire some years back and sold everything and moved to Lake Taneycomo area to fish out his retirement, when he sold out I went out to the action and he had 17 of these crazy things in various running condition, and other cars and stuff. Good ole Mr. Boyer!!!

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  9. FZR Moto

    Had a ’73 in ’93. Fuel injected. Fun first car! Had to scrape the INSIDE of the windshield as well as the outside in the winter! Had to go 50 mph for 50 minutes to get 50 degrees inside. Fuel pump was on it’s way out. Had to get under car and tap a few times with a wrench. Friends thought I was the Fonz. Just saw me go under with a wrench. Never knew I was just tapping it. Haha.

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  10. Scotty G Staff

    Auction update: In the words of eBay – “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available”

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  11. Ken

    Funny, I found this today. I bought the car for my wife yesterday. It runs great, took it on the freeway and did 70 with no issue. She’s wanted one since the 80s. Hopefully it’ll be a great 2nd car for her. And yes, I plan on putting door handles back on.

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