1971 Chevrolet Corvette For Under $10 Grand?

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Amazingly enough, yes! And not just a pile of parts or a wrecked mess, either! For sale here on eBay and with a BIN price of $9,999, this solid-looking 1971 Chevrolet Corvette with the 350 and automatic transmission has had quite a bit of work done to it over the last 23 years…

According to the seller, literally, every bit of this car has been checked, repaired, replaced or upgraded at some point or another during its time in storage. Changes or upgrades include engine and trans work, sidepipes, Centerline-style wheels with knockoff-style center caps, fixed-headlight buckets, interior refresh, paint with shaved tags, and bubble taillight lenses.

There’s not much that can be said here about these “Coke-Bottle” cars that hasn’t been said a thousand times, by a thousand other people. Anyone who remembers the movie “Corvette Summer” knows what these cars are all about.

Look at that Holley carb, the aftermarket valve covers, Edelbrock air cleaner, and custom fan shroud. Someone put a lot of time and effort into this car, but for whatever reason, it sat all this time.

While it would likely need all new fluids and a good once-over to be a driver, this particular one is probably worth 50% more than what the seller is asking for it. They’ve probably got quite a bit more money invested in it than they’re asking, so any buyer of this car would likely come out ahead before the ink on the paperwork is dry.

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  1. Mark

    This 1 certainly isn’t close to the top of the list of Corvettes that I would consider buying. Many of the “upgrades” significantly lower the value of the car in my opinion. Starting with the headlights which look totally out of place and weird, continuing on to the side pipes which also don’t fit this generation of Vets at all. The chrome fan cover certainly doesn’t in any performance and really looks out of place.

    Overall this 1 is a definite pass!

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  2. RandyS

    Definitely not for the purist but for the price it would be a fun driver quality I could rock. Lots of new parts seen and those headlight buckets could easily be changed out for something better (round FIA come to mind). I approve.

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  3. Vince H

    Front fenders are not from a 71. At least a 73 or newer.

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    • TomMember

      The hood is not a 71 hood either, I don’t think. I think the small block hood in 71 was much flatter.

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      • Michael

        You’re right. The 71 had the hideaway wipers, so it had a shorter hood. The entire front clip is replacement.

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  4. Pat LMember

    Paint the headlight buckets the same colour as the rest of the car so that they don’t stand out so much. Change out the wheel and tire combo and it wouldn’t be so embarrassing to be seen in. Unlike most people I have always liked bubble taillights and would leave them alone.

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  5. jamesMember

    Obviously not for the collector, but if the drivetrain and structure are solid, a fun daily driver, which for me, is what it’s all about. Slowly tweak it to something that makes you happy while beating up the asphalt; not sure what could be more fun on a budget! Somewhere in the 8K range might be fair, so starting out asking $9,999 isn’t out of line.

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  6. Paul Malcuria

    Best of luck looks like a fun job. Could be a nice project. At least you have one.

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  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Won’t speak on the car, rather on the storage method. Just used a pair of those dollies to move a car sideways. Tires measure the same as the 255x50zr16 oems. The tires hit the bolts of the dollies in at least 1 side. If it’s stored that way for any length of time I’d be worried about tire damage from it in the tread area.

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