1971 Dodge Charger SE: Nearly Rust Free?

'71 Charger

The last time we featured a Charger was earlier this month. This 1971 has more of the factory parts included then the last one we posted. It’s garaged in Allison Park, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay with a Buy It Now of $6,000.

'71 Charger engine

This Charger, as per the seller, is a “nearly rust free” car from Georgia. The 383 is not running and has not ran in about 10 years. This unit has an automatic transmission and appears to be missing the air-cleaner housing. Where do all those air-cleaners housings go?

'71 Charger trunk

You can see some of the rust in the “nearly rust free” car’s trunk. There is another image of the rear of the car which shows some interesting work that has been done to the trunk lid and rear fenders on this “nearly rust free” car. What’s up with that?

'71 Charger int.

As per the seller the interior is “beat”. The driver’s door window is broken but the seller does say there is a replacement for it somewhere? If the seller finds the replacement window it will probably be included with this purchase.

'71 Charger front

Is this Charger project too challenging for you? Is this project worth $6K? The seller says that the paint appears to be original. What do you think? There is an image of the VIN with the eBay ad. The number is WP29L1A135267 for those interested.



  1. Frankie Paige

    The air cleaner assemblies have all been taken to my secret hiding spot, you will all kneel to my power and pay pay pay ha ha ha ha ha

  2. MH

    You can buy one that runs and drives for that much. Interesting stuff in his barn. Nothing I would buy but still fun to look at.

  3. MH

    Is the trunk seal off also? What am I looking at?

  4. piper62j

    It’s worth 6k IMO.. Put another 6k into it and you’ve got something to enjoy for a long time..

    I like it..

    Great find.

  5. Blindmarc

    Not enough good pictures for me to hand over 6k. A personal inspection and maybe 4K, maybe.

  6. ydnar

    1K maybe. When people stop paying stupid money for “stuff” like this, the prices will come back to earth. I am surprised no one here whined about the high price and the car being left totally filthy. I could do without this type of barn find, and by the derogatory tone on the write-up, the writer is not too impressed either. Possibly trying to shed some light on the idiocrassy in the classic car market?

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      You “could do without this type of barn find”….and you’re on this site why???

      • ydnar


    • Duffy Member

      What the hell planet are you from?

      • ydnar

        If you are asking me, I am from Ork, I’m here looking for Mork. What have ya’ll done to him?

  7. Blindmarc

    Same as you rspcharcher. We all have an opinion. And we all respect each others

    • ydnar

      Look out for karma. It is heading your way as I type.


    71 chargers bring big money now. This one is well bought at 5k

  9. mark

    I am puzzled by some of the vehicle sellers. Do they think that even making a feeble attempt to clean up a vehicle will somehow reduce its value?

    • Wayne S.K.

      Yes, mark. They deliberately leave them filthy to hide… “things.” ;)

  10. rick

    After trump gets elected and repudiates all our foreign debt and crashed our economy, junky old molars like this that don’t run will be worth zip, like they should be anyway

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    • ydnar

      Hey Rick, they are already worth zip, it is just better to have anything other than FRN’s, that are worth less than zip. I agree with you 110%.

      We live in interesting times, that is for sure.

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    • dj

      That brings to mind the loved Cash For Clunkers. Where a person could take in a good running(or bad) automobile. Receive $4000 towards a new vehicle at sticker price. Of course the dealer kept all rebates and such. Then the person got the lovely knowledge of having to pay taxes at the end of the year for earned income of that $4000.
      These are some strange and stupid times.

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      • Blindmarc

        When cash for clunkers started in California, pick a part was giving $500 for any pre 1975 vehicle. You wouldn’t believe the rare and collector cars that were brought in. The hot rod magazine Camaro was one that hotrod bought at the gates. It was a six cylinder power glide car. I found a burnt orange 340 1970 cuda that I pillage for the engine and 4 speed and got it all for $400. That was 1986.

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  11. St. Ramone de V8

    I’ve said it before when one of these came up: That is one big-ass front end!! There has to be 3 feet from the rad to the bumper. I know that many other cars of this era had the same, but the pics in this ad really show that size. That said, these with hide-away headlights look great, I think. Parking may be a challenge.

  12. MountainMan

    Hard to really judge from the pics. It will sell though. We all know $5000 is what a grand used to be.

    • ydnar

      That is the “crux” of the biscuit is it not.

      • Woodie Man


  13. Jim

    I find it hard to believe that it will bring $6k. We recently sold a 1974 in similar condition for $2500 and I thought that was fair for us both.


    74 is not as desirable as a 71. 71s are lower production number cars and has options only available that yr. it’s a mopar thing that most don’t get. These cars are rare and hard to find.

    • ydnar

      Mopar, this was a Nopar. My roommate in the USAF back in ’80 had one of these, same color. It was a rattle trap, and the metal was as thin as any Jap car on the road. Things are not always as we remember them. Good looking car, sure. The reason there are not many left, is they were poor quality, and not many survived being driven. Facts is facts, not matter what we want to be reality.

  15. piper62j

    Ydnar.. You are correct about Mopars being rattle traps.. That is one of the main reasons I couldn’t get interested in them.. They also had poor electronics even though they were cutting edge with alternators, electronic voltage regulators and printed circuit board instrument panels.. Those cars also felt light and tinny to me..

    Somehow, they are now in demand and bringing in big dollars with collectors. Go figure.

  16. Donnie

    original 1971 dust


    Doesn’t matter what you think ydnar these cars bring high dollar. All of the Mopars then were the same build quality and all of the cars had thin metal. That is why they all rusted so bad from those yrs.

    • ydnar

      I don’t think it, I know it. Too bad others cannot see it for themselves. Just because people pay for something, does not make the something worth the money. Remember pet rocks?

      These were terrible cars, and will lose the luster after a few folks get burned and try to get out from under them. I do not see you buying this car that is “well worth the money”. I’ve heard it said many ways, “put your money where your mouth is”. and one not so polite, “put up, or shut up”.

  18. Blindmarc

    I grew up driving and having to parallel park bigger cars then this. In my opinion, today’s cars are mostly for women drivers.

  19. Ernie the Dancing Weasel

    Allison Park, in addition to being my home town, is a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The amount of salt spread on the roads of this area over the last half of the twentieth century is staggering. The reason I bring this up is that the phrase “nearly rust free” has a somewhat different connotation in that area than it would in, say, Atlanta or Los Angeles. Buyer beware (and bring a magnet…)

    • Al

      Funny, my name is Allison Parkes. Hadn’t heard of that town till now…

  20. Virtualgenius

    You should count yourselves lucky a car like that in Australia will cost you 20K plus any of the American muscle cars will

  21. Chris A.

    Re “Allison Park” comment. Any car, and I really mean “any” car that has been driven in the northern salt belt will have salt corrosion rust somewhere. Even if you power washed it every time after driving in salt, the rust will eventually appear. Power washing is as much a problem maker as preventer. The power wash drives salted water into the panel seams and behind trim. Good waxing and regular washing with undercarriage wash helps, and so does getting wet carpet out of the interior. Some are worse than others, like early BMW’s. I’ve seen VW Beetle convertible floor pans actually break in the middle when the top has been lowered. This Charger can be saved, but it isn’t close to as neat a car as a ’69 or ’70.

  22. John

    This car was posted on here in recent months! Does anyone remember??

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