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1971 Ford F-250 Sport Custom: 19k Mile Survivor

1971 Ford F-250 Sport Custom

This 1971 Ford F250 pickup is a great truck if it really is as described. It sat for 28 years and has only 19,800 miles. Do you think this is possible from what you see? Isn’t the firewall a bit dirty?The seller has been through all the mechanicals, including rebuilding the engine. It is hard to imagine how an almost new truck manages to hide so long. Pickups are said to be the fastest growing segment of classics, but this Ford is a long wheelbase and too new perhaps. Wouldn’t it be great to own a survivor like this, though? You’d hate to be the first to put a scratch in the bed. The pictures don’t show much, but they do make it look nice. Would it be worth a trip to Fargo to have a look? They are asking $7,900 here on craigslist. What do you think is fair?

right right rear interior front right

engine bed






  1. Moondog Stevens

    I acquired a 69 F-250 in trade. The mileage was 24,000, I didn’t believe it. When I titled it, I was the second owner. The first owner was the car dealership. I did some more digging and called the guy I got it from. He was honest and said he bought it at Auction from a local factory. Long story short, it was a “yard truck” never registered. I believed the miles and have known some “farm trucks” to never exceed more than 2,000 miles a year. Is it possible? Why not, is it plausible? Not really.

  2. Walt

    WOW ! This must be a well loved and protected truck . From Fargo ?
    Must have had no winter duties, and at 19000 miles even the original

    This one may be worth the asking price if it is that clean.

  3. grant

    Ive got too many questions about this. 19 k and it needed an overhaul? Why was it parked? And sorry Walt but if the motors been rebuilt there goes a lot of originality, almost certainly the spark plugs.

  4. Rocco Member

    Looks like the firewall and the underside of the hood is white. Probably found it fixed it up and is selling. Maybe 119K?

    • The Walrus

      In one picture it looks white, but in others it looks like the light mint green that was likely the base color of this two-tone truck.

  5. stevee

    This one brings out the skeptic in me: the hinges under the hood, and the crossmember at the top of the grille are scratched and/or rusty. There is a piece of trim missing ahead of the drivers door. The seatback steel has been beat up by the seatbelt. The master cylinder is new? Looks like several yrs old from the rust. Car dealers call it ‘lot rot’ if a rig sits too long– better to be used a little. Yet, mirrors look new. These old odometers only registered to 99k then rolled over and some people fall for that…. Guess it all comes down to the fact that not all barns are equal.

  6. Mark E

    I’ll say it IS possible, and I’ll only say that ’cause I saw one! About ten years ago I was visiting a guy and left via his garage. Inside was a SPOTLESS early ’70s Ford truck. When I commented on how nice it looked he replied that it only had 14k miles on it. He bought it new and only used it to tow the family camper. So there! ^_^

    • Tom Member

      Mark, I believe your story. the most interesting word you used that does not apply to the truck in this ad is SPOTLESS. I need a lot better pictures of the undercarriage and the bottom edges of the body panels on this one…these pictures don’t tell the story. Way too many things that make me agree with Rocco….119K. Maybe there are people out there that don’t know that a 5 digit odometer rolls to zero screaming ONE MO’ TIME !

  7. jim s

    i had one of these as a camper special that was sold new with a slide-in camper ( that had no legs ). hard on fuel with the camper in or out. even with dual tanks ( one in the cab behind the seat ) it did not go far between gas stop. this one has just 1 tank but it is not in the cab. this could make a good work truck. not sure about the miles, which is the sellers to prove. i hope the seller is interested in taking an offer. nice find.

    • Rocco Member

      Jim s,

      I also had a ’67 F-250 Camper Special WITH the slide in camper(xtra 2000lbs.). It had a 352 2V carb, 4.22 Dana 60, 16″split rims. It got 12 MPG with the camper, or 12 MPG without the camper. Gas prices were a lot lower back then. They were practically giving it away at $.79 a gallon, so with two tanks I was in camper heaven. Later I sold the camper and weighed the truck so I could get a non commercial license plate. 4500 without camper, 6500 with camper. Very reliable truck.

  8. John

    Why are all of the pictures of the right side? I’d love to have it if it’s all true, but I’d need a lot more information. I truly hope it’s real. These were indestructible in their day.

  9. booya

    Once you start driving one of these, you soon realize why they don’t make them like this anymore. . .

  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    what most are saying….kinda fishy…..but on another note……my last year as a paper boy the route master who delivered papers bought a… yes….green F250 just like this one….man it was a way step up from his old truck….and we got the papers a little earlier….

  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    Judging by the condition of the seat and steering wheel I’d have to say that the mileage is pretty accurate. The brake pedal could tell you everything though; at 50K miles the ribs are worn off and at 100K miles the metal is showing through. My dad had a ’71 similar to this one and it was one of his favorites. And Dad wasn’t all that much of a Ford lover.

  12. Galaxie Greg

    Nice truck, I like it……Not fancy tech wise, but that’s how they made them back in the day, very durable….. maybe just have to loose those big mirrors.

  13. Eric

    Why is it so hard to believe that low miles could be real… Farm trucks may not have seen many miles… its hard to rack up miles when all you use it for is driving around the field, my friend had a low mile truck all he got the truck for was hauling wood out of the woods back to the house and once in awhile for hauling big items home or to the local dump site… i missed the part about it being in Fargo… one of my other friends lives in SD and sends me pics of all these trucks and car that are out in the Dakotas that are in excellent shape… and sometimes dirt cheap

    • John

      It’s not hard at all to believe the mileage. A local industrial plant here has a 67 Chevy C-10 with 22k on it but it’s seldom been off their property. But this truck has the trappings of a truck that was used for something other than farming. The huge mirrors are the type that allowed a view around a camper, and the rear bumper is shiny as if it had been covered or stored. The mark on the left front is exactly where the stabilizer hook for our slide-in camper lived. And the bed looks to have been well protected from the elements.

      Still, the mileage may be accurate. A truck used solely for camping might have seen action only a few days of the year. But, knowing the durability of that series of Ford V8s, I wonder how it needed a rebuild? The engine compartment does not match the rest of the truck. Curious. But I’d love to have it, regardless.

  14. Jason

    “Do you think this is possible from what you see?”


  15. John

    …and if my memory is correct, those little hubcaps were either chrome or white paint. These look like they have been given the rustoleum treatment. I wish there were at least one picture of the undercarriage. The interior looks good but the front seat back hinge is well worn. Look closely at the steering wheel, it looks strange to me.

    BUT!! I’d still like to have it. But not for $7900.

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