Restore or Parts? 1971 Honda N600

052716 Barn Finds - 1971 Honda 600 - 1

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The photos don’t help to sell this car, unfortunately. Neither does the fact that it doesn’t looks like it’s even really been brushed off or cleaned what so ever. But, this 1971 Honda N600 is for sale none the less. It’s located in Cross Junction, Virginia and is on eBay with a current bid of $26! That’s right, less than you’ll pay for lunch for you and a friend. Although, seeing the condition that this car is in may make you lose your appetite.

052716 Barn Finds - 1971 Honda 600 - 2

The Honda N600 is on my master wish list, but I would want one that’s in nice, drivable condition. This may be a parts car by this point, what do you think? There certainly are a few hundred dollars worth of parts on this car if a person chose to go that route. And, as we all know, anything can be restored if a person really wanted to, so maybe that’s the way you’d go on this one. These are really cool, little cars when they’re restored.

052716 Barn Finds - 1971 Honda 600 - 3

Uhh.. looks good to me, next!..  No, wow, this one is rough. But, the floors look oddly sound and rust-free which is a very good thing. Parts will be hard to find for this car, there is no aftermarket glass or metal available, but you can get the interior done and rebuild the engine; no sweat! I’ve always like the 4-speed shifters in these cars, coming out of the dash like that.

052716 Barn Finds - 1971 Honda 600 - 4

This engine compartment looks like it could be found in The Munsters’ home, it’s filled with cobwebs and sticks and dirt. The seller says that this engine does “not run but engine looks good through oil fill hole and rotates freely.” This model started out as the Honda N360 to take advantage of Japans Kei car classification with a 360 cc engine. That wasn’t going to work for the US market, so they added an N600 with a 559 cc engine with about 44 hp, not bad for a car that only weighs 1,300 pounds. What do you think, can this one be saved? It looks fairly solid, body-wise. The air-cooled engine can be rebuilt, metal can be welded, etc. Is this one just a parts car, or is it a worthy restoration candidate?

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  1. z1rider

    Stock HP was 36.

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  2. Tom

    If parts are hard to come by, maybe the resto-mod treatment is in order?

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  3. Fred

    It’s a big project, but I suspect it looks worse than it is. Will go for very little money.

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  4. Jay E.

    Had one in the 70’s. Great gas mileage but expensive to maintain even then!

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  5. grenade

    If it was close to me, I’d buy it and stick a Hayabusa engine in it. Seriously, those little cars all stripped out with a bike engine in them- sound like the devil himself and start to become just a few shades cooler. If you buy it, I’ll put the engine in it for you. :)

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  6. rangeroger

    At least the engine in this one is not in pieces in the trunk.
    As for the bigger bike engine mod, I always wanted to mount a 750 4 in the back seat of mine, run a live axle and deal with the understeer. Probablly could get a good trailing throttle oversteer though.

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  7. Todd J. Ikey HeymanMember

    RE: “engine looks good through oil fill hole”….Somebody please enlighten me here, do you use some kind of inspection scope, and, if so, how much can you really see???

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  8. Raymond

    i know a very nice one standing in Portugal already for 10 years in the small town called Sao Bras de Alportel. The garage owner is willing to sell him.

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  9. Scotty GAuthor

    This Honda sold for $290!

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  10. jose eriberto rocha

    Very rare Honda, look like Mini Cooper copy, i hope someday i got one.

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