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1971 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S: Rev-Happy Italian

1971 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S

Italian cars have always been a fascination of mine, but I’ve never come close to owning one. There’s something about them that my old BMWs don’t possess – Alfas and Lancias especially, as they just tend to ooze charisma in ways other marques can’t touch. This 1971 Fulvia 1.3S here on craigslist for $25,000 can hardly be considered cheap, and may even be priced a bit higher than normal – but according to the seller, Lancias will soon go the way of vintage Porsches so you better act now if you want to get this car for a lower price. I don’t know that I agree with that, although pristine Lancias can command good money – but this is merely a nice survivor, not a top-flight example. This car has an attractive refreshed interior and is said to be rot-free, but is it worth getting in early?


  1. Avatar photo JW454

    This is a nice car BUT! There is no way this would be in the same class as a vintage Porsche. This looks like a little econo box. If you set a 1967 911 next to this and told Daniel-San to “choose”… Which one do you think he’s pick?

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    • Avatar photo Squad41

      That isn’t the comparison that is being made. These vintage cars, like the Fulvia, are still great buys. (With championship racing pedigree.) They will, in time, increase in value… Maybe not as dramatically as the Porsche 911, but they will still increase as they are iconic cars for some. Don’t forget that $25K would’ve bought you a great 911 or a decent Ferrari 308 a few years ago… Now both have been on the rise and $25K will get you rusty junk. Does this mean that the asking price is justified here? I’m not entirely sure. Only time will tell.

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      • Avatar photo The Walrus

        Its true that a few years ago, maybe even 2 years ago, a good, early 911 could have been had for $25K. The same car is $40K+ today. The thing is, car value tends to move up in vintage/type groups. This is based on the age and wealth of the potential buyer pool. My guess is the ship has sailed on these already. This was probably a $17K car 2 years ago and now is a $23K car, so probably a 30% or so value increase (over the last several years) is already in the price. The idea that it will now gain another 30+% seems a bit of a stretch.

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  2. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    That warm feeling you have for Lancias is because they make such great lawn ornaments………….and I have owned several.

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  3. Avatar photo Graham Line

    $25K buys a new midline Toyota or Chevrolet. Doesn’t seem unreasonable for a well-maintained or partly restored classic with some pedigree.

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  4. Avatar photo Dan h

    A “rot free” Lancia? Hmmm…is the seller sure about that? I don’t know if there is another car brand that is more known for rust!
    But god, Lancia’s do drive well!!!

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  5. Avatar photo DT

    These dont come up for sale all the time,thats why I never owned one of these,because Ive always liked them. If a 911 was for sale next to this Lancia,and they were the same value,I would take the Lancia. Maybe not this one in particular.but a Fulvia.Lancias were always trend setters.The looks and the mechanicals.

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  6. Avatar photo Paul B

    Well, this is a later model and probably less valuable than early Fulvias. These little Lancias are beautiful to behold in person, an absolute delight to drive, and much more sturdy and reliable than Alfas or Fiats. No comparison. Art on wheels. For the moment I see a Series 3 survivor as not worth $25K. But who knows what time will bring? New ones are certainly not being made. Ultimately it depends on what it is worth to the buyer (who will not be me in this case). That’s how the market is made.

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  7. Avatar photo GlenK

    This car has been for sale a while know and it was mention it still has Italian plates so not reg. in the US. A few Lancia people said too expensive.

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  8. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    This Lancia is one of 104K Fulvia Coupes that were made and isn’t worth $25K. Probably $10 – $15K is more realistic. The special, more limited production cars like the HF coupes and especially the Zagato-bodied cars were made in much smaller numbers and are worth more.

    OTOH, these regular Fulvias definitely have better driving dynamics than the early 911, and I would prefer this car over those, which remind me far too much of the reliable, inexpensive VW beetle I owned years ago. That car served me well but I don’t ever want to repeat that driving experience, whether the car is a VW or a 911/912.

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  9. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    These too can go up in value you just need to get some Dood with dreadlocks… Ok we’ll do something original, how about a Mohawk to make some polished videos of him driving and waxing poetic about the Italian countryside. Maybe drill some holes in the door handles or something and call it “custom”.

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