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1972 Buick Riviera Riviera 455 Survivor

The 1973 Buick Riviera is just a cool car. I can’t believe that you could walk into a Buick showroom in 1973 and buy this much car with style and power. With just over 2 days remaining in the auction, this 1973 Buick Riviera has been bid to $13,600 by 47 different bids. The car is listed here on eBay and has reportedly traveled only 84k miles over its lifetime. The car is a rust-free survivor that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Riviera is being sold at no reserve and appears to be a turn key survivor that can be driven on a daily basis. The seller states that the car has no known mechanical problems and has spent most of its life in the dry climate of Arizona. The interior of the Buick is cream and a brownish gold. As you would expect, the Riviera has power steering, power brakes, power windows, power locks, tilt steering, power seats and air conditioning. The seats and carpet are in excellent shape and the dash is not cracked which is surprising if the car has spent its life in Arizona and Nevada.

The massive 455 cubic inch V8 engine that resides under the hood provides plenty of power to get this stylish car around town. The undercarriage and frame look exceptionally clean as does the sheet metal and factory Buick Rally wheels. The engine is said to start right up and not have any leaks or emit any smoke from the tailpipe. All the glass looks good as does the vinyl top.

The car is said to have one repaint and the only thing that stands out is the lighter color passenger door. The seller admits that the paint has some imperfections which show its age. This five day no reserve auction is coming to a conclusion and somebody will be able to drive this great looking car home.


  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Looks like a really nice car but that passenger side door sticks out like a sore thumb. The boat tail rear and the aggressive front end are stand out features of the Riviera, nothing else offered at the time was so distinctive, you knew it was a Riviera from a mile away. If you are a fan of the vintage, powerful luxo-barges, this is the car for you.

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    • Dusty Rider

      It’s a shame they didn’t blend the the door to the rest of the car. Panel painting might cost less, but this is what you get.

      Really nice car, though.

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  2. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    Had I five grand more I’d drive this home. Unless I was out bid by a dollar.

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  3. Fred W

    If you like these beautiful land barges, watch the old TV series ( from maybe 15 years ago) “Due South”. The Canadian mountie’s sidekick is obsessed with his mint condition green early 70’s Riviera. Of course at some point it gets blown up.

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  4. Henry M Kaczmarek

    Hey, the car is already IN Vegas.
    Take it over to Counts Kustoms, and show it to Ryan—ask him for some ideas.
    Another 12K in body/paint and you’ve got a keeper you pass to your grandkids.

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  5. Vince H

    It is a 72 not a 73

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  6. mainlymuscle

    It wasn’t that long ago that the big Rivs,particularly the boat tails, were laughed at as the quintessential land yacht and worth a fraction of the earlier ,sportier Rivieras.Not so anymore ,as a nice boattail will bring close to the same money as a 65.We saw one at a car show last year,in the wife’s fave Dark Blue,and NOW Mrs. Muscle would like one.Of course she couldn’t have spoke up when a mint boat tail was worth $10k .I’d like a black on red one to compliment my 66 Toro-a statement on GM’s superior design in that era !This is really a lovely car,but fully ,FULLY priced considering that door.Perhaps it can be blended ,but the buyer shouldn’t be the one rolling those dice .

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  7. 1-MAC

    A lot of strong well built car .Will last a llifetime if properly cared for. True dual exhaust. I desmogged a 73 for a friend and it was pretty quick. Fuel mileage went way up. Nice car. You forget how nice these cars were.

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  8. Super Glide Member

    For 72, Buick fixed the vent issue in the rear deck on the Boat Tail Riviera.
    This car was one of the reasons the 70’s weren’t all bad. The 72 Riviera, 73 Grand Prix and the 71 Eldorado we beautiful Luxo Rides.

    The white lettered tires have to go immediately. They look juvenal and they just wouldn’t fit in at the Country Club.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I’m not crazy about many of the dumb tacky designs on non RWL tires these days either. For example …
      I think one will have to pay big bucks to find a tire with a plain ’72 era sidewall design.

      • Roseland Pete

        I still have the original bias ply tires from my 72 Riv. I bought the car with less than 10k miles on it. I bought radials after I got the car and I asked the guy at Goodyear how he could tell that they were the original tires. He said he could tell. I couldn’t believe how much better the car handled with radials. It was like driving two different cars.

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  9. Peter k

    Style? In a bad dream maybe. This car has all the style of a wet mud fence

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    • TimS Member

      Enlighten us then. What’s *real* automotive art?

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  10. Roseland Pete

    The ebay ad says it’s a 72 which is it seems to be. I’ve seen two-tone paint jobs but not on the doors unless it was a cop car.

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  11. Jcs

    Peter k

    Me thinks that you are simply trying to get a rise out of folks. Such a shame, not an attractive trait.

    I daily drove a super straight 72 Riviera GS from 87 to 96, same color as this one but a hardtop. The color is called Antique Gold, and a set of redwall tires sets it off beautifully.

    An absolutely incredible car. Powerful, super comfortable, and absolutely full of style. Serious torque monster.

    The amount of attention and positive comments this classic garnered was off the charts. The only problem was the extra time it always took if you stopped for anything – you certainly have to budget for that. While I am of course biased, mine was gorgeous and a joy to own.

    Had it not been stolen in North Atlanta I would still be stylin in it today.


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    • Roseland Pete

      I don’t see how you interpret my comments as trying to get a rise out of people but that’s on you. I also have a 72 and I love it.

      • Jcs

        Not Roseland Pete. Peter k.

      • Roseland Pete

        OOOPS!! My apologies Jcs. Your message appeared right under mine so I thought you were addressing me.

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  12. Dennis Hardiman

    If I remember correctly the 455 wasn’t rated above 200 hp due to the emission rules back then. I think my 72 Country Squire 400ci engine was rated at 172 hp.

  13. Vince H

    In 72 it was rated at 250 hp

  14. John Oliveri

    First off it’s a 72, not a 73, 73 had bigger bumpers, 71 had vents in the trunk lid, it’s a beautiful car for a color change so as long as it’s rust free, she’s beautiful, but horrible color

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    • Edward Fiel

      I had a 72 1/2 almost the same color as this one and I had the vents and they started with the deck vents back in mid 72 the early 72 did not have them mine was bought new from dealer mine was a tan color I forget the name of it with a tan interior great car.

  15. Bruce curry

    It is a 72 built before 1/1/72.

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  16. jokacz

    I suspect that’s a Champagne Gold junkyard door on a Cortez Gold car. Just guessing.

  17. That Guy

    I love these Rivs. They are kind of the opposite of the originals – flamboyant and dramatic instead of ice-cool elegance, but just as awesome in their own way. This is the year to have, as the big bumpers from ’73 on really mess it up IMO. What a great car.

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