1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Survivor

Discovered in a storage building in North Carolina, this ’72 Chevelle SS is an awesome survivor with great color and a big heart. Having only 2 owners in its lifetime, this Chevelle was parked by the second owner in 1993 to undergo a restoration. Despite its lengthy time in storage this Chevelle does run and drive, but the brakes need work. With a plethora of bids, this sweet survivor is currently sitting at $14,001. Take a closer look here on eBay out of Mount Airy, North Carolina.

While there is a massive 454 V8 under the hood, sadly this is not the original engine to this Chevelle. Supposedly, the engine and transmission have been replaced, but both are considered to be correct for this machine. Miraculously after sitting in storage for so long, it took very little to get this Chevelle going again. Appearing to be a solid running and driving machine, the brakes are admittedly weak and in need of attention. With a few weekends worth of work, this big block machine could be a sweet fair weather driver.

Like the rest of the car, the interior is quite reasonable in its condition and cleanliness. There is some mild mildew and general cleaning to be done, but this interior could be preserved. As far as damage goes, there is a split on the driver side of the bench, and the driver side door pull/arm rest is split. Surprisingly the dash looks excellent, as does the carpet.

While there are definitely signs of age, you can’t deny that this is one beautiful find. I am sold on the color and drive-train combo. Although this is a great looking car, there are some small areas of rot. The lower portion of the quarters show some mild rot, as the lower portion of the front fenders. Thankfully the rockers and floors appear to be solid. While this would be a cherry restoration candidate, I would enjoy this Chevelle as a fair weather driver, and maintain the machine as is. Would you restore or preserve this 454 Chevelle?

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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Looks like a very good car for the money

  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Whether it’s a good value or not depends on the reserve. Doesn’t look to need a lot of work from what I can see.

  3. Jeremy

    Bench seat with column shift in an SS454?

    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      As I remember, back in the day you could order it that way. Especially where a wife may be driving it, got a family or plan on mainly drag racing the car. Strange that it may seem today, it was available that way IIRC.

      • Schane

        Just an FYI sorta thing: Bench Seat and Column Shift was simply Standard Equipment regardless of engine size and regardless if an SS or a flat hood Malibu. Buckets with or without the optional console cost more if a Customer Ordered vehicle. If it was just a Factory built vehicle going down the assembly it most likely came with a Bench Seat. I could go on and on because I have owned many of these since buying my first one when I turned 16 back in 1979. These are in my blood!! lol…and I currently Proudly own 3 over here…a 70 with M21 4 speed and 2 diff 72’s. I’m addicted…….

    • ChevelleSS

      Yes. Even with the venerable LS6.

  4. Gaspumpchas

    Was hoping this had a rock crusher instead of a slush box, but this is still a beautiful car. Good luck to the new owner. That color with the stripes really nails it!!


  5. Maverick

    Ugliest thing gm ever produced

    • Wes

      You don’t get out much do you !

  6. Troy s

    Swan song for this great looking car, just never cared for anything this size from ’73 on.
    I don’t know, this 454 isn’t the menace the LS6 was, automatic with a shift kit could be a lot of fun, maybe not so harsh on the drivetrain.
    Those wheels are cool, I say fix only what is really necessary give it a little more spank under the hood and just drive it…with a big smile.

  7. Lucky strike

    Although it’s a really nice Chevelle you would still need another 25-30 thousand to get it in Prime condition. !!!!!

  8. Philip B

    A good time to put a 70 front end on it, and 70 rear bumper. The 70 has always been the best looking. Why would they go back to two headlights?

    • Steve R

      You do that to a small block SS or a clone, not a real SS 454, which is verified by the W in the VIN.

      Steve R

  9. Superdessucke

    Surprised no one got jittery and pushed the BIN button, given how close bidding has gotten to the BIN price and given the stupid prices which have been paid for these, in any condition. Could the musclecar market be slowing?

  10. Bodyman68

    What did this survive ? Sitting in a building? Not original not a survivor. Its a nice car in color combination and the rat under the hood makes it a great beater . Ls6 is nothing more then a cam and square ports , in todays world a roller cam and aluminum heads will do more . I would fix the rust ,tweak the engine a lil and drive it ! These cars are a dime a dozen ! Not worth half what people think they are . Drive it !

  11. Steve S

    The ls6 is also a worthless 350 that about every other Chevy car have these days it’s nice to see a car that doesn’t have that stupid engine and there are a lot of Chevy engines that are better than that crappy 350 and this car would be more fun to drive with the rock crusher 4 speed manual transmission

    • Wes

      “Crappy 350 ” Hey genius FYI 350 4bolt main most popular small block ever raced.

  12. ToddLS6

    How is the LS6 as worthless as a 350 . Obviously you have never had one. I was lucky enough to own a numbers matching 70 LS6 Chevelle and it is a awesome factory motor. Guarantee a 350 chevy was one of the most reliable motors ever built . Also it would take alot more than a set of square port heads and cam to make this 454 perform like a LS6 does.

    • Steve S

      Why would I want a 350 there are a lot of engines that are better than it is. A couple years ago I looked at a 90’s truck I thought about buying but it had some other problems that I didn’t have the money to fix besides rust and it had a newer 350 that had some work done on it in it and if I would of bought the truck I would of scrapped that stupid 350 and got a 383 or a big block and I had drove my cousin’s old truck that had a 350 in it and I didn’t like it and when I was around 16 years old my parents had a Chevy truck with an extended cab with an 8 foot bed with a 350 for an engine and when they would put a slide in truck camper in the bed and hooked up the trailer they had to it and when they had to go up a big enough hill the truck would slow down to 25 mph and my dad would have to manually down shift the automatic transmission to second gear and the engine would be screeming but wouldn’t go any faster so that’s the main reason I don’t like them trashy 350’s

      • Steve S

        And another thing you don’t have a stupid computer to deal with on that carbureted 454 or any other carbureted engine to tune it or to give it more power like you do with any fuel injected engine and if you wanna add power to that fuel injected engine you gotta get into the computer to change the air fuel mix to compensate for the power adders you put on the fuel injected engine

      • Pete

        It sounds like the Chevy truck you were talking about had a transmission modulator problem not allowing it to shift down a gear. Not the engines fault if the thing is not running in the right gear.

        350’s were a big success for GM as was the 327, 427, 396, 455 and 454. Same with Fords 200, 289, 302, 351. I only had one 350 blow on me and that was because the guy who sold it to me took the corvette valve covers off and replaced them with standards. No big deal right.
        ? Well it is if ya don’t put new gaskets under them. It kept loosing oil quickly and blew up before I could figure out why.

      • Steve S

        To Pete there was nothing wrong with the transmission either everything worked just fine going up small hills it just couldn’t do big hills with that load on it and everything worked fine with it not pulling anything also then my parents traded the truck for a crew cab dually with an 8 foot bed with a 454 under the hood and never had a problem with that truck

  13. Schane

    This is a Twin to the one I owned in Sherman Tx back in the middle 80’s. Only difference is mine was a factory big block 402 car and not a 454. I bought it from a woman Banker in Bonham Tx for only $800 bucks!! I still miss that one. I did convert it to correct Buckets and Console tho because a bench seat has always seemed to hurt my Back. I drove it back and forth to Dallas Tx to work for awhile and ended up selling it to a friend of mines brother who sadly wrecked it and totaled it. The LS6 peeps up above speaks of was only in 1970…starting in 71 the 454 was called an LS5…and with much less horses. And a Bench Seat with Column Shift was Standard Equipment, if a person wanted Buckets with or without a Console it had to be ordered…unless it was Factory Built and not a Customer Ordered car. Same with the Optional U14 Needle Gauges with a Tach..they were only an Option and cost more. Many Big Blocks came with Standard Gauges with Dummy Lights. Standard SS Gauges regardless of engine size was a Large Gas Gauge on the left and a Speedo…with or without an Optional Clock on the right…with Dummy Lights. I could go ON and ON because I have Proudly owned many of these and currently own 3…a 70 with M21 4 speed and 2 diff 72’s.

  14. Del

    One of the nicest cars GM ever made.

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