1972 De Tomaso Pantera Garage Find!

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Years from now, when an archaeologist combs through my garage and finds boxes of unopened parts for a variety of vehicles, he will look quizzically at his team and ask, “What happened here?” At least, that’s how I’m feeling after several fits and starts trying to get my 1986 Isuzu Trooper junkyard find project to a shop that will work on it while brand new, OEM rebuild parts collect dust on my shelves six months later. This De Tomaso Pantera here on craigslist is a long-stored garage find that comes with boxes upon boxes of NOS and NLA parts – a Pantera enthusiasts’s dream.

The seller claims this Pantera has been sitting idle in a California garage since 1986. The old-school blue plates help reinforce the claim that it hasn’t turned a wheel in some time, but despite this long period of inactivity, it still runs. The seller notes that included with the sale is a large stockpile of parts, including a brand new OEM exhaust and a spare set of Campagnolo wheels, along with two spare valve covers and a box full of smaller bits.

The interior has held up quite nicely as well, with a preserved cockpit sporting a handsome woodgrain steering wheel, untorn bucket seats, OEM vertically-mounted radio, and what looks like an un-cracked dash. There are some alterations, however, including what appear to be modern speakers mounted into the door. More to the point, what this Pantera needs the most is a thorough detailing that would help the interior to “pop” more than it does here.

All numbers match and mileage is reported to be 25,786. Low-mileage Panteras are not unusual to find, so I’m not inclined to doubt that number – but I’m sure years of registration and/or inspection paperwork could help to verify it. With the preferred small bumpers, running/driving condition, and an original motor and transmission, I’m sure the Pantera will fetch a fair number – but will it eclipse the $69,750 asking price in the craigslist ad? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt R. for the find.


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  1. Marko

    Gotta love a Pantera. Italian supercar design, and American engine reliability, with the 351 Cleveland engine and ZF transaxle. Looks it should have been spared the usual rust issues, that plague Panteras from outdoor storage.
    Price seems fair for what is there.

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Great looking pantera! Think I’d have tried fleabay first on a car like this, but maybe he figures he’ll try CL First. Sure is clean. These had trouble with the transaxle–wonder if it had been upgraded? Local Lincoln Merc dealer had 5 at one time in the shop waiting for new transaxles w then these were sold new. Think its worth 70 Large?? Good luck to the new owner.

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  3. Woody

    Awesome looking car, and clean survivor. I would love to have it!

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  4. Scott

    Great overall condition, my father owned one for about 9 months back then. Bright yellow and beautiful, he just never fell in love with it the way I did and alas it was replaced by a Mercedes of all things. Being 13 at the time I never had the chance to drive it but how I loved riding around San Clemente in it back in the day. Best of luck to the new owner with this beautiful Barn Find

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  5. t-BONE BOB

    Oh, a chrome bumper version. My favorite. Wonder if it sold and if so, for how much.

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