1972 De Tomaso Pantera Warehouse Find


This 1972 De Tomaso Pantera has been parked in what appears to be a warehouse and has obviously been there for a while. It is covered in a thick layer of dust and by the looks of it, it will need some work to get it back on the road. This warehouse appears to be full of cars and we can’t help but wonder what else might be parked in it. It is located in Beverly Hills, California and has been listed here on eBay.


The seller’s starting bid seems a bit high, especially without knowing more about its condition. They will be adding more photos and information soon and hopefully this will reveal more about its condition. We will keep an eye on this seller, as this is also the seller of the Sunbeam Tiger we featured a few days back. Hopefully they will be listing more of the cars from this warehouse soon. Can anyone identify any of the other cars in these photos?


  1. Anastos

    Looks like a mid-60s Coupe deVille in that last picture.

    And what’s with the fender flares?

    • tim

      Looks like a kit car.

  2. crashmutt

    How much are they asking for the Pantera. The links not working on my phone.

  3. Horse Radish

    What’s the saying that comes to mind ?
    Driven hard and put away wet ?
    Even in California that’s not a good thing.
    Good luck to buyer and seller on this one…….

    Like 1
  4. clay

    He went with the wide flares instead of the mudflaps.

  5. jean Lecointe

    Never heard about “DE TOMOSA”…

  6. Andrew C J

    What is under the hood? Out of curiosity, is that an NOS tank?

    • Rick

      That’s what I was thinking Andrew. If it is, hoooo ah!

  7. Chris

    Wasn’t there a factory Pantera S with the wing and flares? Not too many made if memory serves. Can you still get Pantera parts? In the first picture the car to the right looks like a 65 Buick Riviera. Rather have that than the Pantera.

    • paul

      Looks like a GTO 6 or 7 & the one on the left a late 60’s Caddy.

  8. rancho bella

    My fingers are fighting from writing some unpleasant things…………..

    • paul

      Looks like the Pantera,s been around a few blocks.

  9. Corky

    Did anyone else notice the NO2 bottle in the front trunk??

    • paul

      sad when they do that.

      • Dolphin Member

        Easy, Paul, didn’t mean to cause upset…… The story was told to me 30 years ago at a Show ‘N Shine by a Pantera owner. His message was: He loves his Pantera, looks great, but not as fast as it looks.

    • Dolphin Member

      Sad, but there was a reason. A guy I knew had a Pantera. He described a “competition” he once had with a Cobra.

      He said that the Pantera “went well and got out of its own way”.

      Then he came to the Cobra: “It shot down the road and out of sight”.

      There was a reason a guy might put nitrous in a Pantera.

      • paul

        I save that stuff for the track!

  10. Compulsive Car Nut

    I think ebay will show that the start price is not high at all.

    Re: comment about S, this is not the GTS you are thinking of. The USA GTS was 1974.
    Re Comment about parts availability, it’s a Ford 351 Cleveland w/ a ZF trans. LOTS OF PARTS. Even body panels. Many places still specialize in the Pantera. Hall Pantera, Pantera Performance Center, etc… This car will sell for over 25 any day of the week, even with the flares… Somehow, I doubt the guy wanted to park his collection (since it was running) health reasons, whatever… Italian/American easy maintenance, just makes sense. Although Elvis did shoot his when it wouldn’t start. LOL Super fast w/ very little work. Light gauge steel. WATCH FOR RUST!!! If you’re over 5’11” good luck getting in :) I barely fit in mine.

  11. Bill mBenavides

    I have been selling exotics all my life and ita a shame to see one of the best and most affordable exotic muscle cars ever produced be treated so poorly. The car is a 35000 $ car it dose not appear to be an L model, it’s deffinatly a 100% resto in my estimation. It will take 60-70,000.00 to put it back into one of the finest fun hot rods on the planet, please lose the NOS and those horrible center lines. Hallabrand and knock-offs lets make it rite and and proudly drive one bad ass ride. And that looks like a 66 caddy in one shot and a 66 chevelle or a 66 or 67 GTO , Please do that Pantera Justis and make har happy again.

    • Horse Radish

      could we all chip in and buy you a ‘happy keyboard’ ??

  12. Colin

    The Pantera had a Ford 351 Cleveland under the hood.


  13. Troy Whittle

    Seller has 18 cars on e-bay. Pantera was made from 1971-1991 Italy Ford V-8

  14. rik

    Is that a NOS bottle, or a fire suppression system?

    • Horse Radish

      Good one !
      Fire extinguisher was my first thought until posts appeared asking about NOS, which should really be NOx (?)

  15. krash

    Same location of the red ’66 Sunbeam Tiger mentioned the other day…would love to see what other vehicles are under wraps in that building…

  16. CobraGuy

    Looks like someone was trying to convert it into a Countach…sad

  17. Lemble

    Why do people not wash a car before they try and sell these days ? It would be nice to see the condition of and body.
    Wish I had the cash for this.

    • Horse Radish

      no excuse, but my guess: owner lives in Maryland and either has these stored or bought a whole collection in L.A., and “whoever” was asked to take photos……….

  18. Lemble

    The car on the right is a goat 1967, that is also for sale.

  19. rancho bella

    Lemble, even if you had the cash………you’d be sorry.
    Last summer I passed on an early Pantera (push button door handles) in nice condition. The ask was 29K, I walked. I have more room in my Europa. Remember, just because they make a v8 noise doesn’t make em’ right.

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