All-Original Mountain Goat: 1972 Suzuki LJ10

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This 1972 Suzuki LJ10 is on eBay with a price of $10,000 or make an offer. It’s in superb condition and, according to the seller, is in original condition. It must have never been taken off of paved roads. And, that’s where these little mountain goats excel, off-road, with their super low gearing. This thing has giant-looking wheels for such a little truck. That’s not a gas can on the tailgate, it’s a trick tool box; pretty slick.

050216 Barn Finds - 1972 Suzuki LJ10 - 2

Barn Finds writer, Jamie, showed us a water-cooled Suzuki J20 a few months ago that was half this price, but it was in half as fine condition as this one is. If a person just wanted something unusual to drive to car shows, this could be one to make an offer on. And, being in California, it’s located in the hotbed of the JNC (Japanese Nostalgic Car) movement in the US; there are a ton of car shows there where this would be a standout. I know that a lot of folks aren’t into Japanese vehicles but, believe it or not, just as many are into them. These little 4x4s were sold mainly in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

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This thing sure looks like it’s been restored to me, but supposedly it’s all original. For the body to have lasted that long and be in almost perfect condition, not to mention the seats and everything else; wow. These were open-top trucks, a hardtop didn’t come until later models. The LJ10 was actually a “Hopestar ON360” which Suzuki bought the rights to in 1968. They came up with their own 360cc engine and the LJ10 came out in 1970. This LJ10 only has 39,622 miles on it.

050216 Barn Finds - 1972 Suzuki LJ10 - 4

Yes, this is a 360cc engine. And it gets better, it’s a two-cylinder, two-stroke with 24 hp! It’s good for about 50 mph because of such low gearing, reportedly these things could almost climb a tree they had so much low-end grunt. They weighed a mere 1,290 pounds and the engine had what Suzuki called their “Posi-Force” oil-injection system that would inject the oil automatically and would send 4-5 times the oil to the cylinders as to the crank so the system made for a pretty reliable, long-lasting engine. Make no mistake, this is a serious off-roader. Sometimes it’s not about the amount of horsepower that a truck has but about its ability to get to and through spaces that a giant 4×4 can’t navigate. This is all I would ever need for my off-road duties, how about you? Do you prefer a bigger, more-powerful off-road vehicle than this little Suzuki?


  1. Terry J

    A lot of interesting things about the little goat. Looks like military non-directional tires for example. Wonder if they came stock like that. :-) Terry J

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  2. jim s

    sure looks good and i love the gascan/toolbox. did they come stock with the rollbar and wench? great find.

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  3. boxdin

    in 1972 I worked at a dealer that took this line on complete w a van too. Totally unsuitable today because they spew blue smoke continuously. I drove a few of them and while fun its not really usable for me. Now the later tin top w an injected gas motor I might pull behind my RV?

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  4. VetteDude

    What is interesting also is that if you look at the main picture, and move the “bar” (the thing on the computer screen that you click on to move the page up and down) up and down, it looks like the tires are rolling
    And, beautiful, cool vehicle!!!

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  5. Brakeservo

    Wing -ding-ding ding ding. . . .

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